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Lori DiPrete Brown 3518 Lake Mendota Drive Madison, WI (cell) Education Harvard School of Public Health, M.S. Health Policy and
Lori DiPrete Brown 3518 Lake Mendota Drive Madison, WI (cell) Education Harvard School of Public Health, M.S. Health Policy and Management, Harvard Divinity School, M.T.S. Focus: Women, Religion and Social Justice, Yale University, B.A. Philosophy and Psychology, Languages Honors Fluent Spanish, proficient French Dean s Teaching Award, UW School of Medicine and Public Health Awarded to honor outstanding contributions in global health education for students of medicine, nursing, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, and public health Women s Philanthropy Council Champion Award, UW-Madison Awarded to honor women and men who have advanced the status of women and gender issues at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Experience February 2004 present Director, 4W Women and Wellbeing Initiative Associate Director, Global Health Institute Distinguished Faculty Associate, UW-Madison School of Medicine and Public Health and School of Human Ecology As Director of UW s 4W Initiative, develops a range of research-to-action programs to address major challenges that face women worldwide. Works to establish UW as a thought leader in making life better for women through Annual Women and Wellbeing Summit and other activities. As Associate Director GHI, supports overall development of the Institute, focusing on global health education programs, system strengthening initiatives, and ongoing academic partnerships. Directs Graduate GH Certificate Program, and serves as member of the leadership team for Undergraduate GH Certificate (minor). Teaches global health courses and advises students and faculty on field work in local and global settings. Leads GHI Quality Improvement Leadership Institute. September Present Advisor, Global Health Programs and Policy As an independent advisor, provides leadership in the areas of quality improvement, health systems management and health policy, with a participatory right-based perspective and a focus on vulnerable populations, especially women and children. Selected assignments: Serves on Technical Advisory Group for Orphans and Vulnerable Children Programs (US Peace Corps, ) Wrote background paper on scale-up of health care innovations for USAID S Translating Research into Action Project, which focuses on maternal, neo-natal and child health globally. (URC, 2010). Developed standards-based quality improvement strategy for orphans and vulnerable children due to HIV/AIDS. This regional initiative included field-testing and policy development in Ethiopia that resulted in adoption of national policy. Held regional workshop on policy and implementation in Tanzania for 14 African countries (Pact Inc., HCI, 2008) Evaluated quality improvement collaborative in pediatric hospital care and obstetric and neo-natal care in Nicaragua (ENCOMPASS, HCI, 2006) Collaborated with PAHO to develop a policy framework for understanding the role of quality assurance in health sector reform. (URC, PAHO, 2003) January September 2002 Deputy Director, Research Scientist, and Senior Advisor University Research Co./Center for Human Services, Bethesda, MD Played a variety of roles during a 12-year period, providing consistent innovative leadership to USAID s Quality Assurance (QA) Project, a $22 million USAID funded project active in over 15 developing countries. Led development of framework and strategy for implementing QA worldwide. Led the design and implementation a successful QA program in Chile. Directed activities in the Latin America region. Developed a monitoring system for water and sanitation activities in Guatemala. Wrote guidebooks on service quality for use in Asia, Latin America, and Africa. Led research relating to interpersonal communication in health care. Extensive speaking, training and workshop experience. Received awards for excellence in training and development of QI methods. Served as a senior researcher on special projects related to quality assurance. Trained health leaders in QI for Johns Hopkins University, PAHO, Project Hope, others. Significant contributions were sustained during part-time status from June January 1990 Researcher, Harvard Institute for International Development Harvard University Conducted operations research in supervision, management and evaluation of primary health care services in Costa Rica and Cameroon. Served as Executive Coordinator for HIID's Women and International Development Group from November June 1987 Summer 1986 November August 1985 Project Coordinator, Division of Health Policy Harvard University Served as assistant to the editor for Children in a Changing Health System: Assessments and Proposals for Reform. Co-authored background paper on health service needs of children. Clinical Researcher in Quality Assurance Boston Children's Hospital Conducted three quality assurance studies (follow-up on results of strep throat cultures, documentation of clinical visits, and file maintenance practices). Participated in a nutrition clinic that employed inter-professional case management of failure to thrive. Youth Services for Girls and Young Women Facing Adversity Peace Corps, Honduras. Developed and managed residential program for young women abandoned in early childhood. Provided individual and group counseling, addressed psychological, health, educational, and vocational issues, as well as independent living skills. Summer 1982 Counselor Alternative House, McLean, VA. 2 Provided counseling to runaway teens in a short-term residential setting. Teaching and Curriculum Development As a Distinguished Faculty Associate at UW-Madison, holds appointments in the School of Medicine and Public Health and the School of Human Ecology, with affiliations in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology and the School of Pharmacy (Clinical Assistant Professor), the Department of Population Health Sciences (MPH Program Faculty), Latin American Studies, and Religious Studies. PHS 640 Foundations in Global Health Practice. This graduate course prepares students for independent field study by providing a global health overview, and guidance for place-based study, project planning, and implementation. Focus on participatory rights-based practice grounded in public health evidence. Have worked with over 100 students to plan fieldwork around the world. PHS 370 Introduction to Public Health: Local to Global Perspectives. This undergraduate course introduced students to core public health concepts and applies them to selected topics, exploring local and global perspectives. Served as course co-director during development phase and currently serves as leader of module on Global Health. PHS 644 Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Global health and Disease. This graduate course provides interdisciplinary perspectives for global health practice. Facilitated course development and served as codirector, leader of Latin America section and, currently, guest lecturer. PHS 645 Global Health Field Study: Mexico. This field course engages students in community public health and development activities in rural Mexico. Served as Field Course Leader. PHS 645 Global Health Field Study: Ecuador. This field course provides students with training in Spanish, medical anthropology and community engagement in rural indigenous communities. An undergraduate section focuses on women, microenterprise and health. Served as instructor and co-leader. PHS 503 Health and Human Rights of Vulnerable Children. This multi-disciplinary course explores the needs of vulnerable children and the current paradigms for global response. The course features research and program implementation related to AIDS orphans in Africa among the special populations studied. PHS 504 Healthcare QI and Evaluation in Low-Resource Settings. This course provides an overview of QI concepts and engages students in skills development as they work in small groups to develop a QI projects. This ongoing course has been offered to degree seeking students together with global health as the QI Leadership Institute since EPS 600 Education for Global Change. This course helps students to understand and critique the ways in which formal and informal education can play a role in behavior change related to health and wellbeing. Served as course co-director and assisted with courses design during first offering in Fall 2015 Harvard-Chan School of Public Health, Guest Lecturer Strengthening Human Resources for Health. Served as Guest Lecturer for International Health Systems Program. Providing a ½ day program on quality improvement to international health sciences leaders. Health Effects of Low Intensity Warfare for Civilian Populations. As a founding member of the Nicaragua Health Study Collaborative at Harvard and UNAN (University of Nicaragua), developed course in This course led to implementation of a field study in Nicaragua. Participated in study design, field research, data analysis. Served as guest lecturer in Bloomberg School of Public Health, Research Associate Quality Assurance Management Methods for Developing Countries. Served as Guest Lecturer lecture for annual summer graduate course on Quality Improvement. Topics included implementation strategies for quality assurance programs in Chile, institutionalization of QA programs globally, and QA strategies for improving interpersonal communication between providers and clients based on research in Honduras. Collaborated on research studies in Honduras and Trinidad. Public Speaking and Social Media Lori DiPrete Brown and Alyssa Smaldino, The Health of the Next Generation, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Chicago, IL, March 4, (DiPrete Brown remarks begin at 1:00) Lori DiPrete Brown, Women, Wellbeing, Wisconsin and the World, The Madison Civics Club. Madison, WI, February 27, Lori DiPrete Brown, Start Small, Change the World, TEDx at UW-Madison, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-he9sypczxu Lori DiPrete Brown, Quality Care: Making Sure we Make a Difference for Children, A CAFO Webinar Series Highlighting Best Practices for Orphans and Vulnerable Children, DiPrete Brown, L. Featured Speaker, Introducing Wisconsin Without Borders, Morgridge Center for Public Service 15 th Anniversary. September 22 nd, DiPrete Brown, L. Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Health and Disease Among Humans, Animals, and the Environment, An Open-Access On-Line Learning Course. University of Wisconsin- Madison, Technology for Learning Center, Blog: Global Health Reflections: Local to Global Reflections about Life, by Lori DiPrete Brown https://globalhealthreflections.wordpress.com 4 Publications Paltzer, J., Magnusson, D., Diprete Brown, L. (2015). Scaling up success to improve health: Towards a rapid assessment guide for decision makers. Global Journal of Medicine and Public Health, 4(2). Olsen C., Conway J., DiPrete Brown L., Hutchins F., Poulsen K., Solheim K., Kraus C., Gaus D., Siliwan T. Advancing Integrative One-Health Approaches to Global Health through Multi-Disciplinary, Faculty-led Global health Field Courses. The Lancet Global Health, CUGH 6 th Annual Conference, March 2015, p.6. DiPrete Brown L. Inter-Professional Competences for Global Health: Insights from Educational Frameworks and Experience at UW-Madison. Journal of Law, Medicine & Ethics, Volume 42, Issue 4, pp , Winter 2014 Azazh A., DiPrete Brown L., Aydiko R., Tefera G., Busse, H. Enhancing Emergency Medicine Initiatives with a Quality Improvement Program: Lessons Learned in the Emergency Department of Tikur Anbessa Hospital, Addis Ababa Ethiopia. Ethiopia Medical Journal. Supplement 1, July, Hutchins F., DiPrete Brown L., Poulsen K. An Anthropological Approach to Teaching Health Sciences Students Cultural Competency in a Field School Program. Academic Medicine. Vol 89. No. 2, February 2014, pp Muriuki A., DiPrete Brown L, Aydiko R., Blackett-Dibinga, k., Dereje Shiferaw, Marie Eve Hammink, and Filmon Hadaro. Strengthening Community-based Care for Vulnerable Children in Ethiopia: A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of Program Reach and Community Capacity Development. Vulnerable Children and Youth Studies: An International Interdisciplinary Journal for Research, Policy and Care. Vol 8. Issue 2, 2013, pp DiPrete Brown L, and Ya Shin Lin. Evaluation Site Visit Report: Nicaragua. The Quality Assurance Project and ENCOMPASS. Assessing Pediatric Hospital Care and Essential Obstetric Care Quality Improvement Initiative Haq, C., Baumann, L., Olsen, C., DiPrete Brown, L., Kraus, C., Bousquet, G., Conway, J., Easterday, B. Creating a Center for Global Health at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Academic Medicine. Vol 83. No. 2, February 2008, pp DiPrete Brown L. Quality Programs for Orphans and Vulnerable Children: A Facilitator s Guide to Establishing Service Standards. Published by Pact Inc. and University Research Co., LLC for PEPFAR and the United States Agency for International Development DiPrete Brown L, Askov K, Miller Franco L, Nicholas D, Lopez Acuna D, Montenegro H, Infante A. Maximizing Quality of Care through Health Sector Reform: the Role of Quality Assurance Strategies. Quality Assurance Project and Pan American Health Organization. December Published for USAID by the QA Project. DiPrete Brown, L., de Negri B., Hernandez, O., Dominguez, L., Sanchack, J., Roter, D. An evaluation of the impact of training Honduran health care providers in interpersonal communication. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 2000, Volume 12, number 6, pp Received honorable mention for Riesenstein Prize for best paper for the year Roter, D., Rosenbaum, J., de Negri Renaud, D., DiPrete Brown, L., Hernandez, O. The effects of a continuing medical education programme in interpersonal communication skills on doctor practice and patient satisfaction in Trinidad and Tobago. International Medical Education, 1998, Volume 32, pp De Negri, Berengere, Lori DiPrete Brown, Orlando Hernandez, Julia Rosenbaum, Debra Roter. Improving Interpersonal Communication Between Health Care Providers. The Quality Assurance Project, Methodology Refinement Series Valadez, J.D., DiPrete Brown, L., Vargas, W.V., and Morley, D. Using Lot Quality Assurance Sampling to assess measurements for growth monitoring in a developing Country s primary health care system. International Journal of Epidemiology, 1996, Volume 25, number 2, pp DiPrete Brown, L. Lessons learned in institutionalizing quality assurance programs: an international perspective. International Journal for Quality in Health Care, 1995, Volume 7, number 4, pp Lori DiPrete Brown and Dr. Gilda Gnecco, Making a Commitment to Quality Health Care: Developing a Sustainable Program for Quality Assurance in Chile. The Quality Assurance Project, Country Report Series. March DiPrete Brown, Lori, Dr. Gilda Gnecco, Reaping the Rewards of Investments in Quality: Results of Quality Assurance Efforts in Chile. QA Brief, Vol. 3 no. 3, Winter DiPrete Brown, Dr. Gilda Gnecco, Quality Assurance Training in Chile: A Comprehensive Strategy for Motivation and Capacity Building. QA Brief, Vol. 3 no. 2, Summer DiPrete Brown, Lori, Dr. Bérengere de Negri, Dr. Orlando Hernandez, Dr. Lilliana Dominguez, Dr. Deborah Roter, and Julia Rosenbaum, Quality Consultations, Dialogue on Diarrhea, ARHTAG, Issue no. 58, Sept. Nov DiPrete Brown, Lori, Dr. Bérengere denegri, Dr. Orlando Hernandez, Dr. Lilliana Dominguez, Dr. Deborah Roter, and Julia Rosenbaum. Learning to Communicate more Effectively with Patients: Lessons from Interpersonal Communications Training in Honduras, QA Brief, Vol. 3 no. 2, Summer DiPrete Brown L. Steering Committee Member and Lead Author, Quality Assurance in Developing Countries: A Summary Report of Pre-Conference, sponsored by the World Health Organization in coordination with the International Society of Quality Assurance Annual Conference. The Netherlands, July DiPrete Brown, L. Module 6: Service Quality Assessment, and Module 7: Management Assessment, Management Advancement Program. The Aga Khan Foundation, Lori DiPrete Brown and Elena Hurtado, Development of a behavior-based monitoring system for the health education component of the rural water and health project, CARE-Guatemala, WASH field Report Series No. 364, July Presented by WASH project representative at Conference of the National Council of International Health in Available in Spanish. DiPrete Brown, L., Miller Franco, L., Rafeh, N. Quality Assurance of Health Care in Developing Countries. The Quality Assurance Project, Methodology Refinement Series (Available in Spanish, French, Arabic, and Russian.) DiPrete, L. Acute respiratory infection: A review of experience in four countries. PRICOR II Service Quality Assessment Series, October DiPrete, L., & Valadez, J.V. Assessing the quality of growth monitoring services in the Costa Rican primary health care system. PRICOR II Country Report Series, September Bryant, M., & DiPrete, L. Report of a field study to establish the baseline for future activities of Project SESA in Cameroon. HIID, January Valadez, J.D.., Vargas, W.V., & DiPrete, L. Supervision of primary health care in Costa Rica: Time well spent? Health Policy and Planning, June Nicaragua Health Study Collaborative at Harvard, CIES, and UNAN (DiPrete Brown, Founding Member). Health effects of the war in two rural communities in Nicaragua. American Journal of Public Health, April 1989, vol. 79, no. 4. 6 DiPrete Lori. Nicaragua: Excerpts from a Journal, Sojourner, January Palfrey, J., DiPrete, L., Walker, D.K., Maroney, E, & Shannon, K. School children dependent on medical technology Rehabilitation Review, The Catholic University of America. Conference Presentations and Posters Seys Rañola, T, Kraus C, Diprete Brown L. Development of a Comparative Health Systems Global Pharmacy Fellowship. 7 th Annual Consortium of Universities for Global Health Conference. Poster presentation. San Francisco, CA. April 9-11, Lori DiPrete Brown, Marta Gonzalez, Begonia Marugan, Jennifer Pro, The Concept of Well-being in evaluating care for women and girls who have experienced sexual exploitation. (Spanish) Fundacion Cultura de Paz, Women s Knowledge International, Universidad Carlos III, Madrid, Spain. Trisha Seys Ranola, Connie Kraus, Lori DiPrete Brown, Jeanette Roberts; University of Wisconsin-Madison, School of Pharmacy, Comparative systems global pharmacy fellowship. Poster, American College of Clinical Pharmacy Global Conference, San Fransisco, CA, October 2015 Lori DiPrete Brown, Panel Presenter, Around the World and Back Again: Making the Local to Global Connection in Health Science Education at UW-Madison. Global/Local What Does it Mean for Global Health Education and How Do We Do It? CUGH pre-conference. Boston, MA, April DiPrete Brown, L., Abebe, E., Ali, J., Alvarado, C., Caplan, B., Cleary, J., MD; Conway, J., Hadary, S., Kraus, C., PharmD; Prajapati, P., Seys Ranola, T., Shrestha, S., Tefera, G., Thompson, J., MD; Thompson-Fleming, R., Tupesis, J. The Quality Improvement Leadership Institute at UW Madison, Poster, IHI Forum on QI in Healthcare, Orlando, FL, Lori DiPrete Brown, Presenter, Quality Care: Making Sure we Make a Difference for Children. CAFO Applied Research and Best Practice Conference. Chicago, IL, April Lori DiPrete Brown, Panel Presenter, Global Health Education at the UW-Madison. The Future of Global Health: Building Better Professionals and Programs. CUGH pre-conference. Washington, D.C., May, Jason Paltzer, Dawn Magnuson and Lori DiPrete Brown. Scaling Up Health Interventions in Resource-limited Settings: A Review of Strategies, Components, and Organizational Capacity. Poster, Consortium of Universities for Global Health (CUGH). May, Lori DiPrete Brown. Background Paper, Defining Inter-Professional Competences for Graduate and Professional Global Health Education: Drawing on Educational Frameworks and Experience at UW Madison. GHIC Roundtable: Building Global health Team Excellence: Developing and Inter-professional Skills Competency Domain. University of Maryland Baltimore, Oct. 25,
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