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March Kindergarten News! Important Dates to Remember: Poems Thursday 3/2: Dr. Seuss Day Good-Bye Friday 3/3: Green Eggs and Ham Day Good-bye, snow. Wednesday 3/8: Early Dismissal Friday 3/17: Green Day Good-bye, sled. *Second Trim
    March Kindergarten News!   Important Dates to Remember: Thursday 3/2: Dr. Seuss Day Friday 3/3: Green Eggs and Ham Day Wednesday 3/8: Early Dismissal Friday 3/17: Green Day * Second Trimester Report Cards  will be coming home on March 24 th     Please sign and return the envelope. Thank you, Miss Hazen    Poems Good-Bye Good-bye, snow. Good-bye, sled. Good-bye, winter. Spring’s ahead!  Hello, sun! Hello, swing. Good-Bye winter, Hello, spring! Jelly Beans Jelly, jelly, jelly beans.   Belly, belly, belly beans. Orange, white, black, green Red, blue, yelly bean. Many, many can be seen! All the colors in between. From one to many beans. Guess how many jelly beans?   Reading : We are learning how to become experts on topics through reading. Now that we know how to read, we get to read to learn! We have immersed the students in a world of informational reading through our leveled libraries, interactive reading, big books, and books on cd. While we have exposed students to nonfiction reading throughout the year, this month we are giving them repeated opportunities to practice the skills that are specific to nonfiction reading. We will be:   -Asking questions and talking with partners about our books -Learning new words through looking at the pictures and words -Comparing and contrasting books on similar topics   Writing :   We have just begun our persuasive writing unit. It is so much fun to hear the children discuss real problems, come up with solutions and then record their thoughts. We have learned that words are like magic wands, they can really make things happen. We are going to practice a variety of ways to reach our audiences such as posters, letters and even petitions. The students have written posters to make our school a better place, some are already hanging up in the classroom. Next, they will write letters to their families and friends to persuade or problem solve. At the end of the unit, the students will tackle a persuasive writing project to make the world a better place. I can’t wait to see what concerns the children have about our world and how they suggest to solve the problems. Sometimes they have the best solutions.     Phonics : This month we will be hearing and blending onsets and rimes. We will also be playing with magnetic letters and building new words from word families. We will be practicing generating complete sentences with our high frequency words and using a double line to write these words. This practice should help to refine our lowercase letter formation. Math : We are moving into Unit 9. In this unit, students will count and write numbers 11 to 20. It is important that they understand the verbal sequence for the teen numbers and still show one to one matching as they count these larger groups. We will continue to work on number formation and correct placement of numbers concerning place value. Towards the end of this unit, we will be solving word problems involving counting on with these larger quantities.   
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