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March 1, 2017 Social Studies Educators and Supporters, Barry Thoma s Happy Birthday to our great state!!! In honor of our Preside nt state’s sesquicentennial many schools and communities have arranged a number of wonderful celebrations that Ali Bragg highlight the many historical, cultural, and geographical Preside nt-Elect contributions of Nebraska. We as the NSCSS board join Rich you in these celebrations. Brown Executi ve
  March 1, 2017Social Studies Educators and Supporters,Happy Birthday to our great state!!! In honor of our state’s sesuicentennial any schools and counities ha e arranged a nu#er of $onderful cele#rations that highlight the any historical, cultural, and geographical contri#utions of %e#ras&a' (e as the %S)SS #oard *oin you in these cele#rations' (e are also pleased to announce that $e $ill #e hosting our %S)SS +nnual )onference at the ni ersity of %e#ras&a at -earney on .une 2/ th  and 2/ th ' (e loo& for$ard to see you all there and sharing soe great Social Studies resources $ith you during this fantastic professional de elopent opportunity' If you ha e any interest in presenting or thin& you &no$ of soeone deser ing of #eing a$arded, please clic& on the  Annual Conference  ta# a#o e and you $ill nd ore inforation a#out each' Mo ing for$ard $ith Social Studies,Barry hoasresident%e#ras&a State )ouncil for the Social Studies Barry Thomas President  Ali Bragg resident3Elect Rich Brown Executive Secreta
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