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A brief introductory lecture to gas engineering
  Gas Engineering 8 th Semester B.Sc. Chemical EngineeringDelivered by: Dr Usman Ali Department of Chemical EngineeringUniversity of Engineering & Technology, Lahore  Gas Engineering Instructor:  Usman Ali Semester: 8 th Course Number: ChE-421Contact Hours: 3Credit Hours: 3Pre-requisite:  Final Year Standing  Content (1) Introduction to natural gas industry (2) Phasebehavior of natural gas systems (3) Properties of natural gas and volatile hydrocarbon liquids (4)Gas hydraulics (5) Compressor station (6) Pipeloops vs. compression (7) Gas distributionnetwork (analysis and simulation) (8) Gaspurification by low temperature processes (9)Sweetening and dehydration of crude gas (10)Corrosion protection of gas pipelines (11) Pipelineeconomics  Recommended Literature ã  Books  –  “Handbook  of Natural Gas  Engineering”  by D. L. Katz  –  “Surface  Production Operations  —  Volume 2: Design of Gas HandlingSystems and  Facilities”  by K. Arnold, and M. Stewart  –  “Acid  and Sour Gas Treating  Processes”  by S. A. Newman  –  “Handbook  of Natural Gas Transmission and  Processing”  by S.Mokhatab, W. A. Poe, and J. G. Speight  –  “Gas  Pipeling  Hydraulics”  by E. S. Menon  –  Kohl, A. L., & Nielsen, R. Gas purification. Gulf Professional Publishing. ã  Handouts ã  Lectures
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