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Leah Marie Trella ltrella91@gmail.com 714-323-7716 Portfolio Link: http://ltrellarn.weebly.com EDUCATION Bachelor of Science, Nursing (GPA 4.0) Expected May 2017 Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA  Member, Sigma Theta Tau, International Nursing Honor Society, October 2016  Cohort Student Representative, January 2016 –August 2016 Bachelor of Arts in Political Science
  Leah Marie Trella ltrella91@gmail.com714-323-7716 Portfolio Link:  http://ltrellarn.weebly.com EDUCATIONBachelor o !cience N#r$in% &'(A ).*+ Expected a! 2 17  Azusa Pacific University, Azusa, CA ã em#er$ %igma &'eta &a($ )nternational *(r+ing ,onor %ociet!$ cto#er 2 16 ã o'ort %t(dent /epre+entati0e$ an(ar! 2 16 (g(+t 2 16 Bachelor o Art$ in (olitical !cience arc' 2 14 University of California, Los Angeles ã %t(d! #road pport(nit! in lorence$ )tal!$ %eptem#er 2 14-5ecem#er 2 14 ã 5ean+ Li+t-L$ %eptem#er 2 9-2 11 ã L 8omen+ 8ater Polo ll-cademic &eam$ %eptem#er 2 9-2 1 CLINICAL E,(E-IENCE TOTAL:  ) 0OU-!Emer%ency -oom -e$i1ency Pomona alle! ,o+pital:    Pomona, CA 9 ,o(r+ Clinical -e$i1ency Pre+#!terian )ntercomm(nit! ,o+pital :   Whittier, CA   22 ,o(r+ Critical Care/ICU Pomona alle! ,o+pital:    Pomona, CA 13 ,o(r+ Comm#nity 0ealth ,ealt' ;(een of t'e alle! :   Covina, CA   13 ,o(r+  (e1iatric$ 'ildren+ ,o+pital Lo+ ngele+ :    Los Angeles, CA   9 ,o(r+  Ob$tetric$ ;(een of t'e alle!:  Covina, CA  9 ,o(r+  Mental 0ealth La+ Encina+ ,o+pital :    Pasadena, CA   9 ,o(r+ Me1ical/!#r%ical II Pre+#!terian )ntercomm(nit! ,o+pital:   Whittier, CA   1< ,o(r+ Me1ical/!#r%ical I =ai+er Permanente:    Baldwin Park, CA 1< ,o(r+ -ECENT 2O-3 E,(E-IENCE-e$earch A$$i$tant: >(+a Pacific ni0er+it!$ >(+a$ (g(+t 2 16-Pre+ent  aintained re+o(rce arc'i0e+ for #ot' comp(ter file+ and 'ard cop! material+  olla#orated ?it' fac(lt! to a++i+t ?it' formatting e++a! +tr(ct(re and data entr!  tili>ed comp(ter +!+tem+ efficientl! and organi>ed re+earc' material+ accordingl! Care Mana%er: %(nri+e %enior Li0ing$ ,(ntington eac'$ (g(+t 2 14-an(ar! 2 16    Prioriti>ed per+onal care acti0itie+ t'at maximi>ed patient+ independence and dignit! in a 'ome-like en0ironment  anaged patient +c'ed(le+ and performed care acti0itie+ ?'ile con+idering age-related need+ of all patient+  5emon+trated profe++ionali+m ?'en caring for m(ltiple patient+ on a rotating +c'ed(le  ++i+ted patient+ ?it' dail! li0ing acti0itie+$ and effecti0el! comm(nicated (n(+(al finding+ to ?ellne++ /*  Promptl! an+?ered patient call+ and reA(e+t+$ and colla#orated clo+el! ?it' /* to de0elop plan of care  aintained patient confidentialit! and participated in pro#lem identification and re+ol(tion. 4OLUNTEE- Clinical Care E5ten1er: ,oag ,o+pital$ *e?port eac' a! 2 14-%eptem#er 2 1  linicall!-foc(+ed intern+'ip experience t'at allo?+ direct acce++ to patient care  al(a#le mem#er of t'e patient care team and ?orked along+ide$ n(r+e+$ p'!+ician+ and allied 'ealt' profe++ional+ in clinical and admini+trati0e +etting+  /ecei0ed training to participate in #a+ic patient care ta+k+ +(c' a+ #at'ing$ c'anging and feeding patient+ a+ t'e! rotate among t'e different department+$ +(c' a+ t'e Emergenc! 5epartment$ %(#-)nten+i0e are nit and La#or B 5eli0er! (hy$ician A$$i$tant Ob$er6er: Cio0in>>a$ *e?port eac'$    pril 2 14-%eptem#er 2 1  #+er0ed a 'ealt'care profe++ional pro0ide care to patient+ in a clinical +etting  llo?ed to a++i+t in #a+ic dermatolog! proced(re+  8itne++ed da!-to-da! re+pon+i#ilitie+ of a P'!+ician ++i+tantD*(r+e Practitioner ?it'in a gi0en 'ealt'care en0ironment LICEN!U-E 7 CE-TI8ICATE! nticipated *LEExpected a! 2 17a+ic Life %(pport for ,ealt'care Pro0ider+ - P/ and E5 Program arc' 2 16-arc' 2 1<d0anced ardio0a+c(lar Life %(pport o(r+e FL%G5ecem#er 2 16-5ecem#er 2 1<EC o(r+e5ecem#er 2 16-5ecem#er 2 1<  Pediatric d0anced Life %(pport FPL%GExpected a! 2 17
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