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  Engineering Laboratory Report Format Laboratory reports are one of the most frequently written documents in engineering. The purpose of reports is to document the findings and communicate their significance. Good laboratory reports represent data, demonstrate comprehension of concepts, and enable individuals to understand and replicate the experiment without difficulty. 9. Individual Report Writing Guidelines Individual laboratory report shall include the following: 1. Title page 2. Introduction 3. b!ectives of the experiment 4. esults 5. #iscussion 6. $onclusion%&indings 7. eferences Title page format : DE LA SALLE UNIVERSITY – DASMARIÑAS College of Engineering, Architecture and Technology  Title of Experiment Experiment No. __ ByFirst Name, M.., !urnameCourse #ear !ection!u$%ect Name&ate 'erformed( _________ &ate !u$mitted(_________  ___________________ nstructor  Introduction: The introduction should include a short discussion of the relevant theory of the topic of the experiment. It should include the purpose 'what was tested(, problem 'why was the experiment conducted(, and scope 'what was analy)ed( of the report. Objectives of te E!periment: This section should state the specific ob!ectives of the experiment that will validate or verify the theory under investigation. Results: The results are the data that the experiment yielded. It includes tables, graphs, charts, andcalculations or answers to questions. emember to properly label them. iscussion: The discussion presents an interpretation of the data. This is an important part of the report because it is here where the student demonstrates understanding of the experiment and related concepts. The discussion may include comparison of expected results with experimentresults, analysis of errors, and explanation of results in terms of theoretical issues. #onclusion$Findings: This section should present overall conclusion relating to the srcinal purpose of the study. It should discuss any finding related to the ob!ectives of the experiment. List conclusion in order of importance and lin* them to the information in previous sections of the report. References: +roperly document any textual research and primary sources 'interviews, observations, surveys(ample format: -illier, &.., Libierman, G..'/010( Introduction to perations esearch    , 2 th  3dition, 4cGraw -ill  35. Group Report Guidelines Group reports are to be handwritten and shall include the following: 1. Title page 2. b!ectives of the experiment 3. esults 4. Graphs and ample $omputations 5. 5nswers to 6uestions 'if any( Title page format:  Title of Experiment Experiment No. __ By). First Name, M.., !urname*. First Name, M.., !urname+. First Name, M.., !urnameroup No.___ !u$%ect Name&ate 'erformed(  _________  __________________ nstructor  Individual %erformance Rubric $riteria78/1 ate+ut great+ut fair amount+ut little effort+ut no effort3ffortamount of effortof efforttowards thetowards the'709(towards thetowards theactivityactivityactivityactivityn tas* duringn tas* most ofn tas* somen tas* littleTas* ehavior the period withthe period withof the periodor none of thevery goodgoodwith littleperiod with no'709(contribution tocontribution tocontribution tocontribution tothe group wor*the group wor*the group wor*the group wor* +unctuality5rrived on or5rrived 105rrived 1;5rrived 80ahead of timeminutes lateminutes lateminutes late'/09( Group Report Rubric $riteria78/1 ate#ata%5nswersome data or4any data or&ew data or  esultare completeanswers areanswers areanswers wereand within errormissing in themissing in thepresented in';09(criteria.reportreportthe reportThe report isne content ofTwo contentsThree contents$ontentcomplete andthe report isof the reportof the report'/09(very detailedmissingare missingare missing5ll sections are5ll sections areome sectionsThe report was+resentationin order andin order andof the report istotally'/09(well formattedfairly formatteddisorgani)eddisorgani)edThe report wasThe report wasThe report wasThe report was#eliverysubmitted aheadsubmitted onsubmitted latesubmitted on'109(of schedulescheduleof scheduledifferent time
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