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Department f Infrmatin Studies MLIS 7200 Management f Libraries and Infrmatin Centers Spring 2007 Syllabus Assignments Curse Objectives Instructr: Dr. Ravnne A. Green, Department f Library & Infrmatin
Department f Infrmatin Studies MLIS 7200 Management f Libraries and Infrmatin Centers Spring 2007 Syllabus Assignments Curse Objectives Instructr: Dr. Ravnne A. Green, Department f Library & Infrmatin Science Required Text: Stueart & Mran. Library & Infrmatin Center Management, 6 th ed. Littletn, CO: Libraries Unlimited, Highly Recmmended: Evans, G. Edward, Ward, Patricia, and Rugaas, Bendik. Management Basics fr Infrmatin Prfessinals. New Yrk: Neal-Schuman, Evans, G. Edward. Beynd the Basics: The Management Guide fr Library and Infrmatin Prfessinals. New Yrk: Neal-Schuman, This is a practical every-day guide fr library managers. Matthews, Jseph. Strategic Planning and Management fr Library Managers. Westprt, CN: Libraries Unlimited, Snyder, H. (2006). Small ChangeBig Prblems: Detecting and Preventing Financial Miscnduct in Yur Library. Chicag: ALA. Stueart & Mran have put tgether an excellent website. The basic required readings are taken mstly frm the textbk and material available n the web. All jurnal articles shuld be available thrugh the Valdsta State University Odum Library GALILEO site. Curse Descriptin: This curse is an intrductin t the functins f library management and its underlying theretical cncepts. The curse prvides an verview f the histry f management, an intrductin t management thery and functins, including planning, leading, rganizing, staffing, cntrlling, budgeting, human resurce issues, and an understanding f management as a system invlving all staff. Objectives: 1. T develp cmpetencies in planning, rganizing, cmmunicating, and directing prgrams f Library and Infrmatin Services. 2. T prvide a theretical basis fr curses in particular areas f management and in prgrams f Library and Infrmatin Services. 3. T prvide students with experience in analyzing and evaluating cncepts and identifying issues. Class Organizatin & Participatin: (20%) Class participatin will be an imprtant cmpnent f this curse. Yu are respnsible t read the text and ther pertinent materials and t apply these materials t class prjects. There will nt be any weekly discussins fr this curse. The nly discussin activity will be the case study (Week 5). Technical Requirements All independent searches and prjects must be submitted in MS Wrd frmat. T view assigned nline tutrials, yu will need the Adbe Acrbat Reader, the Flash viewer, and the PwerPint Viewer (if yu have PwerPint, yu have the Viewer already). Free dwnlad URLs will be listed in yur curse ntes. The university s Infrmatin Technlgy department prvides step-by-step guides n hw t use VSU s and ther surces. The IT Help Desk is at and their phne ht line is Distance Learning Supprt A VSU reference librarian, Ms. Shilh Smith, is respnsible fr crdinating library services fr ff-campus VSU students. She may be reached by at r by phne at An nline guide fr distance educatin students is n the Odum Library Web site at A brchure fr ff-campus students prvides valuable links t the reference desk and t the library s rather new reference chat service. Academic Dishnesty Valdsta State University expects that graduate students will pursue their academic endeavrs and cnduct themselves in a prfessinal and ethical manner. All wrk that a student presents t satisfy curse requirements shuld represent his r her wn effrts, including apprpriate use and acknwledgement f external surces. Specific regulatins related t student cnduct and behavir is cntained in the Student Handbk, Student Cde f Ethics. Special Needs Statement Valdsta State University is an equal pprtunity educatinal institutin. It is nt the intent f ur institutin t discriminate against any applicant fr admissin r any student r emplyee f the institutin based n the sex, race, religin, clr, natinal rigin r handicap f the individual. It is the intent f the institutin t cmply with Title VI f the Civil Rights Act f 1964 and subsequent executive rders as well as the Title IX sectin 504 f the Rehabilitatin Act f Students requiring classrm accmmdatins r mdificatins because f a dcumented disability shuld discuss this need with the prfessr at the beginning f the semester. Students must register with the Special Services Prgram in Nevins Hall, Rm 2164, Grades Assignments and Evaluatin: All assignments are due by Friday f the week that is indicted unless ther arrangements have been made with the prfessr. I lk at the date that the assignment was submitted and nt the time. One percent per day will be assessed fr assignments that are late. Yu are expected t prperly edit assignments and psts. Use spell check. 1-5 pints may be deducted per assignment fr spelling and grammar errrs. Special Services will help yu t find a tutr if yu have significant difficulties. Exercises (5% each except fr Budget assignment; 35% ttal) There will be fur exercises based n field experiences in a library. These exercises are intended t prvide each student with direct cntact with a librarian and t prvide cmparative data fr fcused class discussins. Each student is t find a library willing t hst them fr this assignment. This will invlve cntacting the library directr. Schedule an appintment with the library directr t discuss yur prjects. While sme exercises may require sme independent research, mst f the infrmatin required will cme frm interviewing the directr. This assignment will prbably require multiple sessins. In additin t prviding answers t the specific questins, yu will als evaluate the infrmatin prvided in terms f the curse readings. These exercises will be submitted via the discussin bard. Exercise 1. University and Library Characteristics. Week 2. (2%) Prvide a brief histry f the library (i.e., f the cllege r university, schl, r cmmunity) and identify its majr academic prgrams. What is the institutin's Carnegie classificatin?(academic libraries nly) Hw many faculty, staff, and students des the institutin have? What is the ppulatin? (Fr public libraries nly) What is the library's ttal budget? Describe the library's cllectins in terms f number f vlumes, number f serial subscriptins, etc. Exercise 2. Organizatin and Gvernance. Week 3. (2%) Describe the institutin's and the library's system f gvernance, paying particular attentin t the rle f faculty. Describe the library's rganizatin in terms f the cncepts intrduced in Stueart and Mran. Library and Infrmatin Center Management, Sectin 3 (Chapters 5-7). Prvide an rganizatin chart fr the library if pssible. Exercise 3. Budgeting. Week 4 (15%) Describe the library's system f budgeting in terms f the cncepts intrduced in Stueart and Mran. Library and Infrmatin Center Management, chap. 15. Which staff members are invlved in the budgeting prcess? What are majr budget categries (e.g., persnnel, cllectins, etc.) and what percentage f the ttal budget des each cmprehend? Prepare an annual materials budget prpsal fr the library that yu will use fr yur strategic plan. (Be sure t include adequate finances t meet the stated gals, bjectives, and activities.) Yur figures will be estimates but shuld be realistic based n the size and type f library. A line item budget is acceptable, but yu must include justificatins fr each item separately. Yu may use a spread sheet prgram t present yur budget r a Wrd table. (See Chapters 13 and 14 f the text and the Stueart and Mran website fr examples.) Exercise 4. Staffing. Week 5. (2%) What are the different categries and numbers f staff (e.g., administratrs, librarians, paraprfessinals, student wrkers, etc.)? What status d librarians have (e.g., faculty status, academic status, etc.)? Is paraprfessinal staff nw perfrming sme tasks nce assigned t prfessinals? If s, which tasks? What are the minimum educatin requirements fr librarians (e.g., ALA-accredited master's degree, secnd master's degree, etc.)? D librarians have any frmal teaching respnsibilities, and, if s, what are they (e.g., bibligraphic instructin, fr-credit curses, etc.)? In which media des the library usually advertise prfessinal vacancies (e.g., Chrnicle f Higher Educatin, etc.)? Case Studies (35%) Due Week 9 In library educatin as well as in management training, grup prblem slving f case studies helps t prvide insights int the nature f human behavir in varius situatins. Many management prblems invlve cmplicated attitudes and challenging behavirs. A supervisr needs t be able t analyze the behavir f thers and his/her wn behavir in rder t determine hw it influences thers in varius library situatins. A majr cmpnent f this curse will invlve slving case studies in grups. Yu will write a case study based n yur wn experience r a case study that the directr at yur site may share with yu. This can be a grup activity. Review A.J. Andersn s Prblems in Library Management case studies lcated n the Stueart & Mran website. Als review the material included in the Resurce sectin f yur syllabus abut case study analysis. Case studies are nt just entertaining stries. Yur case study shuld present a management issue that yu can present fr grup analysis and discussin. D nt write a case study abut an individual. The case study must invlve a library prgram r a management issue that invlves mre than ne persn. DO NOT INCLUDE ACTUAL NAMES, NAMES OF LIBRARIES, OR LOCATIONS. DO NOT WRITE CASE STUDIES ABOUT YOUR IMMEDIATE SUPERISOR OR YOUR LIBRARY DIRECTOR. This is nt a vindictive exercise. Case Study Analyses (5%) Due Week 11 Each persn in the class will select smene else s case study fr analysis. Cntact the ther persn befre writing yur analysis t make sure that smene else is nt already ding that case study. We want t make sure that each case is analyzed. Yu will suggest the best alternative(s) fr reslving the prblem and suggest an implementatin plan if this is apprpriate. The Wertheim mdel is a gd ne fr analysis purpses. After each persn has given a recmmendatin, the persn wh submitted the case study shuld describe hw the case was reslved in real life. Strategic Plan (35%) (Due Week 13) Each grup will prepare a strategic plan fr a real r mythical library. The plan shuld nt be mre than abut 5 r 6 pages duble-spaced. Yu will select yur wn grup members. As the Librarian f a library f yur chice yu are required t submit a strategic plan fr apprval by yur Bard f Trustees r administratr befre yu submit yur budget in 12 mnths. (Yur time, staff, and funds are limited but realistic fr a library f yur type and size.) Yur first page shuld utline the prcess f HOW t design a strategic plan fr a library f yur chice (schl, public, r academic). Pages ne and tw: Outline the prcess yu will use and wh will serve n the planning team. Include a timeline. Include the HOW and WHO fr each step. Page three-: After yu identify the prcess, write a missin statement (Yu may chse an existing missin statement fr a library.) Write at least 2 gals and 2 bjectives fr each gal fr yur library. Include 2 actin steps fr each bjective explaining each activity t help implement these gals and bjectives. (See Chapter 6 f the text and the Stueart and Mran website fr samples). Week 15 (5%) Reflectin Paper & Curse Evaluatin Write a reflectin paper, apprximately tw pages discussing what yu have learned frm this curse and hw this infrmatin will be useful t yu as a library directr r manager. Cmplete the curse evaluatin and return it t Mrs. Karrie Yeatman. Resurces: A.htm (The American Library Assciatin s Library Administratin and Management Assciatin) d=151&industry=hw+d+yu+manage%3f&publicatin=libraryjurnal (Library Jurnal s Hw D Yu Manage sectin, with a lengthy selectin f case studies and respnses, which may be helpful t test yur skills) (Librarians Resurce Centre: Library & Infrmatin Science Tpics: Management) The Leadership and Organizatinal Develpment Jurnal ( E-Learning Leadership ( /p1article.j html? Business Week Magazine ( Frtune Magazine ( Fieldler Cntingency Thery ( Case Study Resurces: Jurnals, Newsletters, and Other Surces f Infrmatin A Selected List Cllege and Research Libraries Cllege and Research Libraries News Jurnal f Academic Librarianship Library Quarterly ARL Minutes f the... Meeting f ARL ARL Newsletter Office f Management Studies (OMS) Spec Kits Resurces and Technical Services Chrnicle f Higher Educatin Cmmunity and Junir Cllege Libraries Urban Academic Libraries American Libraries Library Jurnal Library Trends The Cllege Library Handbk (annual) Selected Reference Surces The Carnegie Classificatin f Institutins f Higher Learning, 2000 ed. (Menl Park, Calif.: Carnegie Fundatin fr the Advancement f Teaching, 2000) U.S. Natinal Center fr Educatin Statistics. The Cnditin f Educatin. Chapter 3: Higher Educatin, latest editin. U.S. Natinal Center fr Educatin Statistics. Digest f Educatin Statistics. Chapter 3: Cllege and University Educatin, latest editin. U.S. Natinal Center fr Educatin Statistics. Prjects f Educatin Statistics t American Library Directry. N.Y.: Bwker, Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries. ACRL University Library Statistics, latest editin. Chicag: ACRL. Assciatin f Research Libraries. ARL Statistics t date. Statistics f Suthern Cllege and University Libraries. Annual, t date. Bks and Cnference Prceedings: Academic Libraries as High-Tech Gateways (2001) by Richard J. Bazillin and Cnnie L.Braun. Chicag: ALA. ACRL.Natinal Cnference. (1984) Academic Libraries: Myths and Realities - Prceedings f the Third Natinal Cnference f the Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries. Chicag: ACRL. Adams, Ry J., Cllier, Mel & Marcus Meldrum (1990) Decisin Supprt Systems in Academic Libraries. Wetherby, West Yrkshire: British Library. Jhnsn, Richard David. (1993). OPAC Directry: An Annual Guide t Online Public Access Catalgs and Databases. Lancaster, F. Wilfrid (1993) Libraries and the Future: Essays n the library in the twenty-first century. New Yrk: Hawrth Press. Saunders, Laverna M. (1993) The Virtual Library: Visins and realities. Westprt, Cnn.: Meckler. Whitlatch, J Bell. (1990) The Rle f the Academic Reference Librarian. New Yrk: Greenwd Press. Lynch, Mary J (ed.) (1990) Academic Libraries: Research Perspectives. Chicag: ALA. McCabe, Gerard B. (ed.) (1992) Academic Libraries in Urban & Metrplitan Areas; A Management Handbk. New Yrk: Greenwd Press. Mech, Terrence F. And Gerard B. McCabe. (1998). Leadership and Academic Librarians. Westprt, Cnnecticut: Greenwd Press. Jurnal Articles: Library trends & issues. Hisle, W. Lee. Tp issues facing academic libraries: a reprt f the Fcus n the Future Task Frce (f ACRL), C&RL News. 63(11): , 530. Jacbsn, Jennifer. A Shrtage f Academic Librarians, Chrnicle f Higher Educatin, 14 August 2002 [jurnal nline]; available frm Internet; accessed 20 August McElrath, Eileen. Challenges that academic library directrs are experiencing as perceived by them and their supervisrs, Cllege and Research Libraries. 63(5): , July Munde, Gail. Beynd mentring: tward the rejuvenatin f academic libraries , The Jurnal f Academic Librarianship 26, n3 (May 2000): Shntz, Priscilla A. Jump Start Yur Career in Library and Infrmatin Science (Lanham, Md.: Scarecrw Press, 2002). Academic librarians-respnsibilities, cmpetencies and status. Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries. Standards fr Faculty Status fr Cllege and University Librarians, Apprved by ACRL and ALA, January nes&template=/cntentmanagement/htmldisplay.cfm&cntentid=8504 Cary, Shannn. Faculty Rank, Status, and Tenure fr Librarians, Cllege & Research Libraries News 62, n. 5 (May 2001): 510. Hardesty, Larry. Future f academic/research librarians: a perid f transitint what? prtal: Libraries and the Academy. 2(1):59-95, desty.html Jacksn, Michael G... Image and status: academic librarians and the new prfessinalism, Advances in Librarianship. 23:93-115, Organizing and managing academic libraries. Andaleeb, Syed and Simmnds, Patience. Explaining user satisfactin with academic libraries: strategic implicatin, Cllege and Research Libraries. 59(2): , March Berry, Jhn N. Arizna's new mdel-an academic library fr the present and future, Library Jurnal. 125(18):40-42, Nvember 1, 2002. Hwze, Philip C. Perspectives n cllegiality, cllegial management, and academic libraries, Jurnal f Academic Librarianship. 29(1):40-43, January Wilsn, Lizabeth A. Building the user-centered library, RQ. 34(3): , Spg Infrmatin needs, seeking and use f clients. Washingtn-Hagland, Carlette and Clugherty, Le. Faculty and staff use f academic library resurces and services: a University f Iwa Libraries' perspective prtal: Libraries and the Academy. 2(4): , gland.html Wilkins, Janie and Leckie, Glria J. University prfessinal and managerial staff: infrmatin needs and seeking, Cllege & Research Libraries. 58(6): , Nvember Infrmatin services--access t infrmatin resurces. Dilevk, Juris and Gttlieb, Lisa. Print surces in an electrnic age: a vital part f the research prcess fr undergraduate students, Jurnal f Academic Librarianship. 28(6): Kelley, Kimberly B. and Orr, Glria J.. Trends in distance student use f electrnic resurces: a survey, Cllege and Research Libraries. 64(5): , May Kleiner, Jane P. and Hamaker, Charles A.. Libraries 2000: Transfrming libraries using dcument delivery, needs assessment, and netwrked resurces, Cllege and Research Libraries. 58(4): , July Infrmatin services--reference service. Frank, Dnald et. al. Infrmatin cunseling: The key t success in academic libraries, Jurnal f Academic Librarianship. 25(2):90-96, March Janes, Jseph. Digital reference: reference librarians' experiences and attitudes, Jurnal f the American Sciety fr Infrmatin Science and Technlgy. 53(5): , May Tenpir, Carl and Ennis, Lisa. A decade f digital reference, , Reference & User Services Quarterly. 41(3): , Spring Infrmatin services electrnic reserve service. Smith, Lrre B.. Frequently asked questins abut electrnic reserves, Managing Electrnic Reserves. 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Internet plicies in midsized academic libraries, Reference & User Services Quarterly. 39(1):33-41, Fall Infrmatin services--infrmatin literacy and instructinal services. Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries. Infrmatin literacy cmpetency standards fr higher educatin . Cllege & Research Libraries News. 61(3): , March nes&template=/cntentmanagement/htmldisplay.cfm&cntentid=34969 Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries. Characteristics f prgrams f infrmatin literacy that illustrate best practice: a draft, C&RL News. 64(1): January 2003. Marybeth McCartin and Paula Feid. Infrmatin literacy fr undergraduates: where have we been and where are we ging? Advances in Librarianship. 25:1-25, Evaluating academic libraries. Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries. Standards fr Cllege Libraries, 2000 editin. Apprved by ACRL in January nes&template=/cntentmanagement/htmldisplay.cfm&cntentid=8955 Assciatin f Cllege and Research Libraries. Standards fr libraries in higher educatin, C&RL News. 64(4): , May nes&tem
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