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   THE THREE MUSKETEERSThis ebook is for the use of anyone anywhere in the United States andmost other parts of the world at no cost and with almost no restrictionswhatsoever. ou may copy it! ive it away or re#use it under the termsof the $ro%ect &utenber 'icense included with this ebook or online athttp())www. utenber .or )license. *f you are not located in the UnitedStates! you+ll have to check the laws of the country where you arelocated before usin this ebook.Title( The Three Musketeers,uthor( ,le-andre umas! $ereRelease ate( March /0! 0112 3E4ook 506789Reposted( :ovember 68! 6/0; 3corrections made9'an ua e( En lish<haracter set encodin ( UT=#2>>> ST,RT ?= TH*S $R?@E<T &UTE:4ER& E4??K THE THREE MUSKETEERS! 4,'EA,:RE UM,S! $ERE >>>$roduced by @ohn $. Roberts ***! Ro er 'abbe! Scott avid &ray! Sue,sscher! ,nita Martin! avid Muller and avid Bid er. >THE THREE MUSKETEERS> C4yC >,le-andre umas! $ere> C=irst Dolume of the d+,rta nan SeriesC<?:TE:TS ,UTH?R+S $RE=,<E 0 THE THREE $RESE:TS ?= +,RT,&:,: THE E'ER 6 THE ,:TE<H,M4ER ?= M. E TRED*''E  THE ,U*E:<E F THE SH?U'ER ?= ,TH?S! THE 4,'R*< ?= $?RTH?S ,: THE H,:KER<H*E= ?= ,R,M*S 7 THE K*:&+S MUSKETEERS ,: THE <,R*:,'+S &U,RS   ; H*S M,@EST K*:& '?U*S A*** 8 THE *:TER*?R> ?= THE MUSKETEERS 2 <?:<ER:*:& , <?URT *:TR*&UE 1 +,RT,&:,: SH?BS H*MSE'= 0/ , M?USETR,$ *: THE SEDE:TEE:TH <E:TUR 00 *: BH*<H THE $'?T TH*<KE:S 06 &E?R&E D*''*ERS! UKE ?= 4U<K*:&H,M 0 M?:S*EUR 4?:,<*EUA 0F THE M,: ?= MEU:& 07 ME: ?= THE R?4E ,: ME: ?= THE SB?R 0; *: BH*<H M. SE&U*ER! KEE$ER ?= THE SE,'S! '??KS M?RE TH,: ?:<E =?R THE 4E'' 08 4?:,<*EUA ,T H?ME 02 '?DER ,: HUS4,: 01 $',: ?= <,M$,*&: 6/ THE @?UR:E 60 THE <?U:TESS E B*:TER 66 THE 4,''ET ?= ', MER',*S?: 6 THE RE:EGD?US 6F THE $,D*'*?: 67 $?RTH?S 6; ,R,M*S ,: H*S THES*S 68 THE B*=E ?= ,TH?S 62 THE RETUR: 61 HU:T*:& =?R THE EU*$ME:TS / +,RT,&:,: ,: THE E:&'*SHM,: 0 E:&'*SH ,: =RE:<H 6 , $R?<UR,T?R+S *::ER  S?U4RETTE ,: M*STRESS F *: BH*<H THE EU*$ME:T ?= ,R,M*S ,: $?RTH?S *S TRE,TE ?= 7 , &,S<?: , M,T<H =?R <U$* ; RE,M ?= DE:&E,:<E 8 M*',+S SE<RET 2 H?B! B*TH?UT *:<?MM*:& H*MSE'=! ,TH?S $R?<URES H*S EU*$ME:T 1 , D*S*?: F/ , TERR*4'E D*S*?: F0 THE SE*&E ?= ', R?<HE''E F6 THE ,:@?U B*:E F THE S*&: ?= THE RE ?DE<?T FF THE UT*'*T ?= ST?DE$*$ES F7 , <?:@U&,' S<E:E F; THE 4,ST*?: S,*:T#&ERD,*S F8 THE <?U:<*' ?= THE MUSKETEERS F2 , =,M*' ,==,*R F1 =,T,'*T 7/ <H,T 4ETBEE: 4R?THER ,: S*STER 70 ?==*<ER 76 <,$T*D*T( THE =*RST , 7 <,$T*D*T( THE SE<?: , 7F <,$T*D*T( THE TH*R , 77 <,$T*D*T( THE =?URTH , 7; <,$T*D*T( THE =*=TH , 78 ME,:S =?R <',SS*<,' TR,&E 72 ES<,$E   71 BH,T T??K $',<E ,T $?RTSM?UTH ,U&UST 6! 0;62 ;/ *: =R,:<E ;0 THE <,RME'*TE <?:DE:T ,T 4ETHU:E ;6 TB? D,R*ET*ES ?= EM?:S ; THE R?$ ?= B,TER ;F THE M,: *: THE RE <'?,K ;7 TR*,' ;; EAE<UT*?: ;8 <?:<'US*?: E$*'?&UE,UTH?R+S $RE=,<E*n which it is proved that! notwithstandin their names+ endin in ?Sand *S! the heroes of the story which we are about to have the honor torelate to our readers have nothin mytholo ical about them., short time a o! while makin researches in the Royal 'ibrary for myHistory of 'ouis A*D! * stumbled by chance upon the Memoirs of M.d+,rta nan! printed##as were most of the works of that period! in whichauthors could not tell the truth without the risk of a residence! moreor less lon ! in the 4astille##at ,msterdam! by $ierre Rou e. The titleattracted meI * took them home with me! with the permission of the uardian! and devoured them.*t is not my intention here to enter into an analysis of this curiousworkI and * shall satisfy myself with referrin such of my readers asappreciate the pictures of the period to its pa es. They will thereinfind portraits penciled by the hand of a masterI and althou h thesesJuibs may be! for the most part! traced upon the doors of barracks andthe walls of cabarets! they will not find the likenesses of 'ouis A***!,nne of ,ustria! Richelieu! Maarin! and the courtiers of the period!less faithful than in the history of M. ,nJuetil.4ut! it is well known! what strikes the capricious mind of the poet isnot always what affects the mass of readers. :ow! while admirin ! asothers doubtless will admire! the details we have to relate! our mainpreoccupation concerned a matter to which no one before ourselves had iven a thou ht.+,rta nan relates that on his first visit to M. de Treville! captain ofthe kin +s Musketeers! he met in the antechamber three youn men!servin in the illustrious corps into which he was solicitin the honorof bein received! bearin the names of ,thos! $orthos! and ,ramis.Be must confess these three stran e names struck usI and it immediatelyoccurred to us that they were but pseudonyms! under which d+,rta nan haddis uised names perhaps illustrious! or else that the bearers of theseborrowed names had themselves chosen them on the day in which! fromcaprice! discontent! or want of fortune! they had donned the simple  Musketeer+s uniform.=rom that moment we had no rest till we could find some trace incontemporary works of these e-traordinary names which had so stron lyawakened our curiosity.The catalo ue alone of the books we read with this ob%ect would fill awhole chapter! which! althou h it mi ht be very instructive! wouldcertainly afford our readers but little amusement. *t will suffice!then! to tell them that at the moment at which! discoura ed by so manyfruitless investi ations! we were about to abandon our search! we atlen th found! uided by the counsels of our illustrious friend $aulin$aris! a manuscript in folio! endorsed F886 or F88! we do not recollectwhich! havin for title! LMemoirs of the <omte de la =ere! Touchin SomeEvents Bhich $assed in =rance Toward the End of the Rei n of Kin 'ouisA*** and the <ommencement of the Rei n of Kin 'ouis A*D.*t may be easily ima ined how reat was our %oy when! in turnin overthis manuscript! our last hope! we found at the twentieth pa e the nameof ,thos! at the twenty#seventh the name of $orthos! and at thethirty#first the name of ,ramis.The discovery of a completely unknown manuscript at a period in whichhistorical science is carried to such a hi h de ree appeared almostmiraculous. Be hastened! therefore! to obtain permission to print it!with the view of presentin ourselves someday with the pack of others atthe doors of the ,cademie des *nscriptions et 4elles 'ettres! if weshould not succeed##a very probable thin ! by the by##in ainin admission to the ,cademie =rancaise with our own proper pack. Thispermission! we feel bound to say! was raciously rantedI which compelsus here to ive a public contradiction to the slanderers who pretendthat we live under a overnment but moderately indul ent to men ofletters.:ow! this is the first part of this precious manuscript which we offerto our readers! restorin it to the title which belon s to it! andenterin into an en a ement that if Nof which we have no doubtO thisfirst part should obtain the success it merits! we will publish thesecond immediately.*n the meanwhile! as the odfather is a second father! we be the readerto lay to our account! and not to that of the <omte de la =ere! thepleasure or the E::U* he may e-perience.This bein understood! let us proceed with our history.0 THE THREE $RESE:TS ?= +,RT,&:,: THE E'ER?n the first Monday of the month of ,pril! 0;67! the market town ofMeun ! in which the author of R?M,:<E ?= THE R?SE was born! appeared to
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