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Room 133           Mrs. Howd       March 2nd, 2017 Daily Schedule  News & Notes       Monday­ Day 4­ Media In language arts this week we read poems Tuesday­ Day 1­ Music/PE from a book titled My Man Blue. The kids Wednesday­ Day 2­ Art studied the skill of mak
  Room 133 Mrs. Howd March 2nd, 2017   Upcoming Events March 3 rd  - No School for Students- Staff Development DayMarch 13 th -17 th - Spring Break- No SchoolApril 3 rd -Reading Calendars due   Daily Schedule Monday- Day 4- MediaTuesday- Day 1- Music/PEWednesday- Day 2- ArtThursday- Day 3- Music/PEFriday- Day 4- Media   In language arts this week we read poems from a book titled My Man Blue. The kids studied the skill of making inferences to better understand what they are reading. We used visualizing to better comprehend the text as well. The students are also in the midst of their writing unit on poetry. We have read a variety of poems to help us generate ideas for our own writing. The students are working on writing poems that include sensory details figurative language repetition and rhyming words. They are having fun playing with words and form in poetry. We have some very creative writers in this classroom. We were busy working on our fractions unit in math this week. We worked on adding and subtracting fractions. We also learned about mixed numbers and improper fractions . Please have your child spend some time practicing their fractions skills on DREAMBOX this weekend.  We finished our unit of study on the Midwest Region and the students took the test on Thursday. Look for your child’s corrected test to be coming home in next week’s Friday folder. We will begin a science unit on magnetism and electricity next week.Hae a wonderful weekend!Mrs. Howd   News & Notes T# $%W&Mc'uliffe(s 'nnual Food )rie March * th +,-th&T%M $ight + 'ril /0th,st 1rade Moie $ight + March 2,st'ril 'nnual #hange Fundraiser + Week of 'ril 2rd Many $ations3 4ne #elebration + May ,/ th  We need egg cartons lease. Teacher 'reciate Luncheon + May 2rd#arnial + 5une 6th
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