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Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death globally. Response time is critical for survival. The samaritan® PAD 350P is designed especially for use in public areas by providing a sophisticated de brillator for adult or pediatric use, inside a lightweight and easy-to-operate system.
  samaritan ®  PAD 350P Public Access Defibrillator with CPR Coaching Compact, Easy-to-Use, Lifesaving Technology Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) is a leading cause of death globally. Response time is critical for survival. The samaritan ®  PAD 350P is designed especially for use in public areas by providing a sophisticated defibrillator for adult or pediatric use, inside a lightweight and easy-to-operate system. Compact in Size, Long on Ability Portable and lightweight.  The samaritan PAD 350P is lighter (2.4 lbs/1.1 kg) and smaller than other defibrillators. Durable.  The samaritan PAD 350P resists shock and vibration and carries an IP56 Rating, the industry’s highest rating against dust and moisture ingress. It also carries a ten year unit warranty. Advanced technology.  The samaritan PAD 350P utilizes proprietary electrode technology, advanced and stable firmware, and proprietary SCOPE ™ * Biphasic technology (an escalating and low-energy waveform that automatically adjusts for patient impedance differences) to assess rhythm and recommend defibrillation if necessary. Easy-to-Follow Visual and Verbal Guides User-friendly.  The samaritan PAD 350P features easy-to-understand visual and voice prompts that guide a user through the process including CPR coaching. Two-button operation.  Only two buttons, ON/OFF and SHOCK, are required for straightforward operation. Always ready.  A System Status Ready Indicator flashes to show that the complete system is operational and ready for use. The device automatically runs self-check each week. Real Economy for the Real World Two parts, one expiration date.  Pad-Pak ™  cartridge combines battery and electrode pads, with one expiration date to monitor. Low cost of ownership.  With a shelf life of four years from date of manufacture, the Pad-Pak offers significant savings over other defibrillators that require separate battery and pad units. Visual cues prompt pad placementStand clear of the patientSafe to touch the patientAdvanced technology balanced against the demands of real world use. At HeartSine, our innovation changes lives. And saves lives.Other AED footprints samaritan PAD footprint 28-56% smaller Pad-Pak and Pediatric-Pak with pre-attached electrodes. The HeartSine PAD’s built-in intelligence and unique pediatric Pad-Pak ensure the appropriate energy level is delivered for children.*Self-Compensating Output Pulse Envelope (SCOPE) technology automatically compensates energy, slope and pulse envelope for the patient.   Technical Overview Lifesaving, Pure and Simple U.S./Americas HeartSine Technologies, Inc.121 Friends Lane, Suite 400Newtown, PA. 18940 Toll Free: (866) 478 7463 Tel: (215) 860 8100Fax: (215) 860 8192info@heartsine.com Europe/Rest of the World HeartSine Technologies, Inc.203 Airport Road WestBelfast, Northern Ireland BT3 9ED Tel: +44 (0) 28 90 93 94 00Fax:+44 (0) 28 90 93 94 01info@heartsine.co.uk  www.heartsine.com © 2013 HeartSine Technologies, Inc. All rights reserved. H009-032-101-0 The products described in this brochure all meet theapplicable European Medical Directive requirements. CAUTION: U.S. Federal lawrestricts this deviceto sale by or on theorder of a licensedpractitioner.See complete marking on product. Physical With Pad-Pak  ™  Inserted Size: 8.0 in x 7.25 in x 1.9 in (20 cm x 18.4 cm x 4.8 cm) Weight: 2.4 lbs (1.1 kg) including Pad-Pak Battery Waveform: Self-Compensating Output Pulse Envelope (SCOPE) Biphasic waveform. Optimized biphasic escalating waveform compensates energy, slope and envelope for patient impedance Patient Analysis System Method: Evaluates patient’s ECG, signal quality, electrodecontact integrity and patient impedance toMeets ISO 60601-2-4 Environmental Operating/Standby  Temperature: +32°F to +122°F (0°C to 50°C )  Temporary  Transportation  Temperature: 14°F to 122°F (–10°C to 50°C) for up to two days.Unit must be returned to standby/operatingtemperature for 24 hours before use. Relative Humidity: 5% to 95% (non-condensing) Water Resistance: IEC 60529/EN 60529 IP56 Altitude: 0 to 15,000 feet (0 – 4,575 meters) Shock: MIL STD 810F Method 516.5, Procedure I (40 G’s) Vibration: MIL STD 810F Method 514.5+Category 4 Truck Transportation – US Highways EMC: EN 60601-1-2 Radiated Emissions: EN55011 Electrostatic Discharge RF Immunity: EN61000-4-3 80MHZ-2.5GHZ (10 V/m) Magnetic Field Immunity: EN61000-4-8 (3 A/m)RTCA/DO-160F, Section 21 (Category M) Falling Height: 3.5 feet (1 meter) Energy Selection Adult: Shock 1: 150J; Shock 2: 150J; Shock 3: 200J Pediatric: Shock 1: 50J; Shock 2: 50J; Shock 3: 50J Charging Time New Battery:  Typically 150J in < 8 seconds, 200J in < 12 seconds Typically 150J in < 8 seconds, 200J in < 12 seconds Event Documentation  Type :Internal Memory Memory Capacity: 90 minutes of ECG (full disclosure) and event/incident recording Playback Capabilities: Custom USB cable directly connected to PC and Materials Used samaritan ®  PAD 350P: ABS, Santoprene. Printed circuit board withelectronic components. Housing: ABS – Electrodes: Hydrogel, Silver, Aluminium and Polyester Pad-Pak — Electrode and Battery Cartridge Adult Pad-Pak (Pad-Pak-01) and Pediatric Pad-Pak (Pad-Pak-02) Shelf Life: 4 years from manufacture date Weight: 0.44 lbs (0.2 kg) Size: 3.93 in x 5.24 in x .94 in (10 cm x 13.3 cm x 2.4 cm) Battery Type: Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2) Capacity: > 60 shocks at 200J 18V, 1.5 Amp Hrs Electrodes: HeartSine samaritan ®  are supplied as standard with each device Placement: Anterior-lateral (Adult); Anterior-posterior (Pediatric) Active Gel Area: 15.5 in 2 (100 cm 2 ) Cable Length: 3.5 feet (1 meter) Authorized Distributor Enerspect Medical Solutions LLC 35 E Horizon Ridge Pkwy #110, PMB 50, Henderson, NV 89002P:702.586.4911 | TF:888.522.5574 | E:info@enerspect.com | www.enerspect.com
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