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  ED TECH ISSUES1Ed Tech IssuesSharon Hartman EDU352: Foundations of Educational TechnologInstructor !radFe ruar 2#$ 2%1#  ED TECH ISSUES2Ed Tech IssuesI chose the to&ic information literac ecause as 'e ecome more de&endent on technolog students need to learn the s(ills to use this technolog &ro&erl and effecti)el* +ot e)erone uses the technolog that is a)aila le to us in the &ro&er 'a* Students can do research online for a &ro,ect and get an information the 'ant$ ut it ma not e accurate information* Teachers need the training necessar to teach their students the &ro&er 'a to use the internet for research &ur&oses* Teaching our students a out information literac is the first ste& in ensuring that our students are utili-ing the &ro&er information for their research* For more information on information literac read the follo'ing articles:Donna .ire($ The /ast$ /resent$ and /romise of Information 0iterac$ found in the shford 0i rar* Erin Conor$ Engaging Students in Disci&linar /ractices: usic Information 0iterac and the C0 Frame'or( for Information 0iterac in Higher Education$ found in the shford 0i rar*Srah 0eire$ Scaling Instruction to +eeds U&dating an 4nline Information 0iterac Course$ found in the shford 0i rar
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