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Present simple, Simple past
  Complete the sentences with the correct form of the verb that is in brackets.Q1 of 9Ben ___________ (work) in a hospital.Q2 of 9 ___________ you ___________ (like) sh! Q of 9#he ___________ (not$teach) %n&lish. Q' of 9atthew never ___________ (watch) television. Q of 9 ___________ she __________(play) football! Q* of 9 +hey always __________ (eat) ,inner at - oclock. Q- of 9/e ____________ (not$live) in a bi& house. Q0 of 9alerie __________ (stu,y) %n&lish at university. Q9 of 9 ___________ he __________ (want) to eat!Choose the correct answer  Q1 of  __________ in a bank. a.works b.workin& c.work ,.is workin& Q2 of Barbara __________ every,ay. a.run b.runs c.is runnin& ,.runnin& Q of 3e __________ in Cana,a. a.,oesnt live b.,ont live c.not live ,.not lives Q' of ichael __________ a new car. a.want b.is wantin& c.are wantin& ,.wantsQ of  ________ the train _________ at 0455! a.6oes7 leave b.6o7 leaves c.6oes7 leaves ,.6o7 leave
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