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Position Reports to Inventory & Master Data Analyst Commercial Manager - Operations Company Synlait Milk Ltd Date: July 2014 Location 1028 Heslerton Road, Dunsandel, Canterbury Purpose As a member of the
Position Reports to Inventory & Master Data Analyst Commercial Manager - Operations Company Synlait Milk Ltd Date: July 2014 Location 1028 Heslerton Road, Dunsandel, Canterbury Purpose As a member of the Business Planning & Optimisation (BP&O) team the purpose of this position is to provide a skilled financially minded business analyst to drive excellence into our Inventory Management and Product Master Data. The role will also provide support to the Commercial Manager Operations and wider team to enable it to financially optimise the sales and operations plans. Key Performance Areas Understand and report Inventory on hand Monitor levels of inventory on hand working to optimal levels of raw materials For both finished goods and raw materials: Prepare that summarise volumes of inventory on hand at both a detail SKU level and product group level. Prepare reports that summarise statuses of inventory such as in-testing, on-hold, approved, distressed-stock, stock-food. Prepare reports that summarise the location of inventory. Prepare the above information so it can be analysed and tailored for different parties such as planners, sales, S&OP meetings. Continuously strive to improve the automation, quality and accuracy of inventory on hand reporting. Monitor levels of inventory on hand in order to assist Procurement Manager optimise the level of raw materials required for production. Inventory & Product Master Data Analyst Position Description July 2014 Page 1 of 7 Key Performance Areas Monitor warehouse capacity levels Monitor amounts of inventory in quality pipeline, understand the reasons and seek solutions Monitor amounts of inventory in distressed categories, this includes the types of products that required discounting, rework or sale as stockfood Assist with delivery and of inventory stock takes Assist in the preparation and implementation of Product Master Data processes and policies Monitor and report on levels of finished goods in relation to warehouse capacity constraints both now and into the future. Monitor KPI s related to volume and testing time of finished goods in-testing category. Investigate ways to reduce amount of volume in these categories. Prepare reporting in this area that can be delivered through to sales or technical teams for monthly feedback on options and discounting decisions. Prepare reports that show inventory provisioning /impairment against inventory on hand that can be summarised and understood with drill down by finance team. Drive the sales and manufacturing teams to progress on the above decisions through more summarised reporting through to S&OP and Tactical Meeting forums. Work with logistics and warehouse manager to facilitate successful stock take practises. Understand the differences between the system and physical volumes and look to assist in eradicating differences. Ensure our inventory on hand reporting is at a auditable standard each month so no modifications at half and full year. Understand the information technology concepts of data models and processes to successfully manage the item attributes within the product database. Implement policies and procedures to ensure data meets defined quality targets. Ensure this is communicated satisfactorily to the business Inventory & Product Master Data Analyst Position Description July 2014 Page 2 of 7 Key Performance Areas Maintain Product Master Data Be the gatekeeper of all product master data change requests. Ensure there is strict adherence to policies and procedures above. Be knowledgeable on all other Operational departments and their general roles and responsibilities to ensure the ability to facilitate issues which may require engaging other departments. Make changes for improvements/deletions to existing data and addition of new products. Ensure changes are made are made in reasonable timeframes Product Master Data Quality Control Be a champion for improving product master data quality. Develop and design a regular audit methodology which quantifies data quality and verifies usability of the data. Work with the various departments to determine root cause of data problems if required and address the problem and/or implement process improvement initiatives. Undertake continuously and regular data cleansing exercises to rid the system of data issues. Supports the BP&O team with information used for planning and reporting through to S&OP and Tactical Meetings Business performance reporting, and forecasting and budgeting Support planners with agreed inventory reporting that assists them in executing the planning cycle. Prepare reporting for areas related to inventory management for circulation to, S&OP forums, Tactical forums, Sales forums and Corporate Finance. Prepare ad-hoc reporting through to BP&OT as required. Prepare commentary on areas of inventory management of the monthly results and Business Performance Report (BPR) as agreed. Inventory & Product Master Data Analyst Position Description July 2014 Page 3 of 7 Key Performance Areas Supporting the annual budget process Support Project Work Work with the BP&O team to develop the annual budget for areas as agreed by Commercial manager - Operations. Undertake specific analysis and investigations/ projects as directed and complete these in an accurate and timely manner. Compliance/Risk Management Professional & Personal Development Comply with all relevant company policies, delegations and relevant legislation/statutory requirements. Identify and remedy any health and safety hazards and report any incidents Undertake identified personal training/development with the prior approval of the BP&O manager. Remain abreast of current industry related trends, practices and disciplines and undertake regular updates in either competency training or changes in law as required. Keep up-to-date and demonstrate awareness of relevant legislation and best practice. Build networks with relevant organisations, professionals and associations. Key Relationships Internal General Managers Business Planning & Optimisation Manager Commercial Manager - Operations Manufacturing Team NPD Team Supply Chain Team Finance and IT teams All staff Inventory & Product Master Data Analyst Position Description July 2014 Page 4 of 7 Key Relationships External IT consultants Accounting and financial agencies Budget Operating Expenses N/A Authorities Delegated authorities within the Synlait Delegated Authorities Policy. Decision making in scope of this position Organisational Structure Chief Executive Executive Assistant Chief Financial Officer GM Culture, Capability & Strategy GM Sales GM Supply Chain GM Manufacturing GM Quality & Technical Services Business Planning & Optimisation Manager Master Scheduler Scheduler Tactical Planner Commercial Manager - Sales Commercial Manager - Operations Sales Analyst Manufacturing & Quality Analyst Milk & Supply Analyst Inventory & Master Data Analyst Inventory & Product Master Data Analyst Position Description July 2014 Page 5 of 7 Qualifications, Skills and Experience Qualifications: Minimum of a University Degree/s in Commerce, Economics or Accounting Full or partial membership of a recognised Institute of Chartered Accountants or similar professional qualification is preferable (but not essential) Experience: 5+ years experience in CA or commercial type role preferably in an analyst capacity Ideally candidate will have experience in large FMCG, manufacturing and/or the dairy industry Skills: Outstanding attention to detail, organised and structured High level of excel and financial / business modelling skills Sound analytical skills and a robust knowledge of financial models Can effectively analyse complex financial and operational issues, breaking them down into their component parts and isolating issues &/or trends Ability to work under pressure and to very tight deadlines Strong capability in problem solving and decision making Good written and oral communication skills Good customer relationship skills The ability to self-motivate and thrive in a highly dynamic and competitive environment Health & Safety 1. All staff must be conscious of potential safety problems at all times 2. A Health and Safety Policy is in place within Synlait. Instructions regards safety given by the Health and Safety representatives must be followed at all times. Non-Limitation Clause This job description is not intended to be a complete or limiting description of the functions that the employee may reasonably be requested to undertake both within and outside of the normal hours of work. ACKNOWLEDGMENT I have read and understand the above job description. Inventory & Product Master Data Analyst Position Description July 2014 Page 6 of 7 Employee Name Signature Date Inventory & Product Master Data Analyst Position Description July 2014 Page 7 of 7
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