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  2017. 3. 2. Gmail - read this 1/6 Pii Tii <> read this Pii Tii <> Mon, Feb 27, 2017 at 12:19 AMTo: Politis, Ted <>, gwest@asap.net anyone see what i was trying to do from my tent?what I was saving/borrowing money for?here is one trajectory i had, no money from parents, no contact tywas getting fined/thrown in jail for purchasing a car to sleep in during the winter, pretty much impound lot property until i cough up the 1500 to not freeze it is january inminnesotathis is my debt people i am still homeless _____________________________________ ok here we go iphone done charging*dude yells at me to get away from the wall socket on his porch*more research _____________________________________   2017. 3. 2. Gmail - read this 2/6 hmm*peter is ejected from the st. olaf library* _____________________________________ *peter is ejected from an empty classroom after 5 hours of making mural concept art for businesses, banned from st. olaf for a year*parents were there, totally there, a ton, love you*peter's tent is robbed* _____________________________________ looks good, art gallery potential *researches neighborhood*(tent starts flooding) _____________________________________ looks at visas, one year visa possible(socks are drying) _____________________________________ (peter's ex-girlfriend playing dumb or something?) why do you want to die, peter? *hangs up*(peter's loans/usable funds shrinking -600 a month, there is 8000 for the year now, it is a loan)  2017. 3. 2. Gmail - read this 3/6 (peter is rapping in the forest to himself and the deer)bridge operator across the river: shut up! maybe *goes home for the day* _____________________________________  new day. lost two pounds(peter is researching how to make ink)*steals two pounds raw shellac flakes*you want the list guys? it includes everclear and MiraLAX®trying to work with <this> on <this> type of paper: peter drives around, draws for 45 minutes at a time before police intervention this is a park. (dude fishing in the background) _____________________________________ Peter is confined to the state of minnesota for six months. _____________________________________ Peter has found $100 houses in Armenia.*applies for school*(knows some armenians and stuff about it, idk, how do we validate this one now) _____________________________________  peter is pulling some cato the elder shit with sunflower seeds, oatmeal and cheap vegetableshas some rapport with squirrels about this _____________________________________ peter on the internet swearing about owning farmland in the mountains away from everyone for miles at about $5,000 *reads until iphone powers off*  2017. 3. 2. Gmail - read this 4/6 *chased away from the wall socket again* *reads about sailing, visa requirements* _____________________________________  peter is reticent about property in the usa because he is classed schizophrenic and his family can show up whenever with the police again*walks around the forest some more*peter drives to seattle*retreats*-400must've graffiti'd something for a week and a half, for me and whoever and the community bitch, photo op central at the sibley manor rail pass oh yeah*cop draws his weapon**peter's social justice skill increases +1*peter is talking to someone in new york about 650 sq. ft for 1000 a month, in manhattan, booyah..*shows up at graffiti vandalism / traffic court, shuddering, waiting to be called* just -50, hah?********************peter sees a wig(shit, they must've mailed the address on the license) hey mom. hm, these my high school clothes? *********************leaves the grocery bag and its contents in front of a strip mall for someone*(continues to the tent to seize for the night, ativan flashbacks etc.)  _____________________________________ peter has like 5 mountain cabins for 500/mo and no neighbors lined up at any given time thank you usa _____________________________________ never enough money to do any of this really, trying for that last 5000 constantly, then thrown in jail for no car insurance
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