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Samantha Jochum 23230 Flora St. NW St. Francis, MN 55070 (763) 464-6572 Objective To obtain a position as a Dietitian at The Emily Program Education University of Wisconsin-Stout BS in Dietetics Scheduled to graduate May 2019 Work Experience Cle
  Samantha Jochum 23230 Flora St. NWSt. Francis, MN 55070(763) 464-6572Sjochum33! Objective o o#tain a $osition as a %i&titian at h& 'mil ro!ram Education *ni+&rsit o Wisconsin-Stout S in %i&t&tics Scheduled to graduate May 2019Work Exerience!lerical $$ Famil /hiro$ractic St. Francis, MNun& 2013-r&s&nt  /ommunicat& ith cli&nts as th& cam& in  Sch&ul& a$$ointm&nts o+&r th& $hon&  n+&ntor o $r&+ious #ills olunteer Exerience!amelia #o$a !are !enter /oon a$is, MN$ril 2015  /ar& or th& r&si&nts  ssist& r&si&nts to inin! hall  Sociali& ith th& r&si&nts %outh &a$ketball !am St. Francis, MNanuar 2015   Su$$ort& oun! athl&t&s Mana!& stations au!ht chilr&n #as8&t#all s8ills Organi'ation$ Stout Student (ietetic )$$ociation M&nomoni&, WS&$t&m#&r 2015-r&s&nt   9olunt&&r& in th& communit   S$r&a Nutrition acts throu!hout /am$us   :ain& ;nol&!& o %i&t&tic Fi&l !ollege$ )gain$t !ancer M&nomoni&, WS&$t&m#&r 2015-r&s&nt  ais& mon& or th& m&rican /anc&r Soci&t  Shar& ar&n&ss o /anc&rs  &la& or <i& #e*erence$ %r. rian $$n&r $$ Famil /hiro$ractic(763) 4=>-1222
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