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  /Blogs Get Started      Gagan Pareek more by this author Follow Lockbox Configuration September 23, 2013 | 3,269 Views  |FIN (Finance) bai2|bank|configuration|ebs;|lockbox share0share0tweetshare0 Lockbox process The predominant way payments are made in US is by checks. Lockboxs help in speedy deposit of funds and clearance of customer accounts. Lockboxs are special depository accounts set up at a bank to which customer remit their invoice payments. Page 1 of 23Lockbox Configuration | SAP Blogs2/27/2017  Banks daily than submit company’s an electronic file listing all deposits and invoices that are paid against. Company’s than upload these files in SAP and update their balance and clear customers i.e. A/R accounts.Some company’s setup single lockbox whereas others set up lockboxs at different locations thought the country in order to decrease the time it takes to receive the customer payments.  Figure 1: Lockbox Process Flow Lockbox File Formats SAP supports both US lockbox file formats – BAI & BAI2.Each bank has its own standard BAI and BAI2, hence configuration and testing needs to be done depending on bank file configuration.Hence if you are not comfortable with bank file format either you can approach them to modify it depending on your requirement else ABAP can help in writing a preprocessing program and make file fit with SAP standard format.Difference between BAI and BAI2 Page 2 of 23Lockbox Configuration | SAP Blogs2/27/2017  BAI2 is advised as because it has greater probability of producing automatic matches in the processing and because it allows one to record deduction information and create proper residual postings. Relationship between EBS and Lockbox  Assume on Day 1 company receives Lockbox file from bank and on Day 2 receives EBS file. Day 1  When the bank receives a check from customer with remittance information its sends it in Lockbox file. Lockbox file when processed will generate below accounting posting Dr Bank Clearing account – incoming Cr Lockbox Clearing Account Dr Lock box clearing account Cr Customer account (customer sub ledger) Day 2  when the check is cleared in bank, it appears in EBS. EBS when processed produces below accounting entryDr Bank Main GL Cr Bank Clearing Account – incoming Lockbox Configuration House Bank Configuration Page 3 of 23Lockbox Configuration | SAP Blogs2/27/2017  Create House banks A. Menu Path: Financial Accounting à General Ledger Accounting à Bank – Related Accounting à Bank Accounts à Define House Banks Transaction Code: FI12Under the house bank create Bank account from FBZP transaction code. After creation of House bank and Bank account under company code, it should look like this in FBZP transaction code. Page 4 of 23Lockbox Configuration | SAP Blogs2/27/2017
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