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Create and Update Student Check List: CVLCC High Your Digital Portfolio ____ Confirm your internship School 11th All students are expected to create and update a digital portfolio. Most students ____ Form
  CVLCC High Contact Information :Dr. Ricardo Medinaricardo.medina@cvesd.org619-9!- #6 office: 619 - !-!!11   Create and Update  Your Digital Portfolio All students are expected to create and update a digital portfolio. Most studentsuse Weebly, howeer we are open to other website design for!ats. here areexpected #ournal re$ections that you !ust include within your site that !ust be done daily. Additionally you are expected to include pictures and other for!s of !edia.   his digital portfolio is the !ain way for students to co!!unicate with their C%&CC internship adisor. 't will be usedto assess a student(s successful co!pletion. )tudents will also be able topresent their digital portfolio at their cul!inating presentation.Chec* here for past websites+  YU A- ) '&& '/ )C0&11  You are coered through school liability insurance while you are at your internship. Also, anything you create belongs to the organi2ation you are interning for. 3usinesses protect their interests by establishing an intellectual property policy. he priilege of wor*ingat your intern wor*place is dependent upon your agreeing to abide by the intellectual property policy.   )tudent Chec* &ist+ ____Confrm your internship____Return Parent Permission Form____Bein to create !iital port olio____Communicate with your mentor about the start time on#ay 22.____$iscuss the !ress e%pectations with mentor.____Plan or transportation____Complete practice lessons within your comuni!a! which help with so t s&ills____'et cauht up in all your CVLCC HighSchool 11thGradeInternships2017Student  Supporting a cultureof reflection, collaboration, and meaningful learning    Wor*place 3ehaior   he wor*place is ery di4erent fro! school. You are not graded and tested, and you canbe 5red. Your responsibility at the wor* siteis to help the organi2ation to be successful.Along the way you are expected to learn, co!!unicate, as* 6uestions, be considerate of your co7wor*ers, co!e to wor* on ti!e, and hae a positie attitude. Computers*+nternet*Phone ,se )i!ilar to the usage policies at school, we expect eery intern to ta*e into account the policies related to co!puter, internet, and phone usage at wor*. You(ll hae to use your #udge!ent regarding inappropriate content and uses while at your internship as there will !ost li*ely be less !onitoring and bloc*s than on school co!puters, as well as less adult superisionand guidance.'f you need to chec* e!ail ia the web, do in on brea*s or lunch. he sa!e applies to cell phones and text !essaging -ic& $ays   Expectations andResponsibilities Starting Out: 8.   Dress to i!press. 9.:et a business card fro! your !entor. <. :et set up in your wor*space and fa!iliari2e yourself with the o=ce.>. -e6uest a 6uic* tour and introduce ourself Continued xpectations+ ?. @ollow the rules and dress code of your internship site. Beep your !entor(s business card with you at all ti!es . Your wor* perfor!ance will be assessed by your !entor. AdisorsE eachers will !a*e Program Goals:   he C%&CC 0igh 'nternship progra! ai!s to foster personal growth and help students ac6uire wor*place s*ills and in a real7world eniron!ent. he progra! o4ers local organi2ations a well7supported intern who proides a !odest return on inest!ent. his is a graduation re6uire!ent. Intern Expectations and Responsibilities: 8. Your biggest responsibility as an intern is to be a reliable contributor to your wor*place 9. Always as* 6uestions ;. 3e on site for the hours you are expected to intern <. Chec*7in with your !entor when you arrie and leae >. 'f you are late, or sic*, call your !entor and C%&CC internship adisor 8F. 'f you hae a license, you are/&Y A&&WD to drie yourself.88. his is a @U&& 'M internship. You are expected to intern the sa!e a!ount of hours as your school wee* Gat least ;> hoursH. 89. Monday, May ;F is a 0oliday and you are not expected to intern on this day.8;. Iune 9nd is the last day of the internships and students !ust report to school on Iune ;rd.8<. Do / leae your
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