Dragons From 5th Up

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d&d 5e
  Starting at 7 th  level you may once per rest period, use your attack action to do a bite which does 2x dice damage. On a hit, if the target is smaller size than you, you may toss them up to ! feet in icting an additional d# bludgeoning damage.$t % th  level you can strike fear into all enemies within &! feet of you, targets must make a dc ' ( pro)ciency ( charisma *isdom saving throw, those that fail, become frightened of you for up to  minute at the end of each round they may try to make the save again, at a disadvantage if you are within their sight. +argets who make saving throws are immune to fear from you for 2 hours. -ange increases to #! ft at  th  level and 2! ft at ' th  level.$t ! th  you become pro)cient with dexterity saving throws and your Speed increases to ! ft climb ! ft and y '! ft, ou may also now make a wing attack, counts as 2 actions/ each creature within ! feet must make a dex saving throw of ' ( your pro)ciency ( your str 0odi)er or take 2d#(str modi)er damage and be knocked prone, you may then y at up to half your movement$t & th  level if a creature hits or misses you, you can use your reaction to force it to make a dexterity saving throw 1dc ' ( ro)ciency ( Strength modi)er3, on a failure the target takes24' ( your Str modi)er and is pushed ! feet away from you, on a success the target takeshalf damage and is not pushed.$t  th  level you can use your breath weapon &x per rest period$t 7 th  level ou become a destructive force of nature, you can create a 5ataclysm/ a &! feet tall &! feet wide blast of your breath type, this lasts for  minute, anyone caught withinit, including yourself must make a saving throw vs your breath weapon or take full damage and be tossed ! feet in a random direction, this will bypass your immunity if you fail and you will take half damage yourself. On a save, targets inside zone take half damage and willnot be tossed$t 2! level you become huge size your weight and carrying capacity double again, you gain2! extra hit points and your hit dice is now 42 ( your constitution 0odi)er, and you gain (2 to Str and maximum str increases to 2'6evel prof bonus 0ax str 0ax 5on eature8 (& 2& 22 9xtra $ttack# (& 2& 227 (& 2& 22' (& 2 22 $bility Score improvement% ( 2 22! ( 2 2& ( 2 2&2 ( 28 2& $bility Score improvement& (8 28 2& (8 28 2&8 (8 28 2&  # (8 2# 2 $bility Score improvement7 (# 2# 2' (# 2# 2% (# 2# 22! (# 2' 28
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