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  BUSINESS IMPROVEMENTPROPOSALBy Fiona     MG934 Professional Manageen! Pra !i e  Chollada Tontanasutthivong 201663549 MFMNithila Thomas 201667343 MBMMohammed Elada!i Eltigani Elada!i 201667676MBM t#lianos $%asana&is 2016509'' MFM(a%alee $itti)hitva%ang&ul 201692'33 MFM*dulma+eed *dullah * *lahma%i 201664961 MFM$haled Bade%$haled Mua%a& *lghe%ai% 2016''213MFM   #or$s o%n!& '934  E(E)UTIVE SUMMAR*   This %e,o%t !as )ommissioned to anal#se the ,%olemati) situations in -%is .%ote)t /td and to )hoose the est usiness im,%ovement ,%o,osal o% its advan)ement and im,%ovement ove% the ollo!ing months The %e,o%t also e,lains the ehaviou%al )hanges that a%e to ta&e ,la)e ate% the im,lementation o the ,%o,osal Assessen! Most o the )u%%ent issues in -%is a%e due to the %easons that ollo! The )om,an# seems to have no tho%ough %e)o%ds o the uali)ations o em,lo#ees and also la)&s %ules and %egulations %ega%ding the %eui%ements o s&ills and uali)ations o% ,%omotions and %e)%uitment en)e em,lo#ees !ho dont have the ne)essa%# s&ills a%e eing ,%omoted to the manage%ial ,osition and this %esults in a va%iet# o o,e%ative ,%olems The %ight ,eo,le a%e not assigned to do the %ight +os and ,%o,e% t%aining is not ,%ovided to the em,lo#ees *nothe% ,%olem is that the )ommuni)ation et!een de,a%tments and the em,lo#ees and manage%s is ,oo% !hi)h %esults in a la)& o &no!ledge and un)e%taint# ove% !ho did !hat +o Mo%eove% the manage%s ail to ta&e the %es,onsiilit# o% !hat the# do !hen a ,%olem o))u%s and )%eate misunde%standings -%is la)&s ,%o,e% leade%shi, and )onden)e !ithin the )om,an#  Thus the im,lementation o the $no!ledge Management .%o,osal !ill ,%ovide solutions o% ma+o%it# o the issues that the )om,an# a)es 8t !ill %esult in a,,%o,%iate ehaviou%al )hanges # ,%oviding ne)essa%# t%aining to management level sta and othe% em,lo#ees ma&ing the sha%ing o data and ino%mation easie% im,%oving )ommuni)ation %edu)ing misunde%standings and de)%easing e%%o%s Fu%the%mo%e $no!ledge Management .%o,osal is the se)ond )hea,est usiness im,%ovement ,%o,osal in te%ms o )osts Rele+an! an$ ),osen Pro-osal   The anal#sis unde%ta&en in this situation loo&s at ou% ,%o,osals in)luding the $no!ledge Management ,%o,osal the Business *nal#ti)s ,%o,osal the Custome% :elationshi, #stem ,%o,osal and the *))ounting Cont%ol #stem ,%o,osal The usiness im,%ovement ,%o,osal that est ts -%is .%ote)t /td is the $no!ledge Management ,%o,osal and is hen)e the )hosen ,%o,osal he%e Reso%r es ;ithin a ,e%iod o ve !ee&s %esou%)es used to aid this anal#sis !e%e ased on ino%mation gathe%ed %om e<mails nan)ial %e,o%ts and assum,tions ased on ose%vations  )on!en!s 1 8nt%odu)tion===================================================================12 *nal#sis o ituation==========================================================2Business -,e%ation============================================================2Business Envi%onment=========================================================3Finan)e========================================================================33 >usti)ation===================================================================4.%o,osal im,%ovement=========================================================6.a#a)& ,e%iod================================================================74 Behaviou%al Changes========================================================='5 Con)lusion====================================================================9*,,endi=======================================================================10
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