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Mikayla Nelson 7740 Van Buren Street NE Spring Lake Park MN, 55432 Telephone: 763-732-8777 Email: mnelso35@cord.edu PERSONAL PROFILE I am a junior at Concordia College in Moorhead MN. I am a Psychology major and English Writing minor. I hope to attend graduate school and get my Master’s degree related to mental health counselling. I hope to become a ment
  Mikayla Nelson 7740 Van Buren Street NESpring Lake Park MN, 55432Telephone: 73!732! 777E#ail: #nel$o35%&or'(e'u PERSONAL PROFILE ) a# a *unior at +on&or'ia +ollege in Moorhea' MN( ) a# a P$&holog #a*or an'Engli$h -riting #inor( ) hope to atten' gra'uate $&hool an' get # Ma$ter.$ 'egreerelate' to #ental health &oun$elling( ) hope to /e&o#e a #ental health &oun$ellor()n al$o en*o riting poetr, #aking an' li$tening to #u$i&, a&ting, $inging, $pen'ingti#e ith 1rien'$ an' 1a#il, an' 'oing anthing i$ne relate'( EDUCATION B((, +on&or'ia +ollege, Moorhea' MN, 204 ! 20 , P$&holog Ma*or( #inor in Engli$h -riting(igh S&hool iplo#a, Spring Lake Park igh S&hool, Spring Lake Park MN, 200 6 204( EMPLOYMENTStudent Worker in te En!lis De art#entCon$ordia Colle!e Septe#/er 20 6 Pre$ent8 ã  n$ere' phone &all$ ã Printe' an' &opie' paper$ ã Per1or#e' nee'e' ta$k$ / $ta11 #e#/er$ ã Pi&ke' up an' 'eli9ere' #ail to $ta11 #e#/er$ Casier at %ood&ill Ma 20 6 ugu$t 208 ã Put ne ite#$ on the $ale$ 1loor  ã rgani;e' 're$$ing roo# &lothe$ ã <$e' &a$h regi$ter to ring up &u$to#er$ Student Worker 'or Psy$olo!y O''i$eCon$ordia Colle!e Septe#/er 205 6 Pre$ent8 ã  n$ere' phone &all$ ã Printe' an' +opie' paper$ ã Manage' # on /ulletin /oar'  ã Per1or#e' nee'e' ta$k$ / $ta11 #e#/er$ Day Care Worker at Sunrise Cristian Day$are Ma 205 6 ugu$t 2058 ã -orke' a$ a $u/$titute 'a&are pro9i'er  ã +hange' 'iaper$ ã =e' +hil'ren ã  $$i$te' other 'a&are 'ire&tor$ Caller at Ponaton Con$ordia Colle!e >anuar 205 ! Ma 2058 ã +alle' +on&or'ia lu# 1or 'onation$ Mo(ie Teatre Worker Car#ike Cine#as and Wynnson! )* ugu$t 203 6 No9e#/er 2038 ã Sol' ti&ket$ an' 1oo' ite#$ ã Pro9i'e' po$iti9e &u$to#er $er9i&e ã +leane' hall$ an' theater$ ã pene' an' &lo$e' theatre S+ILLS ã Pro1i&ient u$e in Mi&ro$o1t -or', E?&el, an' PoerPoint ã  /le to u$e o1 SPSS ã E?&ellent +u$to#er Ser9i&e ã Pro1i&ient in the u$e o1 a &opier  ã @reat ti#e #anage#ent ã -ell rgani;e' ã etail oriente' ã Tea# orking $kill$ ã E?&ellent ritten &o##uni&ation $kill$ ã @reat pro/le# $ol9ing $kill$ FURT,ER INFORMATION ã Trea$urer o1 +on&or'ia +ollege.$ &hapter o1 &ti9e Min'$, a national organi;ation a'9o&ating 1or #ental health an' anting to eli#inate the $tig#a( ã Me#/er o1 +on&or'ia +ollege Per&u$$ion En$e#/le ã Me#/er o1 +on&or'ia +ollege S#phoni& Ban' ã Me#/er o1 Spring Lake Park igh S&hool Theatre ã Me#/er o1 National onor$ So&iet ã Piano Plaer    Per&u$$ion Plaer   REFERENCES Ae1eren&e$ a9aila/le upon reue$t( RESEARC, ã +on'u&te' a re$ear&h pro*e&t in a re$ear&h #etho'$ &la$$ looking at the &orrelation /eteen neuroti&i$# an' $o&ial #e'ia u$age an' ha/it$( )t a$ not pu/li$he', /ut a$ $uper9i$e' un'er r( Mark +o9e Ph, +on&or'ia +ollege P$&holog 'epart#ent( Me an' # partner planne' an' #anage' the re$ear&h pro*e&t an' anal;e', re&or'e', an' interprete' the 'ata( -e $ent out a $ur9e an' &olle&te' the 'ata an' u$e' SPSS to anal;e the 'ata( There ere no $igni1i&ant 1in'ing$( o E9aluate' an' $ele&te' the appropriate approa&h to i'enti1 ke 1eature$ o1 the re$ear&h o +on&eptuali$e' the pro/le# o Planne' an' #anage' the re$ear&h pro*e&t o  /ilit to 'eal ith 'i11erent #etho'ologie$ an' theorie$ o Ae&or'e', anal$e', an' interprete' 'ata TEAC,IN% ã Pro&tore' te$t$ an' &la$$e$ 1or pro1e$$or$ hen in$tru&te' ã -rote a re$ear&h paper an' &reate' a $pee&h to gi9e a$ a &hapel talk( o The re$ear&h paper a$ 1or a religion &la$$( ) relate' the /i/li&al /ook o1 >o/ to the #ental health $tig#a portrae' / >o/.$ 1rien'$ in re$pon$e to hi$ $u11ering( o r, Elna Sol9ang Ph, a'9i$e' the paper an' the &hapel talk( ADMINISTRATION ã Trea$urer o1 +on&or'ia +ollege &ti9e Min'$ +hapter  ã +orre&te' te$t 1or /oth the Engli$h epart#ent an' P$&holog epart#ent ã -rote up a re$ear&h propo$al an' re$ear&h $u##ar o1 the re$ear&h ) ha9e 'one( ã Manage' a /ulletin /oar' ã  /ilit to prioriti$e orkloa' an' to #eet 'ea'line$ ã E?&ellent 9er/al an' ritten $kill$ POSITIONS OF REPONSI-ILITY ã Pro&toring an' &orre&ting e?a#ination$ ã Me#/er$hip o1 &ti9e Min'$ rgani;ation 6 Trea$urerC ã Pre$ente' a &hapel talkDho#il in &hapel PU-LICATIONS and PRESENTATIONS  ã +le#ati$ Bar/araF a poe# pu/li$he' / +on&or'ia +ollege.$ Literar >ournal  1ter-ork, 207( ã Strength )n$i'eF a poe# pu/li$he' / The -orl' Poetr Mo9e#ent, 202( COURSES ATTENDEDPsy$olo!y Courses ã )ntro'u&tion to P$&holog PSG+ 8 6 P +re'it Tran$1er  ã e9elop#ental P$&holog PSG+ 208 ã Stati$ti&$ an' P$&hologi&al Mea$ure#ent PSG+ 2308 ã  /nor#al P$&holog PSG+ 3578 ã )ntro'u&tion to P$&hotherap PSG+ 378 ã +ogniti9e P$&holog PSG+ 38 ã Ae$ear&h Metho'$ PSG+ 308 ã Beha9ioral Neuro$&ien&e PSG+ 3H8 En!lis Courses ã @lo/al Literature EN@ 08 ã )ntro'u&tion to +reati9e -riting EN@ 2278 ã Poetr -riting Se#inar EN@ 37 8 ã Te&hni&al -riting EN@ 3248 Core Classes   Beginning =ren&h ) =AEN 8   Beginning =ren&h )) =AEN 28   Vo&ation!Iue$t!Li1e.$ Purpo$e )NI 008   -ritten +o##uni&ation )-+ 008   ral +o##uni&ation )+ 008   <S in per$pe&ti9e to  5 )ST 8   -ellne$$ PE 8   E?ploring Mathe#ati&$ MT 058   +hri$tianit an' Aeligiou$ i9er$it AEL 2008   u#an So&iet S+ 8   )ntro'u&tion to Neuro$&ien&e NE< 0H8   Pilate.$ Mu$&le Mi? PE 28   The @oo' Li1e: l' Te$ta#ent AEL 38   Philo$oph an' =il# P)L 3048 FUNDIN% and ACADEMIC AWARDSTuition.S$ool S$olarsi s
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