Final TQ (Grade VII)

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  Republic of the PhilippinesDivision of Eastern SamarRegion VIII Jipapad National Highschool Jipapad, Eastern Samar! R#H $ %R#ER E&%'IN%#I!NIN EN()ISH VIIName* +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ (rade and Section* +++++++++++++ Date* +++++++++++ Score* ++++++ IDIRE-#I!NS* Read carefull. the /uestion in each item -hoose the correct letter of .ourans0er1It is a unit of action in a pla.aSettingc actbPlotd scene2% made3up stor. set in the distant past and handed do0n from generation to generation b. 0ord of mouthaStage directionsc -ast of charactersb'essage of the stor.d )egend4#his means that action ta5es place in onl. one settinga!ne3act pla.c SettingbScened Stage directions6#his is the conversation among charactersaDialogc PlotbStage directionsd %cts and Scenes7% unit of action that ta5es place in a single time and placeaScenec -haractersb%ctd Plot8#hese are notes that help readers or the cast of characters picture the action #hese notes ma. describe setting, sound e9ects, lighting, the movement of characters and the 0a. thedialog is to be spo5enaDialogc %cts and ScenesbStage Directionsd #heme
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