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Parkway   School   PTO   held   their   regular   meeting   on   Wednesday,   February   22,   2017,  6   :00   p.m.,  in   the   media   center.     (The   January   meeting   was   cancelled   due   to   weather   and   the   February  meeting   rescheduled   to   this   date   by   email   vote   of   the   Board.)     Attendance  Present   at   the   meeting   were:    Shelley   Wainscott   Wallin   (President),   Suzette   Patterson   (Vice  President),   Haley   Childers   
  Parkway School PTO held their regular meeting on Wednesday, February 22, 2017, 6:00 p.m., in the media center. (The January meeting was cancelled due to weather and the February meeting rescheduled to this date by email vote of the Board.) Attendance Present at the meeting were: Shelley Wainscott Wallin (President), Suzette Patterson (Vice President), Haley Childers (Co-Secretary), Kelly Fulton (Co-Secretary); Stephanie Weeks (Principal), Melessa Moody (Kindergarten), Cogie Reed (Eighth Grade), Charlena Townsend (Second Grade), Shannon Carroll (Lettuce Learn Project); parents: Michele Eller, Tony Grant, Courtney Taylor (12 total). Niki Miller (Treasurer), Deanne Smith (Volunteer Coordinator) were absent. The meeting was called to order by Shelley Wainscott Wallin, President. Lettuce Learn Project update, presented by Shannon Carroll Lowe’s Toolbox for Education has awarded the school a $5,000 grant to update the passive solar greenhouse/ learning space near the playground area. An additional $800 may be needed to complete the project, which includes installing six windows, replacing glazing and flashing, repairing siding, painting, and purchasing new barrels. Outside funding is being sought, and a grant from Boone Service League was mentioned as a possible source. The volunteer coordinator will notify parents of the need for five to eight volunteers with construction experience to help with the project, which is scheduled for completion by October 2017. Volunteers will also be recruited from community groups and Lowes Hardware employee volunteer program.  Additionally, PTO donated $1,000 last year for a stipend, which is still being used. The Principal’s Report was given by Stephanie Weeks. The flu and stomach virus and related absences continue to be a concern, with school staff sanitizing and doing what they can to prevent the spread of illness. The school-wide World’s Finest Chocolate sale raised enough funds to buy calculators for the eighth grade. Awards were given for top sales, and plans are being made to continue the fundraiser in subsequent years to benefit third through fifth grades and then kindergarten through second, respectively. Kindergarten orientation will be held May 1 and 2. Parents of incoming kindergarteners not already registered should notify Mrs. Jones in the office. Next week will be Mr. Tidyman’s last week; Noah Gordon will be the new CTE teacher. The President’s Report was given by Shelley Wallin. Volunteer Appreciation Day will be held the week of April 24 through 28. Haley will create a survey to ask parents when would be the best time to host this event to encourage better turn-out. We are looking for two people to co-chair the Fun Run .  Dave from BBQ Burgers and Brews has agreed to cater the Spring Showcase (date: March 9): choice of chicken or pork, salad, two sides, roll, sweet tea and lemonade for $8, which is what dinner tickets sold for last year. After some discussion about how to increase the profit margin, including selling tickets for $10 with volunteers contributing individually-wrapped desserts, selling popcorn or T-shirts and sweatshirts, contacting other vendors (Daniel Boone Inn, Pedalin’ Pig) for better prices, it was decided that we will try to adjust the menu (barbecue with no salad) to reduce cost and provide a more child-friendly option (chicken tenders, macaroni and cheese). It also was decided not to have a jump this year as there was not much interest and it is not the main focus of the Showcase. Beth Marsh is gathering a committee to plan the Fall Festival fundraiser. Trevor will help with lights and music and a jump outside, weather permitting. The volunteer coordinator will send out a sign-up and we will look at recruiting those who helped in different areas in the past. If anyone would like to help with this, they should let Beth or Shelley know. Other Business/Announcements The PTO storage room needs organizing. Mrs. Weeks asked volunteers to come after 10:00 or after school, and to coordinate with her as classes periodically use the adjacent computer room. Courtney Taylor reported that the school Food Pantry is looking for volunteers. They meet every Thursday morning in the Timekeeper’s Room to prepare weekly food bags for 48 students. The pantry particularly needs high-carbohydrate items such as rice and pasta (no glass jars). Mrs. Weeks will include a notice in the Community Connection. The president reported there are no curriculum support requests to be voted on this month. She will inquire about the amount remaining in the kindergarten budget, the status of previously-submitted requests and the treasurer’s cut-off date for submitting reimbursement requests for the current year. The next meeting will be held Tuesday, April 14. There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned by Shelley Wallen. Submitted 3/1/17 by Kelly Fulton
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