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Gabriella M. Santoliquito (610) 906-7537 | | @gabbysanto News Producing Experience Centre County Report Centre County, Pa. Executive producer, reporter, producer Fall 2016  Emmy award-winning live newscast broadcasted in 29 Pa. counties through WPSU Spring 2017  Worked with AP ENPS and Adobe Premiere Pro to produce weekly newscasts  Responsible for properly timed shows and determining organization of
  Gabriella M. Santoliquito  (610) 906-7537 | | @gabbysanto News Producing Experience Centre County Report  Centre County, Pa. Executive producer, reporter, producer    Fall 2016 ã Emmy award-winning liv nwscast broadcastd in !9 a. co#ntis t$ro#g$ % &' Spring 2017 ã %ord wit$  E* & and dob rmir ro to +rod#c wly nwscasts ã ,s+onsibl or +ro+rly timd s$ows and dtrmining organiation o nwscast ã &$ot vido/ wrot scri+ts/ ditd storis into s/ &2s and +acags ã rod#cd liv c#t-ins or % &' on Elction ay rom 4 to 11 +.m. or !016 lction covrag Te !aily Collegian  State College, Pa. Digital Managing Editor    2013-present    n o t$r c#tiv ditors on t$ nws division   vrs a sta o ro#g$ly 100 +o+l/ w$il +rod#cing daily contnt onlin and all social mdia +latorms   l+ crat onlin and social mdia gra+$ics to com+limnt storis Social Media Manager    %rot and sc$d#ld twts and 8acboo +osts or 2$ aily ollgian 2wittr and 8acboo main and s#bacco#nts/ w$il ovrsing all sta writr and ditors: social mdia acco#nts Capus C!ie ã vrsaw and mntord a sta o 35 r+ortrs ã Editd daily s#bmissions and wb #+dats/ co-dirctd wly b#dgt sssions/ +ostd and +romotd storis onlin Cop# Des$ Editor    Editd daily s#bmissions and dsignd a varity o +ags #sing dob ;nsign Senior Diversit# %eporter  ã  %rot t$r storis +r w covring vnts and iss#s +rtaining to any minority and rligio#s gro#+s on cam+#s Senior &'()*gree$ li e reporter    %rot t$r storis +r w covring all <9 nn &tat ratrnitis/ !! sororitis/ !013 nn &tat omcoming and 2* !01</ t$ world:s largst st#dnt-r#n +$ilant$ro+y #C$% News  &arrisburg,Pa. +roducing ntern   Ma#- ug. 2016   =#ilt nwscast r#ndowns/ wrot scri+ts/ cratd gra+$ics/ boot$d s$ows   %ord wit$ r+ortrs to s$oot vido/ dit +acags Pennsyl'ania NewsMedia ssociation (oundation   Gettysburg, Pa. (nline %eporter +ro/ect ntern   Ma# 2-30, 201   ovrd a varity o sminars and award crmonis d#ring t$ nnsylvania rss onrncand >yston wards %rot m#lti+l storis/ s$ot vido and +rod#cd t$ (nline %eporter +ro/ect 201  wbsit wit$ two ot$r st#dnts and mntors rom t$ ssociatd rss and Eri 2ims-*ws Piladelpia SportsRadio )* +P  Piladelpia, Pa.  ntern  Ma#-ug. 201   ssistd on-air talnt/ nt$ony ?argano and ,ob Ellis/ scrnd on-air intrviws  Producing - Editing Sills  E* &dob rmir ro=A B& dob ;nsign   Education Te Pennsyl'ania State /ni'ersity, Class o0 $12% #rs#ing a =ac$lor o rts dgr in bot$ broadcast Co#rnalism and criminology   Re0erences Bic$ll B#rmllo D =!7 rod#cr (717) !36-!7!7 | &tv >rayci D irctor o &t#dnt  2lvision (<!5) 641-17!6
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