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Interview with Registered Dietitian Assignment Rasa Troup, MS, RD, CSSD, LD (612)-708-3314 Registered Licensed Dietitian Viverant in Minneapolis Samantha Jochum Due: November 19th 2015 I chose to interview Rasa Troup because I was interested in her background. I saw that she was an Olympic Athlete and I was instantly intrigued to find out how she got involved in dietetics. She has ea
  Interview with Registered Dietitian Assignment Rasa Troup, MS, RD, CSSD, LD (612! #$!%%1&Registered Li'ensed Dietitian iverant in Minneapo)is Samantha *o'hum Due+ ovem-er 1. th  2#1/  I 'hose to interview Rasa Troup -e'ause I was interested in her -a'0ground I saw that she was an )3mpi' Ath)ete and I was instant)3 intrigued to 4ind out how she got invo)ved in dieteti's She has earned man3 tit)es throughout her 'areer in')uding5 MS, RD, CSSD, LD In m3interview I as0ed Rasa a wide variet3 o4 uestions a-out her edu'ation, previous wor0 e7perien'e, and her 'urrent 8o-  Education of Dietitian Rasa went to s'hoo) and earned her 9a'he)or o4 Arts in 0inesio)og3 She did not 0now e7a't)3 what she wanted to do with that degree A)) Rasa 0new was that she wanted to wor0 with ath)etes She then de'ided to get her Master:s degree in S'ien'e and utrition and did her internship at the ;niversit3 o4 Minnesota, whi'h wor0s a )ot with the <mi)3 =rogram Work Experience Rasa -egan her 'areer wor0ing at the ;niversit3 o4 Minnesota with the tra'0 team and the'ross 'ountr3 team She then de'ided to tr3 out -eing a ')ini'a) dietitian and wor0ed at Tria Thena4ter doing that 4or a 'oup)e 3ears, Rasa went -a'0 to wor0 at the <mi)3 =rogram and did some wor0 with the Minnesota i0ings 4oot-a)) team ow Rasa wor0s 4or a 'ompan3 'a))ed iverant Current Work Position At iverant, Rasa ho)ds a dietitian ro)e that esta-)ishes and -ui)ds a nutrition program She 4reuent)3 does presentations to groups o4 peop)e in4orming them o4 nutrition -ased  programs Rasa a)so meets with man3 other hea)th 'are providers at iverant She does wor0 as ateam and she -e)ieves that wor0ing with a team enhan'es the wor0 Rasa sa3s her team is an important part o4 the 8o- and i4 the team does not wor0 e44e'tive)3 together, things tend to 4a)) apart A''ording to >ughes, the most 'ommon response theme reported re)ating to motivations  4or -e'oming a dietitian was a )ong!term primar3 interest in nutrition and hea)th A desire to wor0 in a pro4ession he)ping others and wor0ing with peop)e were other 'ommon themes I  -e)ieve this goes a)ong ver3 we)) with wh3 Rasa sa3s wor0ing in a team is worthwhi)e  Area of Dietetics that has the highest Job Potential  Rasa -e)ieves that <ating Disorders is the num-er one area o4 dieteti's that wi)) a)wa3s need more peop)e She sa3s that -e'ause this area reuires so mu'h training and it ta0es a 'ertaint3pe o4 person that the amount o4 peop)e wanting this 8o- is )ow David ?arner said, @As mem-ers o4 the hea)th 'are pro4ession, we seem to divide neat)3 into a minorit3 o4 who -e'ome deep)3 interested in anore7ia nervosa and the rest, some o4 whom have )itt)e patien'e with these a44)i'ted individua)s and 4ami)ies or those 4rustrated -3 anore7i' individua)s: resistan'e to 'hange, their disorder ma3 invite the dismissive and 4a'e!saving )a-e) o4 -eing se)4!in4)i'tedB This sour'e goes ver3 we)) with Rasa:s idea o4 it ta0es a 'ertain person to wor0 with eating disorders Rasa sa3s that his area o4 dieteti's is ver3 va)ua-)e to peop)e -ut to peop)e going into dieteti's this is ran0ed ver3 )ow on interested )ist She wou)d )i0e to see the hea)th 'are move  -etter towards menta) i))ness and the nutrition it ta0es 4or peop)e wi)) eating disorders Rasa a)so  -e)ieves that this area is ver3 'ompetitive a)ong with most other areas in the dieteti's 4ie)d  Most frustrating part of the job A''ording to Rasa, the most 4rustrating part o4 her 8o- is wor0ing with the team She 4ee)s )i0e other hea)th 'are providers do not understand what the dietitian does Rasa has noti'ed that other hea)th 'are providers thin0 that the3 0now enough a-out nutrition and do not need to 'onsu)t with a dietitian ?ai) ?ates wrote in the *ourna) o4 the Ameri'an Dieteti' Asso'iation that  9arriers 4or edu'ators ma3 in')ude un'ertaint3 a-out what s0i))s might -e appropriate)3 added to dieteti's training This goes we)) with Rasa sa3ing that other hea)th 4ie)ds and ath)eti' departments need to -e edu'ated on what the dietitian:s ro)e is and how important the3 are to the hea)th 'are providing team A''ording to e))3 Anne <rdman, a ma8or pro-)em in the Sports Dieteti's 4ie)d is peop)e in4orming ath)etes o4 poor advi'e a-out nutrition She sa3s, @Dietitians need to 'ha))enge these imposters and promote ourse)ves as true e7perts in our 4ie)dB Rasa wans other hea)th 'are providers to understand the importan'e o4 nutrition so ath)etes 'an get the -est 0now)edge the3 'an  Influences on Daily ife 9e'ause Rasa was an ath)ete she 4ee)s )i0e her dietitian ro)e has a )ot o4 impa't to her dai)3 )i4e She )oves to see the wa3 that ath)etes ta0e interest in nutrition It gives her 8o3 to see the ath)etes and peop)e she has he)ped improve in their dai)3 )i4e Rasa sa3s her 'ompassion 4or  peop)e has grown and that she is ver3 than04u) 4or this 8o- She sa3s that she wou)d not want to have an3 other 8o- In 'on')usion I -e)ieve m3 interview with Rasa went ver3 we)) I was instant)3 intrigued when I 4ound out she was an )3mpi' ath)ete and that she had wor0ed with the <mi)3 =rogram Rasa has a ver3 interesting 8o- and I )earned a )ot 4rom her interview
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