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Austin Cousins Dr. Salvaterra 5/16/16 Civil War & Reconstruction The Swing that didn’t make it As Gen. William T. Sherman said “Each epoch creates its own agents, and General Grant more nearly than any other man impersonated the American character of 1861-65. He will, therefore, as typical hero of the great Civil War of America of the nineteenth century”. The Swing around the Circle tour for Andrew Johnson was the end of his political career and t
  Austin CousinsDr. Salvaterra5/16/16Civil War & ReconstructionThe Swing that didn’t a!e itAs en. Willia T. Sheran said #$ach e%och creates its own agents and eneral rantore nearl' than an' other an i%ersonated the Aerican character o( 1)61*65. +e willthere(ore as t'%ical hero o( the great Civil War o( Aerica o( the nineteenth centur',. TheSwing around the Circle tour (or Andrew -ohnson was the end o( his %olitical career and the eginning (or the l'sses S. rant. rant (ollowed along with -ohnson continuing to do his dut'as a soldier ut also under !nowing that -ohnson was creating the %osition o( eneral o( theAr' (or hi to (ill the %osition. The tour was the -ohnson urning down his %olitical career and rant was ale to u% (ro the ashes. rant at (irst re(used to go and cited that -ohnson had no right to order an o((icer on acivilian ission-ohnson’s i%eachent adress Article 0htt%//law2.u!'/%ro3ects/(trials/i%each/l4Church Willia Conant. l'sses S. rant and the eriod o( ational reservation andReconstruction ' Willia Conant Church.. ew 7or! . . utna 1)89.: ;ndro.2<
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