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  ©Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Generators for Wind Turbines  ©Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Industry Sector –HUSUM 2012September 2012  Application The generator is the core of a wind turbine. It converts the rotational energy of the rotor, driven by the kinetic energy of the wind, and converts it into electrical energy using induction.Therefore, it generates the electric power that the wind turbine system feeds into the grid.  ©Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Industry Sector –HUSUM 2012September 2012 Customer requirements  Maximum reliability, even under extreme conditions (heat, cold, humidity, salt mist…  Long maintenance intervals  High energy yield  Low space requirement  Operation also when feeding into weak grids  ©Siemens AG 2012. All Rights Reserved. Industry Sector –HUSUM 2012September 2012 Geared Wind Generator Standard-Portfolio This portfolio overview represents only the common product line / market level. No limits are set to us at frame sizes, performances and cooling concepts.  Ask us for different variants! Induction Generator Permanent Magnet Generator Electrically Excited Generator  Power range 1.5 –5.0 MWCooling type:Modular air/air Modular air/water Water-jacket  Asynchronous generatorSynchronous generator Doubly Fed Induction Generator  Squirrel Cage Frame size 400 –630Power range 0.6 –5.0 MWCooling type:Modular air/air Modular air/water Water-jacketFrame size 400 –630Power range 1.5 –10.0 MWCooling type:Surface coolingModular air/air Modular air    /water Frame size 500 –800 Pole Switched Power range0.6 –1.25 MWCooling type:Surface coolingFrame size355 –500Power range1.0 –6.0 MWCooling type:Modular air/air Modular air/water Frame size500 –710 !
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