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0 National Safety Council ATSIP Conference Call Meeting Minutes Wednesday, ATSIP Executive Board Teleconference Page 1 1. Call to Order, Attendance/Quorum, Introduction (Bob Rasmussen) Bob Scopatz called
0 National Safety Council ATSIP Conference Call Meeting Minutes Wednesday, ATSIP Executive Board Teleconference Page 1 1. Call to Order, Attendance/Quorum, Introduction (Bob Rasmussen) Bob Scopatz called the role Attendees were: Officers (Voting) Florey, Martha by proxy to Bob Rasmussen Rasmussen, R. Robert Scopatz, Bob Shirazi, Hadi Vecchi, Joan Board Members (Voting): Carpenter, Ken Cook, Larry Falb, Scott Gonder, Carl by proxy to Bob Rasmussen Kerns, Tim King, Nils Madill, Chris Pollock, Marty by proxy to Nils King Rich, Steve by proxy to Bob Rasmussen Parliamentarians (non-voting): Davis, Jim Zimmer, Ralph Liaisons, Friends and Other attendees (non-voting): Karen Scott -- NHTSA Dan Magri Beatty, Jackie John Kennedy Emery, Joyce Ward Vanlaar -- TIRF Bob Scopatz announced a quorum was present Bob Rasmussen called the meeting to order at 1:06 pm Eastern Time 2. Minutes (Bob Scopatz) Approval of Minutes from April 15, 2009 Executive Board Teleconference MOTION: Scott Falb moved to approve the April 15, 2009 minutes Page 2 Hadi Shirazi seconded Motion Passed 3. NSC (John Kennedy / Jackie Beatty) Forum Registrations to date John Kennedy reported 77 registrations up to noon 5/ booths registered, 11 paid. Jackie has been working on poster sessions with Martha. Reg brochure should be received in the mail sometime this week. Jackie also wanted to make sure everyone knows we are working on the program after next Tuesday May 26 th, there can be no more changes to the printed program. We can do an addendum after that point. We are going to have some new things at the Forum this year: 1) A meeting hosted by the World Health Organization and the Global Health Partnership. It s a private meeting on Sunday before the Forum. CARFAX is going to sponsor at $2000 level. Jackie has been contacting other companies too. Karen Scott asked if we were supposed to be reviewing the Word document from Martha. Jackie said that yes, we should look at that document and get any changes to Jackie. It has to go out as draft on the 26 th. Then it will go out for final Joan Vecchi asked if people can submit membership payment along with forum registration. Jackie said no Bob Rasmussen will have to discuss that. NSC will still collect them if someone sends a membership payment in st Vice President s Report (Hadi Shirazi) Received information from NSC There is over $26,000 in the account, but there are some dues payments that aren t reflected yet. The database includes the names and years paid for folks over the years. Bob Rasmussen said there are some errors there, and NSC is trying to back track to get information. Jackie said that they will try to give us information soon. John Kennedy said he will be back in the office tomorrow and will work with Jackie on that. 5. Liaison Reports Page 3 Ward Vanlaar from TIRF said that they have been working on an online curriculum on ignition interlocks. It provides information on research/data, manufacturer and others. Bob Scopatz reported on the TIRF DUI working group meeting that ran from 5/17 19/ He said that the group convened to develop some information delivery methods and content to reach legislators and policy makers throughout North America on the issues surrounding enforcement, reducing recidivism and data needs for the issues of DUI and alcohol-related crash reductions. Karen Scott NHTSA: The performance measures project comment period starts on June 1 and runs through August. The comment period on the DUI Tracking System database design and data element dictionary is going on now. Dick Paddock if you want to be invited to participate in the comment period. 6. Committee Reports Best Practices Only two submissions Certification & Professionalism Larry not present ATSIP Strategic Planning Jana not present (Tim Kerns) (Larry Holestine) (Jana Simpler) Data Quality & Improvement (Scott Falb) Scott Falb said that this committee needs some new leadership because he ll be moving Policy/Positions & Resolutions No report Other Reports (Ken Carpenter) Nominating Committee (Joan Vecchi) No report. Bob Rasmussen said that Carl Gonder is dropping off the board he would like to remain a friend of the board. Scott Falb will be running for the VP. Per Ralph Zimmer said that when the ballot goes out we will remove Carl s name, and the Page 4 web-based ballot will be annotated with removed. We will fill the position by using nominations from the floor. Ralph said that is correct unless we approve the new constitution, we would be looking at a downsized executive board and that means that the slot might disappear. 8. New Business (Bob Rasmussen) New Members One new application for Associate member Jacqueline Brown MOTION Nils King moved to accept Jacqueline Brown as an Associate Member Scott Falb seconded Motion passed Forum Update (Martha Florey) Martha is in Europe. She sent a document of the Forum Program so far. This is the document that we need to comment on to Jackie Beatty before the 26 th. A letter is going out to some international attendees to allow them to get a visa. We may get the Governor of AZ to speak at the Monday luncheon. Anyone who can come into town early to help with bag stuffing 10:00 am July 11 th. Could also use some help to staff the registration. Martha Florey is planning having session coordinators and moderators in each of the training sessions on Sunday. She will need some people to help with that. Bob Rasmussen suggested that anyone who wants to be a moderator during the conference should send an to Martha. The board Meeting is Sunday morning. Starts at 9:30 am. It goes all day. Chris Madill reported that Washington State is going to have just one person there this year. The travel restrictions are going to last beyond the fiscal year. Iowa is going to use 408 funding to send some folks this year. Perhaps use of federal funds would help some states. 10. Distinctive Achievement Award (Bob Scopatz) We have one award submittal. There is a panel in place ready to decide on this submittal. Bob solicited involvement of Jackie Beatty/NSC and any of the board or liaisons on the panel to make this decision and award ceremony description. Page Draft Constitution (Ralph Zimmer / Jim Davis) Ralph Zimmer reported that there are numerous proposed changes to the constitution. The objective was to revise the document in a way that would provide maximum flexibility so that we could move into any of several modes of operation: Stand-alone, an affiliated organization, or even become a committee of some other organization. The number of changes is so large that it isn t reasonable to put them forward as amendments. Instead, the proposal is to restate the constitution so you don t need to have an individual amendment for each change. The Board s role in this is to recommend and propose to the membership that they approve a change (restatement) to the constitution. So, today, he is asking the board to look at the proposed restatement and if the board wants to, it can recommend the restated constitution to the membership. Ralph recommends it be done by letter ballot. The list of 5 changes is: 1. The number of people needed to be on a petition (e.g., for nomination). The number now is 40 people, with a certain number from each of the three regions. The new number would be 10. Ralph said we could add a clause that would require a larger number if the membership grows. Otherwise, we would need to revise the constitution to adjust it later. Bob Rasmussen said that he does like use of a smaller number because it allows people to get ideas reviewed. 2. The restatement gives the executive board, if it so chooses, the authority to hire or appoint a treasurer. This person would NOT be an officer of the association. It would not be subject to nomination or election. Some other process would be used to hire or appoint this person. The person would have speaking rights, but not voting rights. We thought that would give the board the greatest flexibility. We would be allowed to appoint someone from the board to be treasurer and thus they would have voting rights. By virtue of the appointment, the person would not GAIN or LOSE a vote. Bob Rasmussen brought this up as something that needs to be a multiyear position. It s a job that we would benefit from having a person that could maintain the books over the longer term. This gives us the flexibility to do so. 3. Consequences of failure to pay dues or other fees (e.g., for certification) by the deadline. At some point, the person would lose their member in good standing status and thus their voting rights. The draft before us now has a 3 month grace period. Bob Rasmussen also said that we would also go to a calendar year dues cycle as part of this change. The idea would be to send dues notices out in November with a due date of Page 6 January 1 st. We would also give late payers a reminder in February time frame. We give them 3 months (Jan-Mar) as a grace period. Scott Falb said that this is a good idea. Joyce Emery said that notices are a good idea, but they are cheap enough that we could do more than one reminder. Ralph Zimmer said that the membership year would change to calendar year rather than annual meeting cycle. He just reminded the group to ask about any of the several changes that he is not highlighting in this presentation. 4. Tenure The current limit is 6 years (two consecutive three year terms) on the executive board. The discussion in a previous meeting was to extend this somewhat. The recommendation is now to three three-year terms a total of 9 years with some possibility of an extension beyond that. Scott Falb expressed concern that extending the term limits and decreasing the size of the board might cause us a problem in terms of flexibility and responsiveness. 5. Size of the board. Ralph Zimmer said the board is presently constituted as 17 members. At the moment, our membership is approximately 40. That means that almost half of our membership serves on the executive board. That s a very high ratio and Ralph has suggested that the number of at large members (currently 12) be reduced over time to a total of 6. The joint influence of reducing the number of at large members and increasing the length of tenure that people can serve on the board, the turnover will slow down. If that is a concern, we need to change one or both of these two proposals. Ken Carpenter said the move from 12 to 6 is a little strong. He suggested perhaps we should go to 9, and then we strictly limit the tenure to no more than 9 years. Joyce Emery said that the size of the membership is not a good indicator the audience served. Ralph suggested that one benefit of a smaller board would be that it means there is a larger pool of candidates for serving on the board. Jim Davis said that another possibility would be to continue to restrict tenure to six years (two three year terms) but allow for the possibility of an extension for an additional term. The problem of attendees not becoming members needs to be solved. Page 7 Chris Madill said that it s the board s responsibility to help increase membership. Bob Rasmussen summarized the discussion to say that a term limit of two three-year terms, but with flexibility to allow a third term seems like a good idea. The drop to nine at large members seems also to be a good idea. Ralph Zimmer said that he would revise the proposal to: a. Reduce the board through attrition to 9 at large members b. Continue with a two term limit, with flexibility to allow a third term. 6. Ralph Zimmer added a sixth item to highlight for the board s attention. The suggestion had come up to change the membership level requirements for at large and executive positions on the board. This draft does not change those levels. Also, there was a suggestion from Rick Pain to state more positively the reasons for the revised Constitution and the transition. Some suggested wording changes were offered during the discussion. Ralph said that the language for all the board s suggestions will have to be worked out. Ralph and Jim agreed they could do it quickly and get a draft back out for review. Bob Rasmussen asked Ralph and Jim to continue with this effort to finalize the wording and get a revision out to the board for another 12. Transition Update (Bob Scopatz) 2010 Forum Update Dan Magri said that the RFPs went out to New Orleans area. Got 4 responses: 2 marriotts, the Hilton and the Waldorf Astoria. Possibly one more property. All have said they would honor the state per diem for 2010, whatever that is. They would propose the next step would be to conduct a site visit anyone who wants to join them is welcome. They will narrow the selections down and make a recommendation to the board. Two things they need from the board: a) Identify the program chair for That will be Scott Falb if elected. That person will need to be involved b) Response from the federal sponsors regarding participation and support. Bob Rasmussen said that we have already been told there will be no monetary support but that USDOT would participate as presenters. Bob Rasmussen and Dan are going to discuss it after the conference call. Page 8 The timeline is to present the board with a final recommendation at next month s conference or no later than the meeting at the forum. The plan is for attendance. 13. Next Meetings June 17 th, July 12 th at TR Forum 14. Adjourn MOTION: Hadi Shirazi moved to adjourn Scott Falb Seconded Motion passed Meeting adjourned at 2:48 pm Eastern time. Respectfully submitted by RAS as Draft on 5/20/2009 Revised 5/20/2009 Revised 6/11/2009 Page 9 ADDENDUM The ATSIP Board voted to submit the restated Constitution to a vote of the ATSIP membership for approval. The Board vote took place during the week of 6/2/2009. Results as follows: Votes in favor of submitting the restated Constitution for approval by the full ATSIP membership: Chris Madill Bob Rasmussen Jana Simpler Bob Scopatz Hadi Shirazi Marty Pollack Martha Florey Tim Kerns Carl Gonder Scott Falb Joan Vecchi Nils King Rocco Domenico Vote not received: Larry Cook Steve Rich As submitted by R. Robert Rasmussen 6/9/2009 -RAS
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