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Description to get your own custom made and branded inflight magazine for your flight operations
  KEA FLYER   Knife Edge Aviation Inflight Magazine   2 17    KEA FLYER   KEA Inflight Magazine   2 16   Welcome Aboard   Thank you for flying on one of KEA ’ s aircraft. We strive to provide stellar service in addition to safely transporting you to your destination. This publication is full of useful information and articles to help ensure your flight is a wonderful experience. What You Will Find in These Pages    Useful Articles  KEA Information     Aircraft Information  Onboard Snacks and Beverages    Drink Recipes  Destination Guides   We Look Forward to Serving You. “   Thank you for flying with us. We hope that you enjoy your flight and if there is anything that you need to make it more enjoyable, please let us know. ”     -  Your Flight Crew    In This Issue    John   Deere 5G Traditional Utility Vehicles    Explore the Lush Rain-forests of Costa Rica    Chama Gaúcha Brazili- an Steakhouse  Fishing In Costa Rica    Useful Flight and Destination Information   Picture of Your Aircraft  Picture of Product You Sell    John   Deere Traditional Utility Vehicles   For companies that need a hard working and efficient utility vehicle, the John Deere traditional utility vehicles can be a perfect fit. These vehicles are very reliable, rugged and productive especially considering the value of these vehicles. These vehicles come in electric, gas and diesel. There are many models to choose from so companies can find the perfect fit for their operations. Some of the models include  HPX 4X4    TE 4X2  TH 6X4  TS 4X2 The HPX 4X4 is a very economical utility vehicle solution. It may be a 4 wheel drive but it is designed for comfort as well with a state of the art suspension designed for a smooth ride and comfortable bucket seats for two. Even more important is it ’ s load carrying ability. The cargo box can carry up to 1000 pounds and is less than 3 feet for loading and tilts for dumping. The max load and towing capacity is 1400 pounds. It also comes with many optional attachments that can make it even more useful.   The TE 4X2 is a quiet electric utility vehicle that can run all day on an overnight charge leading no emissions and it does not require fuel. This vehicle can haul up to 500 pounds. It also has a great cargo box for all kinds of hauling operations. This vehicle also has hundreds of attachments making it a very useful vehicle. Due to its low cost of opera-tion, this vehicle is great for FBO ’ s. Attachments for FBOs   John Deere utility vehicles are wonderful tools for fixed based operators and can include carrying passengers/crew their aircraft or better yet baggage to and from the aircraft. Many of the attachments are also very useful for fixed based operations. Is your FBO in a location where it snows, then maybe some attach-ment blades are in order for snow removal on the ramp, parking lots or other outside public areas. Improve employee retention by keeping your ramp employees comfortable. Check out the latest selection of roofs, cabs, windshields and heaters for your utility vehicles. Carts are a great addition because they can add extra carry space for baggage or cargo on the way to or from the aircraft. Keep your FBO ramp and other areas clean and tidy with sprayer and pressure washer attachments. John Deere utility vehicles are great for FBOS and airport operations
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