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   © Mark E. Damon - All Rights Reserved   © Mark E. Damon - All Rights Reserved   Another Presentation © 2002 - All rights Reserved nygiantsbigblue@yahoo.om   © Mark E. Damon - All Rights Reserved   Directions:ãScroll through the presentation and enter the answers (which are really the questions) and the questions (which are really the answers).ãEnter in the categories on the main game boards.ã As you play the game, clic on the !E ! D#$$AR AM#%&!  that the contestant calls, not the surrounding bo!.ã hen they ha#e gi#en a question, clic again anywhere on the screen to see the correct question. $eep trac o% which questions ha#e already been piced by printing out the game board screen and checing o%% as you go.ã&lic on the 'ame bo! to return to the main scoreboard.ãEnter the score into the blac bo! on each players podium.ã&ontinue until all clues are gi#en.ã hen %inished, D# &#!  sa#e the game. *his will o#erwrite the program with the scores and data you enter. +ou MA' sa#e it as a di%%erent name, but eep this %ile untouched   © Mark E. Damon - All Rights Reserved   a p n e Round (Round 2)inal*eo+ardy $ $ $
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