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MRS.FLETCHER *INDEPENDENT READING: Students are doing very well **THIS THURSDAY, March 2nd. , We will celebrate this quarter on reading independently. Students should be filling our 100 sticker chart for good behavior. close to meeting their goal for this quarter. Students have We will celebrate with a PAJAMA DAY! Students until Thursday, March 9th to meet their goal. Your child is may wear weather appropriate pajamas or l
  MRS.FLETCHER   *INDEPENDENT READING : Students are doing very well this quarter on reading independently. Students should be close to meeting their goal for this quarter. Students have until Thursday, March 9 th  to meet their goal. Your child is at!. Students who meet their goal will be going bowling on ednesday, March #$ th . The cost will be %#. *COMMUNICATION ARTS:  The students will be reading afantasy called &a'ue for Mayor ne(t wee). They will be reviewing the s)ills of *redictions and *oint of +iew. e arealso incorporating some Social Studies while we read this month. e will focus on istorical -iction while continuing to ma)e predictions and point of view. *SPELLING:  The students will intermittently ta)e multiple choice tests for the ne(t few wee)s in preparation for the M* test. They will be assessed in this manner on the M*so it is good practice. The tests will continue to be on  Thursdays. *MATH:   e are o/ to a good start with 0ure)a Math. The students did a wonderful 1ob on Metric Measurement. e have started our ne(t module on ngle Measure and *lane -igures. 0ure)a Math Tips for *arents over this module is also coming home. *SCIENCE:  The students are learning about Sir 2saac 3ewton and the &aws of 4ravity and Motion. *SOCIAL STUDIES:   e are learning about the events leading up to the 'evolutionary ar. Students are learningabout the causes of the war and historical documents during this time. **HABIT 7: SHARPEN THE SAW Balance Feels Best: Take care of your body by eatn!r! t# e$ercsn!# and !ettn! enou! slee%& Take t'eto el% ot ers& ( ance# Isaac# ) addo$ SPE(IA+ E,ENTS AN- -ATES **THIS THURSDAY, March 2 nd. , W ! ## c#$ra% &## n' ()r ++ % c-r char% (r '((d $ha/ (r. W ! ## c#$ra% ! %h a PA0AMA DAY1 S%)dn% a3 !ar !a%hr a44r(4r a% 4a5aa (r #()n' !ar and 6RING %h r # 44r. *THIS THURSDAY, MARCH 2 nd , ! ar a#( IRad3 %% n'. I%  4(r%an% %ha% 3()r ch #d  hr and (n % . Th3 ar !(r- n' %(!ard 4r(/ n' %h r #a% c(r and ha/ % nd / d)a# '(a# %( acc(4# h. **THURSDAY, MARCH 7 %h : STUDENTS MUST MEET THEIR AR GOAL 6Y THIS DAY n (rdr %( c#$ra% (nWdnda3, March 8 %h  a% %h 6(!# n' A##3. **N. S(H..+ Frday# arc /0 t   for Teacher Professional Development **Wednesday# arc /1 t  : AR B.W+IN2 REWAR-**End of 3 rd  4uarter: Wednesday, March 15 th  is the end of 3 rd quarter. Grade cards ill come home after !prin #rea$ on %riday, March 31 st . Please vie your child&s rades and then si nand return the envelope. 'f you have any questions or concerns a(out your child&s rades please call me at school or email me attfletcher)le(anon.$1* **SPRING 6REA9: March 2+ %h   March 2; %h   *AP TESTIN2** * AP TESTIN2 WI++ BE2IN AFTER SPRIN2 BREA5& IT IS ,ER6 IP.RTANT THAT 6.R (HI+- (.ES T. S(H..+ PREPARE- F.R THE AP TEST& Please try to a8od a%%ont'ents# etc on t ese days& I 9ll %ro8de furt er nfor'aton at a later date& <I ha/ rad %h March n!#%%r.= S%)dn%>  'na%)r?????????????????????????????????? Parn%>  'na%)r???????????????????????????????????
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