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Religions of China 1 Major Religions of China Emily Messman Arizona State University March 1, 2017 Religions of China 2 China is a vast country with several popular religions. The main religions include Taoism, Buddhism, and Confucianism. Taoism originated in China in the 6th cen
    Religions of ChinaMajor Religions of ChinaEmily MessmanArizona State UniversityMarch 1, 2017 1    Religions of ChinaChina is a vast contry !ith several o lar religions# $he main religions incl%e $aoism,&%%hism, an% Confcianism# $aoism srcinate% in China in the ' th  centry &CE# $he   hiloso her, (ao $ze left everything to ri%e !est on an o)# *hen he came across a montain   ass, the gar%ian as+e% (ao $ze to !rite %o!n his teachings !hich then ecame the sacre% oo+ of $ao, or the -oo%ejing .UR/ i%s, 2002# &%%hism is another major religion in China# $his srcinate% aot 200 years ago in /n%ia# $he fon%er !as Si%%hartha 3atama !ho reache% nirvana an% ecame &%%ha .UR/ i%s, 2002# Confcianism egan aron% 1 &CE# Confcis!as a hiloso her !ho gave  his government jo so that he col% s en% his time teaching   eo le ho! to ro erly live an% ehave .UR/ i%s, 2002#Religion is a highly inflential as ect of eo les4 social lives# 5or e)am le, &%%hism teaches a !ay of living# Me%itation is an im ortant act that &%%hists %o often so that they can also reach enlightenment .UR/ i%s, 2002# Me%itation has s rea% across the !orl% over the years# 6eo le !ho %o not ractice &%%hism an% even eo le !ho follo! other religions can an%%o me%itate# Some eo le %escrie Confcianism similarly to &%%hism in that it is a !ay of living# $he asic teachings of Confcis %escrie% ho! to e a goo% erson an% ho! to e in contact !ith the s irital !orl% .UR/ i%s, 2002# $aoism is also very closely relate% to these i%eas# $o%ay, $aoism, &%%hism, an% Confcianism are often comine% ecase they vale the same rinci les .UR/ i%s, 2002# &%%hists have sacre% laces that they visit# Some of these locations incl%e the (mini3rove !here Si%%hartha 3atama !as orn, &o%h 3aya !here &%%ha reache% enlightenment, Sarnarth, an% sinara# 5or Confcianism, the tem le in f !here Confcis !as orn is consi%ere% a holy lace .8Sacre% Sites an% 9oly 6laces:, 200;# Unli+e &%%hism, this sacre%   lace is locate% in China# Mont $aishan in Shan%ong is the easternmost montain of China4s 2    Religions of Chinamost sacre% montains# $his is a site that eo le come to me%itate an% offer sacrifices# /n 1;<7, this montain ecame art of the !orl%4s cltral heritage list .8Mont $aishan:, 200=# $his is also locate% in China li+e the Confcis holy lace# >ver the corse of China4s history, religion an% government have een han% in han%# Confcianism enforce% that morals an% olitical athority !ere tie% together efore Rome even  ecame an em ire .-&ois, 2011# &%%hism !as a !ay of forming olitical relations et!een China an% the orean eninsla an% ?a an# /ncarnate%, or the hman emo%iments of &%%has an% lamas !ere the ones hol%ing real o!er in China .-&ois, 2011# 6olitics in China have  een roote% in mlti le religions for centries# Any religion that !as not n%er government control !as anne% an% the follo!ers !ere ersecte% .-&ois, 2011#/t is very eye@o ening to see ho! religion is so %ifferent in other contries an% regions# /nthe Unite% States, the se aration of religion an% government is a constittional rinci le# et in China, it is fascinating that religion !as never meant to e se arate from the government an%   olitics# /t !as also interesting to learn that the major religions in China are often comine%, !hereas in other religions, it is a main i%ea that all other religions are false an% invali%# China is a a%vantageos an% sefl contry to st%y religion ecase there are several im ortant religions that s rea% across the !orl%# 3    Religions of China*or+s Cite%-&ois, $# -# .2011, May 2=# $he Relation &et!een Religion an% 3overnment in China# Retrieve% March 01, 2017, from htt B!!!#hffington ost#comthomas@%avi%@%oischina@religionDD<'';#htmlMont $aishan# .200=, Se temer 12# Retrieve% March 01, 2017, from htt B!!!#china#org#cnenglish+ai)n7<'=#htm># .200;, -ecemer 2;# Sacre% Sites an% 9oly 6laces# Retrieve% March 01, 2017, from htt Bconfcianismreveale%#logs ot#com200;12sacre%@sites@an%@holy@ laces#htmlUR/ i%s BB *orl% Religions# .2002# Retrieve% March 01, 2017, from htt B!!!#ri#org+i%sotherDconf#htm 4
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