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Making Convergence a Reality: Bringing Value to the Plant for IT the Enterprise Data Center Laying the Foundation for Operational Intelligence Across a Global Infrastructure Martin Otterson Data Center
Making Convergence a Reality: Bringing Value to the Plant for IT the Enterprise Data Center Laying the Foundation for Operational Intelligence Across a Global Infrastructure Martin Otterson Data Center & IT Solutions Group, OSIsoft Division Announcements WiredCity Becomes.. Data Center & IT Solutions Group OSIsoft 2 Is there a need for enterprise wide visibility? 3 Common Industry Problem IT Infrastructure Power Plant (Generation/ Distribution) Facilities Data Center Technical Feeds Process Feeds Business Feeds 75% of power Companies using PI Facilities Customer Statistics ROI Kodak, Rochester Adopted by Major Corporations as a standard Convergence of IT to Operational Data 4 Utility Space 5 Facility Space FIRE Functionality checks Detector service Fire, Life, Safety IP Gateway to 1 st Responder SECURITY Doors/Cameras PIR Integration ACCESS Doors Buildings Occupancy Feed Forward ENERGY Utility Monitoring (Elec/Water/Gas/Oil) Tenant Monitoring Air/Water Heat Lighting Back up Generation Open Standards based Building Network COMMUNICATIONS Voice/Video/Data Central Monitoring & Control IT Monitor LIGHTING Schedules Occupancy Sensing Tenant Metering ELEVATORS Breakdown Maintenance Traffic Performance 24/7 Monitoring Breakdown Alarms Central Plant Tuning HVAC Conditioned Car Park Utilisation HVAC Performance Optimisation Air Handling Unit Boilers Pumps Fans Energy Control Variable Air Volume Air Quality 6 Data Center Space 7 We understand Data Center problems Many different systems Different databases Lack of connectivity Limited data IT headaches 8 We are using the OSIsoft PI System to monitor all the critical points within our data centers, and in turn are laying the foundation for a high availability, global Live infrastructure, said Stuart Scott, CIO of Microsoft Corporation. The return on investment is tremendous. We are enabling innovation through increased collaboration, social networking and commerce leading to breakthroughs in software plus services. We are setting industry standards with increased utilization of facility resources, real time business continuity, and green computing technologies. As we continue to expand our Live services, the combination of OSIsoft and Microsoft technologies are bringing new levels of performance and reliability to our world class data centers. Stuart L. Scott Corporate Vice President and CIO 9 Complex Enterprise Environment Your Data Your Decisions 75% of IT budget spent on ongoing operations Many disparate systems Enormous connectivity challenges Massive IT headaches Numerous data repositories Huge implementation, consulting and maintenance costs 60% of downtime due to mis configured servers and systems 10 Situational Challenges Many types of systems No single version of the truth You don t own your own data Vendor must make all changes to the system No easy way to do Strategic Planning Capacity Planning Condition based maintenance Dynamic reporting Lack of convergence of Facilities and IT 11 Potential Issues Decisions based on limited data Inefficient reporting Poor operational visibility Under utilized assets and resources Operational & IT information disconnect Lack of strategic planning Inefficient deployment Higher expenses & lower margins Etc 12 Enterprise Wide Visibility call to action DATA Storage Large Small Year month week day hour min sec High Data Center Operations Single Site Device Multi Site Operations HQ Situational Awareness Strategic Analysis Remote Monitoring Scan speed IT Information Operational Information millisec sec min hour Low 13 Situational Awareness provides Decisions & Actions Ability to predict tomorrow rather than react to unplanned events Enterprise visualization & analysis of operations Time to market & Implement strategic business decisions Resource optimization & utilization Adaptable, role based analysis & reporting Reliable Operational Visibility for optimum RESULTS 14 RESULTS: Your Data Your Decisions Operating Expense Reduction Capacity Planning Risk Mitigation Deployment Optimization Power Monitoring & Management Green Initiative Carbon Efficiency Contractor Management (SLA) Virtualization Operations & IT Convergence 15 Executive Management Benefits Strategic decision tools Real Time Data Convergence and Analysis Lower business TCO Competitive Advantage Capability to monitor measures implemented Profits Up, Operating Expenses Down Did adding new d/c improve customer demand? Is solar power meeting green initiatives? Have we reduced our carbon footprint? 16 Facility Manager Benefits Efficient operations Energy Management Capacity Planning Proficient Deployment Reporting/Billing Contractor Management Informed decisions Plan and balance primary and redundant power 17 Operator/Engineer Benefits Root cause analysis Comparative analysis Condition based maintenance Detailed cooling analysis Alarm management 18 Future Architecture AMP (Asset Monitoring Pattern) IT Organizer/ IT Overview AF 2.0 PI Notifications PE s/ ACE/ RT Alerts PI System Smart Connectors 19 Screen Shots AMP AF 2,0 model to organize Add AMP Asset Policy one Drill console assets down to from specific templates, manage to IT and Assets Power and assets apply to in asset policies the Data center 20 Data Center & IT Activities Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 10:55 Keynote: Data Center Power Management, Jeff O Reilly, Microsoft 1:55 PI IT Monitor in High Performance Computing Data Center, Jason Banfelder, Weill Cornell Medical College 4:50 PI IT Monitor for Corp Optimization and use of SQC (Statistical Quality Control) in the Data Center, Karen Chastain and Jeff Goulder, Eastman Chemical 1:30 Arizona Public Service Company's use of IP IT Monitor, Scott Griffith, Arizona Public Service 7:00 Customer Appreciation Dinner 9:05 PI IT Monitor for use in the US Army: Rex Peralta, Ft Carson 3:00 PI IT Monitor Focus Group 21 Thank you Martin Otterson Data Center & IT Solutions Group 22
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