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Name: Julia Vasquez Date: School Prado View Elementary Grade: 5th 2/16/17 Teacher: Sandra Cowan Standards: PE Integration with other content areas: (ex. PE Framework p. 204) Standard 3: Students assess and maintain a level of physical fitness to improve health and performance. N/
  Name: Julia Vasquez Date: 2/16/17School Prado View Elementar !rade: th #eacher: Sandra $owan Standards: PE Standard %:   Students assess and maintain a le&el o' (hsical 'itness to im(ro&e health and (er'ormance)%)1Demonstrate how to warm u( muscles and *oints +e'ore runnin,- *um(in,-,- throwin,- and,)%)%Partici(ate three to 'our das each wee.- 'or increasin, (eriods o' time- in continuous moderate to&i,orous (hsical acti&ities at the a((ro(riate intensit 'or increasin, aero+ic ca(acit)%)7 Sustain continuous mo&ement 'or an increasin, (eriod o' time while (artici(atin, in moderate to &i,orous (hsical acti&ities)nte,ration with other content areas: 0e) PE ramewor. () 2345N/nstructional/ssessment Strate,ies: hat did the teacher do8 9ist1) Instruct students to run 2 laps to warm up. 2) Led the students in stretching exercises to finish warming up. %) Discusses the importance of stretching and  being safe during physical education. 4) Led the students in a running workout. 400 meter runs at their own pace. ) Broke the students into the relay teams. 6) Demonstrated proper form with the baton including how to pass the baton. 7) Instruct students to run 2 laps as cool down. ) Led students in stretching exercises to cool down. Student cti&ities: hat did the students do8 9ist1) !un 2 laps as warm up. 2) ollowed teacher in stretching routine as warm up. %) #ompleted a running workout I which they run 400s at their own pace with proper form. 4) Di$ided up into relay teams of 4. ) %racticed running their legs with their relay team in which they had to pass the baton. 6) !un 2 laps as cool down. 7) &tretched to cool down.  ;ationale: h are these strate,ies a((ro(riate 'or this class8 <se ramewor.s to ,uide our,) 1)De&elo(mentall a((ro(riate 0state what and wh 'or each area5 'he teacher establishes a safe en$ironment and discusses the importance of stretching and warming up your muscles as a part of the introduction. In accordance with the rameworks the teacher makes the students aware of the potential risks of not stretching and working out ()*+,. In order to assess the class in the learning ob-ecti$es the teacher uses structured obser$ation. 'he students demonstrate their handeye coordination with the baton as the teacher obser$es each group indi$idually ()/2,. 'his assessment is also an example of a   performance task. 'he students are asked to perform for the teacher so she can obser$e their impro$ement ()/,. 9esson ;e'lection: hat are some chan,es ou mi,ht ma.e to 'urther accommodate learnin, in this lesson +ased on our insi,hts as an o+ser&er8 Pro&ide re'erence to the ramewor./other resource documents 'or our ideas) 'he teacher has done a great -ob teaching se$eral key concepts of physical education. 1owe$er to maximie student3s learning I would ha$e integrated another sub-ect into the lesson. 'his lesson would be a great opportunity to also teach the class how to find their maximum heart rates and what that means. In doing so the teacher would need to integrate math. 'he students would then get additional practice adding and subtracting decimals and integers.'he teacher could ha$e also re$iewed proper form of different locomotor mo$ements like running. &he could ha$e done this as a part of the introduction after she discussed the importance of stretching. ED< 4% 9esson Plan =+ser&ation ;e(orts > VP #his re(ort 'orm will e(and to accommodate our detailed re(orts i' done on com(uter) ' done + hand-tra co(ies to accommodate the handwritten re(orts)Name: Julia Vasquez Date: 2/16/17School Prado View Elementar !rade: th #eacher: Sandra $owan?s class/ ;enee Jenson music teacherStandards: #heatre   &tandard 25 &tudents apply  processes and skills in acting directing designing and scriptwriting to create formal and informal theatre film6$ideos and electronic media productions and to  perform in them. 2.+ #ollaborate as an actor director scriptwriter or technical artist in creating formal or informal theatrical  performances. @usic   &tandard 25 &tudents apply $ocal and instrumental musical skills in performing a $aried repertoire of music. 'hey compose and arrange music and impro$ise melodies $ariations and accompaniments using digital6electronic technology when appropriate2.) &ing a $aried repertoire of music including rounds descants and songs with ostinatos and songs in twopartharmony by oneself and with others. nte,ration with other content areas: 0e) PE ramewor. () 2345AistorBSocial Science .7 &tudents describe the people and e$ents associated with the de$elopment of the 8.&. #onstitution and analye the #onstitution3s significance as the foundation of the 9merican republic../ :now the songs that express 9merican ideals (e.g. ;9merica the Beautiful< ;'he &tar &pangled Banner<,..* &tudents know the location of the current 0 states and the names of their capitals. nstructional/ssessment Strate,ies: hat did the teacher do8 9ist ).'he music teacher introduced their unit. 'hey are going to be organiing and performing a  patriotic program. 2.'he teacher laid out se$eral rules and conse=uences for misbeha$ior. +.'he music teacher introduced each song ;9merican the Beautiful< ;'he &tar &pangled Student cti&ities: hat did the students do8 9ist ). &tudents listened to instruction from the music teacher. 2. 'hen they were introduced to each song ;9merica the Beautiful< ;'he &tar &pangled Banner< and ;>hat3s more 9merican than ?e.< +. 'hey sang each song a couple times as they looked off of a script. 4. 'hen the students listened to the 0 states song and the  Banner< and ;>hat3s more 9merican than ?e<  by defining $ocabulary and explaining key concepts present in the song. &he asked the students what they already know about these topics. 4.'hen the music teacher played the 0 states song the capital song and the president song for the students to listen to. .?usic teacher sang along with them as they sang the songs. (progress monitoring,/.'eacher guided the students as they organied the different speaking parts and who was going to say each one. capital song. . 'hey sang those two songs again from the script. /. &tudents organied the different speaking parts. &tudents =uoted presidents and stated facts about the different states. 7. inally students worked in groups to figure out their lines for the performance. ;ationale: h are these strate,ies a((ro(riate 'or this class8 <se ramewor.s to ,uide our,) 1) De&elo(mentall a((ro(riate 0state what and wh 'or each area5 By introducing the unit with the songs and key concepts the teacher is gaining a better understanding of the student3s  prior knowledge of the topics. 'his type of introduction can be seen as an entryle$el assessment because she uses type of ;openended conceptual =uestions ()7),.< 'he teacher first plays the songs for the student3s to listen to this is a type of direct instruction. 'hen the teacher asked the students to sing along with her help. @$entually the teacher let the students sing the songs by themsel$es without the music to see if they understood the tempo. 1a$ing the students sing bythemsel$es is a type of progress monitoring because the teacher is able to see if the students are ;progressing ade=uately toward achie$ing standards ()7),.<9s a fifth grade class the students ha$e more responsibility o$er their $isual and performing arts learning. 'he music teacher ga$e them some creati$e expression in planning and organiing the different speaking parts of the performance. 9esson ;e'lection: hat are some chan,es ou mi,ht ma.e to 'urther accommodate learnin, in this lesson +ased on our insi,hts as an o+ser&er8 Pro&ide re'erence to the ramewor./other resource documents 'or our ideas) 9rtistic perception is a key concept in the $isual and performing arts standards. 1owe$er the music teacher did not allowtime for students to reflect and think about their personal responses to the work. 9s a part of the introduction I might ha$e showed clips of presidents speaking and allowed the student3s to reflect on those speeches and how the president might ha$e felt in those moments. 'hen they could ha$e connected those feelings to their own performances to incorporate strand  ;connections relationships and application ()4A,.< therwise the music teacher did a great -ob modeling the ideas and assessing the class as they progressed through the lesson. &he not only thoughtfully integrated music and theatre but also integrated history into the lesson6performance. ed#P 2316 Aand+oo.  ed#P 2316 : Aand+oo. 1)Download Aand+oo. and read all o' the #as.s) #a.e notes durin, 'ieldwor. in areas that a((l) 2)ill out the 9iterac $ontet 'or 9earnin, n'ormation 'orm 'ound in the ed#P hand+oo. 0() 5 'orthe class ou are o+ser&in,) #he contet 'or learnin, in 'or literac which will a((l to VP and PE)#hin. a+out the &oca+ular and other literac needs 'or lessons in these su+*ect areas as ou com(lete the tas.)
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