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Category 5 4 3 2 Great Good Developing Not Ready ART The book This book may This book This book does not WORK/DESIGN demonstrates demonstrate some demonstrates demonstrate much detail and color and detail, but lack of color color or detail. It is Total Points: 10
  Category 5Great4Good3Developing2Not Ready ART WORK/DESIGN Total Points: 10  The book demonstatesdetail and made a timel! e ot# Is neat and thoo$%hl! tho$%ht o$t# This book ma! demonstate some &olo and detail' b$tma! be a bit $shedo mess!# Possibl! o to(i&# This book demonstatesla&k o) &olo and $se o) mateials# It is on the *e%e o) bein%o to(i& entiel!# This book does not demonstate m$&h &olo o detail# It isalso o to(i&#+ONTENT WORK  Total Points: ,0Ea&h (a%e is &onsistent -ith m! %$idelines# In&l$des .10)a&ts and details abo$t these )a&ts# This book ma! &ontain some detailand )a&ts' b$t is la&kin% the minim$m o) . )a&ts (e (a%e# These )a&ts ma! also be shot/$ndes&i(ti*e# This book &ontains onl! a )e- )a&ts# No details andis missin% the &oe&t amo$nt o) (a%es# Not des&i(ti*e and is shot# This book does not &ontain eno$%h )a&ts and/o $ndestandin% o) the &ontent bein% asked#STDENT NDERSTANDING Total Points: ,0 The st$dent $ndestands the im(otan&e o) (ese*in% the eath andits eso$&es'and &an make %eat &onne&tions as to ho- to a((l! -hat the! leaned to thei o-n li)e# The st$dent does $ndestand -h! (ese*in% the eath is im(otant' ho-e*e &annot atta&h -hat the! ha*e leaned to thei o-n li)e )o )$the &om(ehension#  The st$dent does not $ndestand -h! (ese*in% the eath is im(otant' b$t&an make some &onne&tions to ealli)e o at home sit$ations e%adin% the eath# This st$dent does not $ndestand theim(otan&e o) (ese*in% the eath and its eso$&es' no &an make &onne&tions to thei o-n li*es abo$t ho- to do so#OERA22 3A2IT4 Total Points: ,0 This st$dent5s book demonstatesneatness' &olo)$l -ok and has $ndestood the &ontent *e! -ell# This st$dents booksdemonstates someneatness and $ndestandin%' b$t the book is eithe a bit mess! to $ndestand' o the!do not &onne&t thei ideas to ealli)e sit$ations# The st$dent demonstatesan e ot b$t itis not neat#  The st$dent la&ks in $ndestandin% b$t has made *alid im(o*ement# This st$dent5s bookdoes not demonstate neatness o &olo' and/o the st$dent does not ha*e a t$e $ndestandin%o) this lesson#   Total o$t o): .0 Points
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