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Student: Marshall Moore STN: 3124987615 DOB: 9/22/02 Age: 11 Grade: _5_____ Gender: Male Effective IEP File Dates: Date: Case Conference Committee Meeting Scheduled: Date: 2/23 Time: 9:00 am Place: Crestwood Elementary Guardian Information: Relation: Dad
  Student: Marshall Moore STN: 3124987615 Gender: Male DOB: 9/22/2 ! e: 11 Grade: #5#####    Page 1   of 27 Efective IEP File Case Conerence Committee Meeting Scheduled:Date: 2/23 ime: !: aPlace: Crest#ood Elementar$%elation: Dad %elation : Mom &ame: Mike Moore &ame : Pam 'usiness'usiness(ome Phone:(ome Phone:Mo)ileMo)ile Phone:(ome*ddress: 407 Park Avenue in Linton, Indiana. (ome*ddress :   407Park Avenue in   Linton Indiana + xInitial EvaluationxConsider Placement in an Alternative !eevaluation !evie Consider Placement at a #tate #c$oolAnnual IEP !evie Consider Placement in a Private %acilit&!evise IEPConsider #ervice Plan 'ransition IEPConsider PA (lacement it$ a di)erent PA o* Move+inMani*estation Determination%irst #te(s IntakeInterim Alternative Educational PlacementExit *rom #econdar& Educationut+o*+sc$ool (lacement -0+da& !evie Enrollment Date ,Move -in onl$.: uardian Inormation:Pur0oses o the Case Conerence:  Student: STN: Gender: DOB: ! e: Grade: E1isting Data: #trent$s o* t$e student: Mars$all is currentl& on t$e middle sc$ool asketall team. /e $as a lot o* *riends at sc$ool. /e eno&s oin to sc$ool. 1$ile $e is at sc$ool$e orks ver& $ard. /e orks reall& $ard on $is $ome ork $ile at $ome. /e is on t$e student council. /e also loves to read t$e lunc$ menu aloud *or t$e sc$ools announcements. Concerns o* Parent: /is (arents are ver& concerned aout $en t$e ork load ets $arder *or $im $e ill ust ive u(.  '$e& strule to et t$rou$ it no . /e $as melt do ns e*ore $e is ale to et t$rou$ it. /is (arents do not ant $im to ive u( once t$e ork ets $arder. !es(onse to instructional #trateies and researc$ ased interventions: /is res(onse to $is instructional strateies $asn2t one ell. Even t$ou$ t$ere $as een accommodations to $is ork $e still seems to strule it$ it. /e ill need multi(le ex(lanations e*ore $e is ale to ras( t$e conce(t o* t$e $ome ork. /e ill need a revie o* (revious material e*ore $e is ale to move on to t$e ne material. /is mom and $is teac$er also lets $im use a calculator *or all o* $is mat$ (rolems. Proress Monitorin Data: A*ter ein tested & t$e sc$ool (s&c$oloist t$e results s$o t$at $e is learnin disales in mat$. It is recommended t$at $e is to take t$e IMA#' test. '$is is ust a modi3cation o* t$e I#'EP since $e can eventuall& ras( t$e conce(ts o* mat$.  Student: STN: Gender: DOB: ! e: Grade: Present Level o* Academic Ac$ievement and %unctional Per*ormance: As o* ri$t no Mars$alls rade in mat$ is a D. /is mat$ rade is al a&s lo and can never seem to rin it u(. /e *ails t$e tests all t$e time and t$e onl& reason $e sees a (assin rade is ecause o* $is$ome ork. /e is testin at 5.4 in Accelerated Mat$. Mars$all did not (ass t$e I#'EP tests in t$e 6 rd and 4 t$  rade, missin t$e cut o) & a considerale marin.  %eevaluation:  '$e (ulic aenc& must consider reevaluation *or eac$ student receivin s(ecial education and related services at least once ever& t$ree 68 &ears unless t$e (arent andt$e (ulic aenc& aree t$at it is unnecessar&. In addition, t$e (ulic aenc& must consider reevaluation i* t$e (ulic aenc& determines at an& time durin t$e t$ree 68 &ear c&cle t$at additional in*ormation is needed to address t$e s(ecial education or related services needs o* t$e student, or i* t$e student2s (arent or teac$er re9uests an evaluation. Initial Eligi)ilit$ Date : 5560; *nniversar$ %eevaluation Date:  '$e Case Con*erence committee $as revie ed existin data and $as determined:  In*ormation is needed to reestalis$ eliiilit& *or s(ecial education and related services <5 mont$ timeline8  In*ormation is needed to determine t$at t$e student is eliile *or s(ecial education under a di)erent o* additional eliiilit& cateor& ;0 instructional da& timeline8  In*ormation is needed to in*orm t$e student2s case con*erence committee o* t$e student2s s(ecial education and related service needs ;0 instructional da&timeline8   '$ere is no need *or reevaluation in*ormation
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