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Alyssa Hobbs 5103 Chimineas Ave 801-879-4066 Tarzana, CA 91356 Education: Westminster College, Salt Lake City, Utah 2015-present Bachelors of in Elementary Education Minor in Special Education Salt Lake Community College May 2015 Associate of Sc
  Alyssa Hobbs 5103 Chimineas Ave 801-879-4066 Tarzana, CA 91356  Education:   Westminster College , al! a#e Ci!y, $!ah %015-&resen! 'achelors o( in )lemen!ary )*+ca!ion inor in &ecial )*+ca!ion  Salt Lake Community College ay %015Associa!e o( cience )*+ca!ion   Field Placement: ose /ar# )lemen!ary in*erar!en ilver esa )lemen!ary 2i(!h ra*ea!horne )lemen!ary T+!orin s&ecialis!'eacon eih!s )lemen!ary econ* ra*eran! )lemen!ary &ecial )*+ca!ionihlan* ih chool &ecial )*+ca!ion Work Experience:   Phase II Center For Women’s Health +rray, $!ah +ly %007-/resen! e*ical Assis!an!/a!ien! care coor*ina!or or#s alonsi*e *oc!or !o assis! i!h &a!ien! care an* minor o((ice  &roce*+res.e*ical illin an* co*in, an* &rior a+!horiza!ions.e*ical laora!ory &roce*+res an* &rocesses/re&arin an* a*minis!erin me*ica!ions  
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