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2011 W W W.DINAFEM.ORG · ENGLISH · Visit the photo galleries, leave your opinions, participate in contests and contact us at www.dinafem.org/2011 NEW NEW Critical+ Critical Jack Haze Fruit Roadrunner 2 Roadrunner autoflowering autoflowering
  WWW.DINAFEM.ORG2011 · ENGLISH ·  NEW NEWNEW B LUE  F RUIT MEXICAN PURPLE x THAI x AFGHANI 󰀨BLUEBERRY󰀩 C LOUD  9 CRITICAL+ x SUPER SILVER S UPER  S ILVER HAZE x 󰀨SKUNK x NORTHERN LIGHT󰀩JYD HAZE x CRITICAL+ S UPER  C RITICAL  H AZE HAZE x CALIFORNIA HASHPLANT M OBY  H ASH W HITE  W IDOW WHITE WIDOW x WHITE WIDOW B LUE  H ASH BLUEBERRY x CALIFORNIA HASHPLANT D IESEL MEXICAN SATIVA x AFGHANI S HARK  A TTACK SUPER SKUNK x WHITE WIDOWAFGHANI x THAI I NDUSTRIAL  P LANT BLUEBERRY x WHITE WHIDOW B LUE  W IDOW C RITICAL + BIGBUD x SKUNK M OBY  D ICK HAZE x WHITE WIDOW P OWER  K USH AFGHANI x SKUNK 1 C HEESE OLD SCHOOL UK SKUNK x AFGHANI C RITICAL  J ACK CRITICAL x JACK HERERORIGINAL AMNESIA O RIGINAL  A MNESIA C RITICAL + AUTOFLOWERING CRITICAL+ X ROADRUNNER H AZE   AUTOFLOWERING 󰀨LOWRIDER1 X DINAFEM1󰀩 X JYD HAZE F RUIT   AUTOFLOWERING 󰀨LOWRIDER 1 X DINAFEM 1󰀩 X GRAPEFRUIT R OADRUNNER  2 AUTOFLOWERING 󰀨LOWRIDER#1 x DINAFEM#1󰀩 X DIESEL RYDER R OADRUNNER AUTOFLOWERING LOWRIDER#1 x DINAFEM#1CRITICAL JACK X ROADRUNNER C RITICAL  J ACK   AUTOFLOWERING C ALIFORNIA  H ASHPLANT CALIFORNIA HASHPLANT 90% x NOTHERN LIGHT 10% W HITE  S IBERIAN WHITE WIDOW x AK47 S WEET  D EEP  G RAPEFRUIT GRAPEFRUIT x BLUEBERRY M OBY  D ICK  2 JYD HAZE x NORTHEN LIGHTHAZE x 󰀨SKUNK x NORTHERN LIGHT󰀩 R OYALE  H AZE HAZE x 󰀨SKUNK x NORTHERN LIGHT󰀩 S ANTA  S ATIVA Visit the photo galleries, leave your opinions, participate in contests and contact us at www.dinafem.org/2011  PRODUCTION Comparative strain table. FLOWERING SPEED Days of flowering to 12 and approximate datefor harvest.  THC Compartive THC table. OUTDOOR HEIGHT Approximate maximum height outdoors. Cutting height on autoflowering indoor. SoilHydroponic  x1x3x5x10 11 €25 €40 €80 € DINAFEM CRITICAL+ AUTOFLOWERING It´s an Indica/Sativa/Ruderalis hybrid, created from the recessive combination of our Critical+ with Roadrunner genetic lines. We selected the most similar plants to the srcinal mother and crossed them with strong scent males. The result is a brand new autoflowering strain with an excellent aroma and taste, while maintaining a high genetic diversity that ensures an optimum resistance to pests and diseases. This variety has a growth pattern characterized by large internodes, which favors a well opened structure, typical of the Critical+ regular strain.  Thanks to this pattern the light penetrates widely throughout all the inner parts of the plant, and buds are well sized through the whole plant. It reaches an average size of 80 to 90 cm when done indoors, showing thin lime green coloured leaves, that reminds us of her srcinal mother. When Critical+ Automatic enters the flowering stage, she develops thin leaves, big buds, much white hairs, high calix to leaf ratio. In the final stage of maturation, the pistils are very orange, showing its Skunk heritage. It´s not a prefect copy of the mother, but it is pretty similar. Anyone who knows the Critical+ will be able to find the same characteristics in this autoflowering. For this reason, we consider that the aroma and taste of the new Critical+ Automatic is without a doubt, at the same level of any other commercial strain in the European market. This wonder will satisfy those who have never tried an autoflowering strain.
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