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Of what I hope to become.
  About Devin Chance -Music Style:Genres:1) Pop Rock2) Alternative Rock 3) Soft Rock4) Acoustic6) Alternative Pop Rock7) Acoustic Pop 8) Power Pop (Influencial)9) Pop Punk (Influencial)10) Post-Hardcore/Metalcore (Influencial)11) Post-Grunge (Influencial)Influences:1) Boys Like Girls2) The Maine 3) The Cab4) The Summer Set5) Philmont6) Built On Secrets7) Every Avenue8) Search The City (Josh Frost / Evil Us)9) Amely10) A Rocket To The Moon11) It's Alive12) All Time Low13) We The Kings14) Rob Thomas15) Lawson 16) Forever The Sickest Kids17) Daughtry18) Hands Like Houses 19) The Script20) Outline In Color21) My Chemical Romance22) Mayday Parade23) Secondhand Serenade24) Kelly Clarkson 25) Aaron Pauley26) Artist vs. Poet27) Three Days Grace 28) The Friday Night Boys29) Holiday Parade30) Everyone Dies In Utah31) Sick Puppies32) Lifehouse33) Nickelback34) The All American Rejects35) Morgan Matthews (Instrumentals)36) There For Tommorrow37) Bring Me The Horizon (Newer)38) Sidewalk Prophets39) Sparks The Rescue40) David Cook41) Thriving Ivory  42) You, Me, And Everyone We Know43) Craig Owens44) Ghost Town45) Call The Cops.46) The Sunstreak47) Bruno Mars48) The Weeknd49) Ed Sheeran50) Shawn Mendes51) QuietdriveAlbums: 1) Broken Strings & Desolved Dreams (DEBUT) (Acoustic, Acoustic Pop, Alternative, Alternative Pop Rock, Pop Rock)2) It's a Long Road Home (Pop Rock, Soft Rock)3) A Farewell For Now (Pop Rock, Soft Rock, Acoustic, Alternative)4) When Moving Forward Feels Like Going Backwards (Pop Rock; Acoustic Pop)5) With a Fire In Your Heartbeat and a Chill Within The Words. (Alternative, Pop Rock, Soft Rock)6) At Last, We're Sleeping.5) Symphonic Structures (Symphonic Rock, Pop Rock, Acoustic, Soft Rock)6) Times Have Changed, But Things Have Gotten So Much Getting Better.7) Speak The Truth... Even If Your Voice Shakes.8) You Won't Understand, But These Are All Poems.
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