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Sofia Navarro Gbotosho. 2/9/17 ISSN Project Reflection The purpose of our project was to try to inform the students in our class about the cancers that can exist on a certain Country. My first thought on the project was that it was a bit of a challenge for me, we had to make sure that all of our information was accurate and that we would have to make sure that our work was neat. My goals were that we could all work together in order to get a good result and that we could all ta
  Sofia NavarroGbotosho.2/9/17 ISSN Project Reflection The purpose of our project as to tr! to infor the stu#ents in our class about the cancers that can e$ist on a certain %ountr!. &! first thou'ht on the project as that it as a bit of a challen'e for e( e ha# to a)e sure that all of our infor ation as accurate an# that e oul# have to a)e sure that our or) as neat. &! 'oals ere that e coul# all or) to'ether in or#er to 'et a 'oo# result an# that e coul# all ta)e a part in helpin' out.*ne *f the #ecisions I ha# to a)e as volunteerin' to #o the PoerPoint(luc)il! one of ! other partners fro our 'roup help e a)e the PoerPoint. The +a! of the presentation it as ! responsibilit! to 'et the flash #rive to school. *ne of ! 'oals that I acco plishe# as a)in' surethat ever!bo#! as on trac) here the! ere suppose# to be. ,nother #ecision that e an# ! fello tea ates ha# to a)e as a'reein' on ho as 'oin' to #o hat for the project.-hile #oin' this project I learne# an! thin's. I learne# that elano a s)in cancer is a cancer that can #evelop an!here on !our bo#!. I learne# that elano a s)in cancer is ost co on in people ith #ar) s)in. I learne# that elano a s)in cancer is cause# ainl! b! intense occasional  e$posure. ,n# I also learne# that elano a is one of the ost serious t!pe of s)in cancer0s..I investi'ate# the orl# b! earnin' about a #ifferent countr!. I co unicate# i#eas b! Sharin' ith ! fello tea ates ! thou'hts about the topic that e ere assi'ne# an# listenin' to hat others have to sa! about the topic as ell. ,n# b! also Sharin' ith ! biolo'! class hate ha# learne# about our topic. I too) action b! usin' reliable resources to investi'ate ore about ! project. I reco'nie# an# ei'he# perspective as I investi'ate#. I )no it atters in to#a! societ! because lots of people ho are #etecte# ith this t!pe of cancer 'et affecte# in an! a!s.
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