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  H ECTOR HOMER M. TUAZON 151C Rev. Aglipay St., Brgy. Pag-asa, Mandaluyong City093-33!- #39$ 090 - !0-9%#% &''(t1)ya'oo.*o( CAREER OVERVIEW: + a( a 'ig'ly organied and (otivated nelypassed *ivil engineer. + as previously e(ployedy /est Conta*t Servi*es, one o t'e iggest andell respe*ted outsour*ed *o(pany in t'e *ountry. Being a ull-ti(e e(ployee and a ull-ti(e engineering student, + 'avedeveloped a lot o good ualities and or2 attitude t'at t'e*o(pany *onsidered (e as an asset and appointed (e as one o t'e t'ree Sue*t Matter 4perts or t'e 'ole A676 progra(,t'erey entrusting signi8*ant duties and responsiilities or t'eiroperations.+ a( valued or t'e passion and dedi*ation + put into (y or2. +loo2 orard to a *'allenging position in a ell-respe*ted andsupportive 8r( 'ere + *an *ontinue to 'one and develop (yproessional s2ills as a Civil 4ngineer. EDUCATION:Primary College o t'e oly Spirit :6arla*; - S< 1999-00=on Bos*o 6e*'ni*al +nstitute :6arla*; - S< 003-00% Secondary =on Bos*o 6e*'ni*al +nstitute :6arla*; - S< 00%-005College +((a*ulate Con*ep*ion :Caanatuan; > S< 005-00! Tertiary ?niversity o t'e 4ast > S< 00!-015B.S. A**ountan*y :S< 00! > 010;B.S. Civil 4ngineering :S< 011 > 015; SI!!S: 1.Costing and esti(ate o (aterial.6ea( leader, spea2er and trainer  TUAZON HECTOR HOMER M. 093-9!#- 03$ 093-33!- #39 & ''(t1)ya'oo.*o( 3.@no 'o to troules'oot issues it' any Mi*rosotoperating syste(s%.@noledgeale in Mi*rosot *e, Auto*ad and ot'ersotares  ten use Mi*rosot /ord and Mi*rosot utloo2  as aove-average s2ill in using Mi*rosot 4*el andMi*rosot PoerPoint  as an aove-average s2ill in using Auto*ad. PRE#PRO$ESSIONA! E%PERIENCES:&.Com'any:  6eleperor(an*e :Mi*rosot A**ount; Nat(re o) *(+ine++: Provides 6e*'ni*al Support toMi*rosot *usto(ers Ro,e:  Mi*rosot Sotare 4ngineer D(tie+ Inc,(ded: ã  6roules'ooting Mi*rosot perating Syste( and ot'errelated sotare. ã Re(otely assisting Mi*rosot *usto(ers aroad.. Com'any  /est Conta*t Servi*es :A676 A**ount; Nat(re o) *(+ine++: =eals it' installing andtroules'ooting A676 *ir*uits or (aor *o(panies in ?nitedStates. Ro,e:  Doi*e and =ata Servi*es Manager pro(oted to Sue*tMatter 4pert D(tie+ Inc,(ded: ã Presenting ne *o(pli*ated pro*esses to nely 'iredtrainees, *lients and area (anagers. ã Supervising and assisting nely trained e(ployees oreEe*tive and e*ient peror(an*e. ã Condu*ting trainings or nely 'ired e(ployees todeepen t'eir te*'ni*al 2noledge aout t'e produ*ts.3. Com'any:  Baue Corporation Nat(re o) *(+ine++:   Baue Corporation responds to t'eurgent needs o Constru*tion as a supplier o (aterial,euip(ent and (anpoer or t'e *learing and re-opening o roads, ridges and govern(ent uildings and a*ilities. Ro,e:  *e 4ngineer > F6  TUAZON HECTOR HOMER M. 093-9!#- 03$ 093-33!- #39 & ''(t1)ya'oo.*o( D(tie+ Inc,(ded:   ã Preparing plans and ot'er ne*essary do*u(ents o t'eproe*t or idding pro*ess. ã Costing and 4sti(ate. PERSONA!   INTERESTS  +n*lude reading, riting, playing as2etall and (ountain*li(ing. CHARACTER RE$ERENCE: ã 4ngr. Mari*on Serrano Proessor, ?niversity o t'e 4ast & 091#-55-#595 ã 4ngr. Mar'un Ma*asil'ig Proessor, ?niversity o t'e 4ast & 099-%39-91# ã Carlo 4stradaperations 6ea( Supervisor, /est Conta*t Servi*es & 0915-59-!1#!
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