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  Description sule  I would like to describe my idol ,His name full name is Entis Sutisna. People call him Sule. He is a famous comedian in Indonesia. Sule was born on 15 o!ember 1 #$ in %andun&, 'est  (a!a. He speaks Sundanese )uently. He also learn (a!anese. Sule is !ery uni*ue. His hair is lon& with brown and yellow colour. He has o!al face, )at nose and slantin& eyes. People know Sule as a ridiculous man and full of +okes. He is !ery funny. His +oke makes e!eryone smilin& e!en belly lau&hin&. Sule plays in se!eral - shows such as pera -an (a!a /-(0, was da Sule, PS 2antab, and Saun& Sule. He also cansin& !ery well. He has !ery famous son& entitled Susis /Suami Sieun Istri0. 2.3I4 S26 IP 7 8 9
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