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  Execution of 208 started.Collecting data from p_nbsc_power table. Wait!Counting the amount of used TRXs. Wait!Combining object information. Wait!Collecting the minimum and maximum balance for each cell... Wait.Adding the balance difference for each cell... Wait.================================================================================= LINK BALANCE PER TRX== Network: PLMN= Area: BCF: N_LUMBUTRBKSMD (91)= Period: from 20091107 to 20091107= Sorted by: BSC names, BTS ID= Combiner loss (single TRX cells): -2.1= Combiner loss (multi TRX cells) : -5.2= BTS RX diversity gain: 0= Threshold for balance : 0================================================================================This report counts the power loss balance between UL and DL for each TRX ofeach cell of the selected area. In this report it is assumed that the maximumBS power is 44.7 dBm.For each TRX the following data is displayed.:DL loss factors:****************. BS power (dBm) /pwr_2 Average BS power level (maximum power is 44.7 dBm). combiner loss (dBm) Depends on the network. Given by the user for. single TRX and multi TRX cases.. DL sig st (dBm) /lev_1 Average DL signal strength measured by MS.DL path loss (dBm) Counted based on the factors above.. (BS power - combiner loss - DL signal strength)UL loss factors:****************. MS power (dBm) /pwr_1b Average MS power level.. UL sig str (dBm) /lev_2 Average UL signal strength measured by BTS.UL path loss (dBm) Counted based on the factors above.. (MS power - UL signal strength)Balance****************DL-UL (dB) The difference between DL and UL path losses.Delta Difference between balances of TRXs having. the biggest and smallest balance with a cellMeasurement periods without traffic are excluded from the calculation.Measurement used: p_nbsc_powerRunning this report takes a few minutes. Patience please.===============================================================================   Link balance per TRX between 20091107 and 20091107 in PLMN network DL loss factors UL loss factors *************** *************** BalanceBCF BCFtype BS power DL MS power UL ******BTS BTS id combiner loss path path DL-ULBSC TRX id DL sig str loss UL sig str loss Delta-------------- ---------- --------------- ------ --------------- ------ -------N_LUMBUTRBKSMD 6 44.7 106.0 30.0 114.0 -8.0 218 -5.2 7.3LUMBUTRBKSMD1 1 -66.5 -84.0BUARAN2HCN_LUMBUTRBKSMD 6 37.0 113.0 26.1 114.8 -1.8 218 -5.2 7.3LUMBUTRBKSMD1 2 -81.2 -88.7BUARAN2HCN_LUMBUTRBKSMD 6 37.1 113.2 25.7 113.9 -0.7 218 -5.2 7.3LUMBUTRBKSMD1 3 -81.2 -88.2BUARAN2HCN_LUMBUTRBKSMD 6 34.6 110.1 26.7 115.0 -4.9 219 -5.2 3.4LUMBUTRBKSMD2 6 -80.7 -88.3BUARAN2HCN_LUMBUTRBKSMD 6 35.7 111.5 25.2 113.0 -1.5 219 -5.2 3.4LUMBUTRBKSMD2 7 -81.1 -87.8BUARAN2HCN_LUMBUTRBKSMD 6 37.5 113.4 25.8 114.3 -0.9 220 -5.2 0.0LUMBUTRBKSMD3 10 -81.1 -88.5BUARAN2HCN_LUMBUTRBKSMD 6 36.8 112.8 25.6 113.7 -0.9 220 -5.2 0.0LUMBUTRBKSMD3 11 -81.2 -88.1BUARAN2HC7 rows selected.================================================================================ END OF REPORT===============================================================================
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