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DEREK SWANSON ♦ Mirror, AB T0B 3C0 ♦T: 403-396-5457♦♦ HEAVY METAL ENERGY SERVICES Project Supervision / Shutdowns / Pipeline / Pipefitting / Delivering Results ã Career summary: A well versed background in all facets of oil and gas construction projects. I have experience in construction of mult
  D EREK S WANSON   !  Mirror, AB T0B 3C0 ! T: 403-396-5457 ! !   H EAVY M ETAL E NERGY S ERVICES    Project Supervision / Shutdowns / Pipeline / Pipefitting / Delivering Results     ã   Career summary: A well versed background in all facets of oil and gas construction projects. I have experience in construction of multiple well batteries, gas compression facilities, dehydration facilities, pipelines up to 10” diameter, SAGD facilities, Refrigeration processes, shutdown/turnaround crew supervision. I have supervised the expansion of existing oil and gas production facilities. I also have experience in site grading, road building, heavy equipment operation and maintenance, seismic exploration, field maintenance activities, job cost estimation, scheduling, and if required facility layout and piping routing. I am self taught, highly motivated, and still eager to advance my skills. Willing to travel and familiar with the construction requirements for the province of Saskatchewan as well as Alberta. Job Skills: ã   An Experienced team leader with the ability to fulfill multiple jobsite duties. ã   In depth knowledge of QA/QC manuals, weld procedures. ã   Strategic Planning, Execution, Organizing multiple trades. ã   In depth knowledge of Safe Work Procedures, and documentation.   ã   Project management skills: Influencing, leading, negotiating and delegating abilities.   ã   Project foresight and attention to details.   ã   Adaptability and tolerant to stressful, time sensitive situations. Other Skills: ã   Creative thinking and organizational skills ã   Effective listening skills ã   Decision making and negotiating skills ã   Determination and Diplomacy skills ã   Common Sense P ROFESSIONAL E XPERIENCE   H E VY M ET L E NERGY S ERVICES   2005 – present Director of Oilfield Construction Company 2011:   Pengrowth Lindbergh SAGD Pilot Project . Generate 11000” of isometric piping drawings for 12 B Pressure welders. Supervise demolition of existing piping, installation of new fabrication. Supervise setting of all new buildings and production equipment, both outside and inside existing buildings. (Steam Generators, Inlet Production Building, Various pumps, exchangers, Water and Oil Storage Tanks up to 2500 BBL Capacity) Completed Quality Control Turnover Package, As Builts, and Monthly/Quarterly Safety Summaries. I was also responsible for daily billing, equipment inventory and maintenance schedules, crew time recording, and shift co-ordination. As a subcontract supervisor my job included close communication with Owner Company Representatives for all trades, Primary contractor, Secondary contractors, as well as on site/off site Engineers and Draftsmen. Selected Achievements ã   Less than 5% revision rate. ã   0 Lost time incidents over the course of 5 month project. ã   Supervision of 50+ workers. ã   90% of fabrication generated from P&ID flow sheets and Navisworks 3D rendering software. ã   Material inventory, tracing, and ordering. ã   Received safety awards from Pengrowth. ã   Adapt to project revisions on the fly with minimal disruption.  Derek Swanson  Professional Experience…Continued    Page 2 of 2   !  Mirror AB T0B 3C0 !  T: 403-396-5457 ! 2012/2013: Gibson Energy Trucking Terminal Supervision/Pipefitting fabrication of pump building associated piping. Setting of triplex pumps, meters, PSV’s, structural supports, heaters. Setting of major equipment, scheduling construction timing, design and fabrication of  butane blending system piping as per supplied P&ID’s. Understanding and adhering to all TSASK regulations and construction codes. Completed on time and under budget. 2014: NuVista Bilbo Project Supervise shop fabrication of pressure piping. Generate 16000” of isometrics for construction using Acorn Software. Co-ordinate material receiving and ordering as well as shipping completed piping to location. Cut and cap piles on site. Complete as builts, pressure testing reports, and associated QC Turnover paperwork. 2014: Pengrowth SAGD Commercial Installation Supervise and track quality on revisions to vendor supplied piping. Stainless steel, duplex, and super duplex piping owner received was of substandard construction quality. Traced, documented and scheduled repairs/rebuilds on 1100 spools of questionable quality, ranging from weld repairs to complete spool rebuilds. Supervise/schedule construction activities from initial NDE, rewelding, testing, and clearing for re-installation in evaporator package. 2014/2015: NuVista Wapiti Project Supervise all aspects of shop fabrication of 16000” pressure piping. Material handling, fabrication, painting, shipping, revisions. 2015: Velvet Energy Zeta Creek Cut and cap piles on location. Supervise all aspects of shop fabrication of 15000” pressure piping. This is a brief look at the most current projects I have been involved with. I also have nearly a decade of experience in pipeline construction. I held positions everywhere on the pipeline from skid hustler to spread boss. (Excluding welding.) E DUCATION /   C ERTIFICATIONS   ã   High School Diploma ã   H2S Alive ã   Standard First Aid CPR/AED Level II   ã   Construction Safety Training System/Generic WHMIS   ã   EGSO   ã   TDG   ã   Ground Disturbance for Supervisors   ã   Powered Mobile Equipment Training including Rigging   ã   Certificate: CSA Z662 Oil and Gas code interpretation course   ã   Certificate: Accident and Incident Investigation   ã   Certificate: Understanding Legislation (AASP)   ã   Certificate: Leadership in Safety Excellence (ACSA)   R  EFERENCES   Available upon request. Past employers before startup of my own company also available by request.
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