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Page 1 OF 6 TECHNICAL SCOPE OF DESIGN 1. SCOPE OF DESIGN AND : 1. Party shall be responsible for complete design, detailed engineering, supply, erection, installation and commissioning of Liquid Effluent
Page 1 OF 6 TECHNICAL SCOPE OF DESIGN 1. SCOPE OF DESIGN AND : 1. Party shall be responsible for complete design, detailed engineering, supply, erection, installation and commissioning of Liquid Effluent Quality Monitoring System (EQMS) and remote transmission of real time data of the system to NFL Server cum Data Acquisition system, CPCB Server and MPPCB server as per CPCB guidelines. 2. Party shall ensure provide necessary arrangements that there will not be any erratic data transmission or data loss to CPCB/MPPCB server in case of system components malfunction at NFL site i.e. fault tolerant design concepts have to be implemented. Further if process condition is OK, no wrong data should go to CPCB/MPPCB due to failure of system components at site. Vendors have to submit the configuration schemes to be implemented for minor/major faults toleration with the system components including local servers. 3. NFL shall provide space in Captive Power Plant (CPP) for installing local server which will be linked to CPCB MPPCB servers. Supply, installation commissioning of these server shall be in vendor s scope. 4. Integrated Water Effluent Quality Monitoring System should be capable of measuring ph, Ammonical Nitrogen and Effluent Flow with built-in Pressure and Temperature compensation where ever required. All the parameters shall also be displayed on Local Panel in Treated Effluent Plant (TEP). Sample points and flow measurements for EQMS shall be from discharge of Horticulture Pump in TEP as per detailed specification and schematic drawing (NFVP/TS/EQMS/T-4). New Sample points as per drawing to be derived from main header, laying of sample lines from header to analyzer system shall be in vendor scope. 5. Total jobs shall be supplied and executed on Lump-sum Turnkey basis. This means supply include all the necessary provisions to deliver a complete working system at site to NFL satisfaction and to comply the CPCB MPPCB guidelines and requirements. 2. COMMUNICATION AND NETWORKING: 1. The EQMS shall have TCP/IP ports for transmission of real time data of all the parameters to server through network switch and OFC link. 2. Server with console shall be installed in CPP which is approx. 2 mtrs. from local panel in TEP. Data transmission between NFL EQMS server and local panel shall be through redundant Fiber Optic Cable (FOC). Necessary converter shall be installed at both ends. The FOC shall be laid 1 Page 2 OF 6 through 5 mm Aluminum cable tray with cover and necessary support fastenings from TEP to CPP through existing structure. 3. Vendor shall be responsible for establishing the direct communication between EQMS and NFL server as well as EQMS and CPCB MPPCB server for real time data. 4. Hardware software requirements for commissioning/networking shall be in vendor s scope for real time data transmission, storage and display of these data on NFL server situated in CPP as well as CPCB MPPCB server located at remote location at Bhopal. 5. Real time data transmission to CPCB MPPCB servers to be done using NFL s Broadband connection from nearest available LAN point. 6. Minimum communication speed of network shall be 1 Mbps. 7. Addressing shall be done by vendor in coordination with NFL IT department where ever required. 8. Supply of all communication hardware and software like desktop computer/server with metallic operating console, OFC convertor, network switches, cables, connectors etc. shall be in vendor s scope. Supply and erection of cable tray with cover for OFC cable and other cable shall be in vendor scope. 9. General requirements of all hardware like desktop computer/server, network switch, etc. shall be as per specification as mentioned in Technical specification. 1. Designed Network should have additional spare capacity for connecting 5 other devices in future. 11. All the real-time data available on local control room server should also be available on 5 numbers computers on NFL local area Network. Software required for displaying these data on NFL machines shall be supplied loaded by vendor. 12. Party will supply all software loaded /drivers original DVD/CD. 3. DISPLAY AND GRAPHIC: 1. Party shall design and develop the graphics for displaying the real time data of all connected analyzers on NFL server, MPPCB CPCB server and 5 numbers NFL machines preferably with web based application with username/ password control. Local server system shall be capable to store the historian data for at least one year continuous operation. 2. Party shall get approval of the designed graphics from NFL, CPCB MPPCB. 2 Page 3 OF 6 4. SPECIAL REQUIREMENT 1. EQMS should have remote auto calibration facility from CPCB MPPCB server also as per their guidelines apart from local calibration at NFL. Supply, installation commissioning of required hardware items for auto/remote calibration like sequencer and other hardware, standard calibration solution, reagents etc shall be part of supply. 2. Party shall supply local programmer unit and applicable software for calibration/configuration of EQMS. Local programmer shall have minimum configuration of i5 processor, 4 GB RAM/5 GB HDD, HP/ DELL make. 3. Control panel of EQMS shall be tamperproof and lockable. Vendor shall design the panels accordingly. 4. In general all the analyzers including UPS and network switches/converter shall be housed in a suitable metallic cabinet (Panel) to be installed in field in TEP in open atmosphere. Control panels shall be rain proof and shall have IP 65 protection. 5. Party shall also submit the list recommended spares along with prices of each item. Cost of required spares consumables will be separately indicated along with their unit rates. This price list will be valid for two years from the date of P.O./ LOI. 6. Interconnecting wiring shall be of nickel coated copper, color coded and numbered. All terminal block shall be clearly identified, and all individual terminals shall be clearly marked. 7. All the electronics components cards used in the analyzers shall have conformal coating G3 as per ANSI/ISA S Party shall supply six sets of hard soft copies of complete drawings, sampling arrangement, internal wiring details, programming data, Network drawing etc. Original programming software, license and final backup in 3 sets shall also be part of supply. 9. Party shall offer standard guarantee/warranty on complete system for 12 months from the date of final acceptance of system or 18 months from the date of acceptance of material at site. 1. Party shall supply the latest proven model of analyzer acceptable to CPCB MPPCB. Party to submit the references of installation and performance of the offered system from other users preferably from PSUs/Govt. organization. Party to also confirm the availability of spares and service support for minimum 1 years including software upgrades. Certificate in this regard is required from OEM along with offer documents. 3 Page 4 OF Accuracy, linearity, sensitivity etc. specified in Specification is the minimum requirement but CPCB MPPCB guidelines/specified values are final to be met. 12. Data from real time systems is monitored at very short duration, regular fluctuation should not be observed more than 1% of values over the prescribed norms. 13. The software shall give alarm, in case of the concentration of parameter exceeds the prescribed norms of CPCB/MPPCB by 1% continuously. 14. The EQMS will facilitate data transmission on behalf of NFL. 15. In case of system requiring pumping of samples, the instrument supplier/vendors has to ensure that there should not be any dilution of sample and in case of any dilution, the system gives alarm. 16. The vendor/instrument supplier shall regularly cross check the data obtained from real time system with that of the sample collected manually and analysed using approved laboratory techniques and revalidate the factor for interpolation/extrapolation of parameters. 17. Supplied software should establish two way communication sending diagnostics of instruments on demand, with central servers at MPPCB and CPCB. 18. Indian Vendor shall give 1 week advance intimation for shop inspection and testing where ever required. 19. Any item required to make the system complete as per guidelines of CPCB MPPCB shall be considered and included in the offer by the vendor, even if not specified in this specification. 2. All the consumables and spares required for commissioning are in Vendor s scope. NOTE: As this is a new EQMS installation, for exact assessment of scope of work technical discussion, Vendor s representative to visit to NFL Vijaipur site before submitting their offer. NFL will not entertain any claim on this account later. Expenditure for site visit like fare, boarding lodging charges, local travel etc. shall be borne by the bidder. 5. SAMPLING SYSTEM 1. The sampling system shall be engineered, designed, fabricated and furnished completely assembled as an integral part of the system. The sampling system shall be designed on the basis of the utilities available as indicated in the basis of design of this enquiry specification. Vendor shall provide a completely fabricated sample conditioning system. Fabrication of Sample Tapping and connecting to Main pipe line shall be in vendor s scope. 4 Page 5 OF 6 2. Sampling system design shall be such that the sample drawn for analysis is truly representative of the process stream. Extra care shall be exercised in the selection of the various components forming the sampling system. Material of construction for the sample system, tubing and other components shall be SS 316 or better. 3. Sampling system shall consist of the following components as required by the service conditions: Isolation valves, coarse filters and fine filters, pressure regulators with inlet PG and outlet PG, relief valves, flow indicators/rotameter, flow controllers, solenoid valves, Sample Drain, NRV etc. and shall be in vendor scope. Any other components required for the betterment of sampling system shall be part of supply and must be included. Sampling system shall have auto flushing and auto cleaning facility also. 4. The sampling system, analyzer etc. shall be supplied pre-mounted on a self-standing panel in general. The panel shall have holes to anchor it to the ground with anchor bolts. The panel shall be weatherproof to IP 65. All components in contact with the sample shall be stainless steel 316 unless otherwise specified. Anchor Bolts of the panel its mounting shall be part of supply. Water shed required for the protection of panel and shall be in vendor scope. 5. Any material required for the completeness of the sampling system shall be provided by the Vendor even if not specified in this specification. 6. COMPREHENSIVE MAINTENANCE CONTRACT (CMC): Effluent Quality Monitoring systems should be covered under Comprehensive Maintenance Contract with the vendors/authorized Indian service partner of the instrument manufacturer for 5 years from the date of successful commissioning of EQMS. Vendor shall sign Comprehensive maintenance Contract for a period of 5 years from date of commissioning for maintenance of complete system. 1. This CMC contract shall include periodic check, Calibration of Analysers, preventive and corrective maintenance jobs related to instrumentation, including supply of consumables, spares and also supply and make up of chemicals, reagents, calibration standard. The periodicity of checking shall be adequate for detecting and rectifying equipment problems well in advance. During CMC period Service personnel of the party shall visit NFL site for preventive maintenance of the complete system once in every month and thereafter as and when required for trouble free operation of the system. 5 Page 6 OF 6 2. During CMC period, cost of spares and regular consumables required to maintain the EQMS shall be in Vendor scope. Party shall maintain the required inventory to meet the exigency for smooth, trouble free and uninterrupted operation of the complete system. 3. The value of such CMC as lump sum amount, including cost of spares consumables, shall be separately indicated in price bid. The cost of 5 years CMC will be considered during evaluation of the price bid. 4. The CMC contract shall include all Hardware, software and its up-gradation, Anti-Virus and its upgradation, Communication component, Communication cables, all servers of EQMS system, Analysers, Analysers sampling system etc. 5. The CMC Contract include all the required maintenance from starting point i.e. Sampling point from pump discharge of TEP to final points to EQMS servers(i.e. NFL server, CPCB server, MPPCB server etc.) is in vendor scope. Compliance all other guidelines by CPCB MPPCB from that duration shall also be in the vendor scope. 6. The authorized Indian service partner/instrument manufacturer shall ensure that any problem in monitoring system/data acquisition and transfer system does not persist beyond 72 hours. 7. Electrical requirement: Erection and commissioning and Testing of the entire electrical system shall be in Vendor s scope. The source of power 23 Volts, 5 HZ AC at one point shall be provided by NFL. 115 V AC, 5Hz Uninterrupted Power Source (UPS) for Analysers, Flowmeter, Network hardware etc. of suitable rating with minimum power backup of 8 hours is in vendor s scope and shall be installed in analyser panel. Laying of power cable of copper wire and suitable rating from NFL MCC to Vendor s panel in TEP shall be in vendor s scope. 8. Training: Vendor shall impart on-site training without any additional cost for 6 Mandays of Operating staff and 6 Mandays of Maintenance staff for proper operation and maintenance of the equipments. This is part of supply. 6
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