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  Excellent CoachIntroduction What makes for an excellent coach? What personal qualities do top coaches possess that separate them from the good coach? Is it more the training or the inner qualities? Is it more coaching technique or the artistry? Is it more coaching knowledge or its application? Is it more natural talent for helping people or cultivated abilities? Is it insightful analysis of peopleor an abiding presence with them?There probably is no one single attribute that all excellent coaches possess. Top flight coaches can be comprised of many stripes and can come from many places, but they all connect with their charges, they know how to make changes with them and they know how to get results. ottom line, they get the work done.This is my own personal list of what I like to see in coaches. !ver my # years as a college educator I trained many, many future teachers and coaches. I was master teacher to many of them. I mentor many coaches on a private basis now. $robably the ma%or qualities I saw that distinguished the great from the very good were these three& ã They cared deeply about people. ã They had incredibly high personal standards and ambitions. ã They had a high level of self'knowledge.Those three are at least a wonderful starting point. (ow on to the other # attributes of top'notch coaches. Top coaches possess many of these& . )xquisite self awareness.*. +igh emotional intelligence.. road vision with focus on important details.-. (uanced, crisp, superb communication.#. +ighest regard, caring and respect for clients.. /reative, innovative learner and developer of custom coaching methodologies.0. $erceptive, intuitive, curious and inquiring.1. 2uick study with capacity for deep and wide learning.3. 4tudent of coaching and other disciplines that support helping others. 5. 4incere interest in clients and desire to help. . /ontinuous learner of themselves and their experiences. *. 4ee coaching as a two way interchange of energies and learnings. . +umble, open, nurturing and grateful to the world. -. 6iew coaching as a calling, an art and a discipline. #. Walking the talk and modeling a good life for their clients.)xpert coaches work on themselves unceasingly. They are open to new ideas and  philosophies. They study coaching seriously and take coaching seriously. They care about the person across from them  Coaching  is training or development in which a person called a coach supports a learner in achieving a specific personal or professional goal. The learner is sometimes called a coachee .!cccasionally,may mean an informal relationship between two people, of whom one has more experience and expertise than the other and offers advice and guidance as the latter learns7 but coaching differs from mentoring in focusing on specific tasks or ob%ectives, as opposed to general goals or overall development. The first use of the term coaching to mean an instructor or trainer arose around 15 in !xford 8niversity slang for a tutor who 9carries9 a student through an exam. /oaching thus has been used in language to describe the  process used to transport people from where they are to where they want to be. The first use of the term in relation to sports came in 1 . +istorically the evolution of coaching has beeninfluenced by many fields of study including :;<T such as 9est9,  personal development, the +uman $otential =ovement, psychology, and leadershipstudies. 4ince the mid' 335s, coaching has developed into a more independent discipline and professional associations such as the <ssociation for /oaching, the International <ssociation of /oaching, theInternational /oach >ederation, and the )uropean /oaching and =entoring /ouncil have helped develop a set of training standards. In sports, a coach is an individual that provides supervision and training to the sports team or individual players. 4ports coaches are involved in administration, athletic training, competition coaching, and representation of the team and the players. >or example,I choose atuk @ainal <bidin bin <li.+e was born on 3 (!6)=)A 3 ,he is a former =alaysian >ootballer ang currently head coach for $ahang ><.@ainal is well known as the best =alaysian =alaysian footballer in 15Bs and 35B.+is footballer career started with 4elangor >< in 315+e playedalong with =alaysian legendary striker the late =okhtar ahari,A <umugam,4oh /hin <un and other recognised faces in =alaysian footballer. In 310, he partnered ollah 4alleh in front as they became the fierce striker for 4elangor >< and $ahang >< in =alaysia /up and also the national team in 4)< ;ames and =erdeka Tournament. In 33 Tiger /up, @ainal was awarded as the =6$ of the tournament. Three years later he was awarded the <>/ /entury /lub. +e also played for =alaysia national futsal team, and was in the squad that took part in the  33 >I>< >utsal World /hampionship in 4pain. +e retired from football in 333 and selected to coach the =alaysian youth in *55 . In *55* he selected as the assistant coach for =alaysia senior team.+e later coached $ahang >< and brought them their first=alaysia 4uper :eague title. In *55 he guided $ahang >< to win the=alaysian >< /up. C-D  <fter the contract with $ahang >< ended, he reunites with his former striker partner ollah 4alleh. This time they act as manager'coach combination for Euantan $ort'4hahFan =uda >/. In *5 , he returns to $ahang >< as assistant manager, where he works again with ollah, who were the current head coach. The partnership lasts until the end of *5 , when they helped $ahang win the *5  =alaysia /up7 $ahangGs first =alaysia /up after * years. <fter ollah left $ahang to coach $A= >< and Aon 4mith was appointed as the new $ahang head coach at the end of *5 , @ainal was appointed as his assistant head coach. ut after 4mithGs contract was not renewed in =arch *5 -, @ainal was appointed as 4mithGs replacement.  Zainal Abidin HassanPersonal informationFull name @ainal <bidin +assan in <li Date of birth 3 (ovember 3 Hage #- Place of birth 4elangor , =alaysia Playing position efender , 4triker  Club informationCurrent team $ahang >< Hhead coach Senior career!ears eamApps # $%ls& # 315 ' 31*4elangor ><- H*  31 ' 31-$ahang ><**H  31# ' 3354elangor >< *3H30 33 ' 33$ahang >< 5H## 330 ' 3334elangor ><-#H0 'ational team ( 31- ' 33=alaysia 1H01 33=alaysia futsal eams managed *55 =alaysia 8' 0*55- ' *55$ahang >< Hcoach  *55 ' *551$ahang >< Hmanager*553 ' *5 5Euantan $ort'4hahFan =uda >/ Hmanager*5 ' *5 $ahang >< Hmanager*5  ' *5 -$ahang >< Hassistant head coach*5 - '$ahang >< Hhead coachJ 4enior club appearances and goals counted for thedomestic league only and correct as of (ovember *5 *.K <ppearances HgoalsL (ational team caps and goals correct as of  (ovember *5 *  )E H*D  $layers ability adopted direction given   during first act rest become $ahang victory key that defeated 4elangor ' in 4uper :eague action, last night. $ahang /oach /hief    ,@ainal <bidin +assan , said victory on 4elangor in site opponent, 4hah <lam 4tadiummaintain $ahang position as 4uper :eague predecessor after ending - matches.=oreattractive, it also end $ahang victory evil effects in saintly site 4elangor that welast carried out past nine years. 9/ongratulation to player. I am immensely proud with them only we make mistakes and negligence when giving easy free kick as early asfifth minute and leave soft goal from him. 9uring break, a lot of directives   that I giveamong them do not idle and benefit all chances served. That that they do. 9$layer seek for equaliFation goals and strive as a team.Today is my second scene performance that is best see them strive,9 he said. =eanwhile, 4elangor coach, =ehmet urakovicadmits the player lose focus and failed make opportunity achieved as the guidance squad defeat cause. 9In second half    , there is my player which lose focus and also $ahang have import player with physical strength. 9They H$ahang useful all opportunities that there is. /ongratulation for them,9 he said. 4elangor first in frontthrough defence playerGs heading, Aobert /ornthwaite. In second act, $ahang savageby exploding three goals initiated with @esh AahmanGs network in # st minute, =atias /onti Hm'#  and followed  by +afiF EamalGs network in 1th minute.In training,endurance is important for player,a fitness program should be built around developing a good aerobic base,he said.=oreover,strength is an important component of fitness that can benefit athletes in any sport.$layers also need strength to hold off challenges from opponents. (ew $ahang trainer @ainal <bidin +assan is on a roll.The #*'year'old former international has made a huge
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