my renaissance by michael mcbride

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My Renaissance by Michael McBride The Renaissance was in essence, an awakening of the critical thinking mind, and this class has been designed to help students achieve this same emergence. For myself, the reading that stoked the fire of reason was the Alienated Labor by Karl Marx. Growing up in an America that is largely run on capitalism, I would hear the name Marx from time to time, but it was always in a negative light. Upon reading the words of Marx myself I wa
  My Renaissance by Michael McBride The Renaissance was in essence, an awakening of the critical thinking mind, and this class has been designed to help students achieve this same emergence. For myself, the reading that stoked the fire of reason was the  Alienated Labor by Karl Marx . Growing up in an merica that is largely run on capitalism, ! would hear the name Mar from time to time, but it was always in a negative light. #pon reading the words of Mar myself ! was shocked to find that hisideals actually struck a chord with me. $e saw the devaluation and estrangement of man% with the rich e ploiting and profiting off the working class, who in turn were becoming poorer and  poorer. Though ! may not agree will everything Mar taught, ! found my thoughts roused by his words and was e cited in the conflicts they presented. &ith this e citement, ! hope to describe some of the ideals from 'arl Mar , known as Mar ism. &ith a better understanding of Mar (s  philosophies, ! will share )my renaissance* and the new ideas that seemed to challenge my  previous understanding. +astly, with my new perspective, ! want to consider some e amples of Mar ist ideologies. ! will do this with e amples, some from our class, but also with a surprising  pop culture reference from my childhood. Mar ism was an idea created by 'arl Mar in the -(s. t the center of Mar ism is the struggle between the /apitalist and the &orking /lass. Though not referenced directly in this reading, Mar referred to these classes as the Bourgeoisie and the 0roletariat, respectively. The 0roletariat are those that own a means of production, like land, factories or other resources% the Bourgeoisie are those that seek employment from the capitalist. !n Mar (s theory there is an ongoing struggle between the classes where the capitalists are e ploiting the workers, and the working class try to resist the e ploitation. !n this scenario, the workers become dependent on their wages because there are less resources for them to survive% this drives the laborers to work harder and manufacture more products. Because there are more products, the labor of the working class becomes worth less and less. This is what Mar referred to as )lienated +abor.* ccording to Mar the only way to break this cycle is for the &orking /lass to stand up and revolt against the capitalists. This would increase the value of the products and the workers making them thus creating a more e1ual distribution of wealth.s someone who has always tried to take pride in my work, the lienation of labor really struck a chord with me. lthough ! feel ! work hard, ! defiantly do not have the same level of craftsmanship that previous generations have held. ! manage a group of young people who field customer service phone calls for credit card debt. 0retty far removed from any workmanship or artistry at all. nd even in the work for my agents, they are estranged from any direct benefit of their efforts. 2es, if they work hard they can be promoted, but they do not see any personali3ed advantage for the thousands of dollars they deal with every day. These profits go directly to the company, its officers and shareholders. !t was easy for me to see the alienation of labor in my own work, but honestly, this is not what brought about )my renaissance.* This came more directly from Mar (s e1ualitarian values and the additional reading ! did in the glossary and online. ! have always been intrigued by the  idea of a society working together to benefit everyone, but since the cold war these attitudes have been very taboo. The failed #44R has been the poster child of why communism doesn(t work. nd it is true, autocratic communism or socialism doesn(t work. But standing in stark contrast to this authoritative dictatorial control, are many e amples of communities coming together and  benefiting. 5arly Mormons held up the United Order   by living the law of    Consecration , where they would donate all they had to the church and the cumulative wealth was distributed as necessary. To this day, many /hristian faiths still pay tithes. The  Icarians,  a French group that moved to 6auvoo after the Mormons left also had similar practices. The striking difference  between these groups 7as well as many other e amples8 and the #44R, is that the smaller group democratically elected to follow communistic or socialistic operations. !t is this choice to live in unity that is empowering, but if a communistic society is forced it becomes enslaving. !f forced, it falls outside the ideals that Mar was promoting. $is goal was to free the working class from the e ploitation of capitalist. t first these Mar ist ideas seemed new to me, but ! reali3ed they were not new at all. This discovery was almost as e citing as the actual awaking for me. 9ne e ample that nearly slapped me across the face was one from my childhood, :isney;0i ar(s  Bug’s Life This animated favorite brought to life the struggle Mar described. !n the film Grasshoppers take the  place of the Bourgeoisie, e torting food from the ants who were the 0roletariat of the story. &hen the grasshoppers do not receive their offering they make threats of violence towards the grasshoppers. The ants work very hard and have developed a system to keep both parties happy, even though the grasshoppers did not provide much in return. They created the need for  protection in the minds of the ants, a great e ample of the conflicts created by the class struggle. The grasshoppers did not consider the ant families when they demanded double the food rations, much like when capitalist demand more product from the working class often at cut wages to increase their own profit. +ater in the film, e actly as Mar predicts, the ants stand up and revolt against the grasshoppers. My renaissance truly came from an une pected source, especially in a business class, 'arl Mar . &hile a government should never inforce socialistic or communistic laws or actions, if people elect to live this way it can truly benefit a community. !f this  e 1ualitarian society were to e ist, there would be less families stricken by hunger and poverty. The alienation of labor would be decreased because workers would be able to benefit directly, and indirectly, from their efforts. !n the #nited 4tates, this is not likely to happen, but in smaller communities it can be a reality. This reali3ation was my awakening, my renaissance.
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