No-one Should Be Oppressed: Writing about our lives and struggles

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This book captures work from the 'Organising Marginalised and Vulnerable Women Workers' cluster of the Oxfam Women
  No one should be oppressed  writing about our lives and struggles ************* ********  process   supported   by   Oxfam   in   South   Africa   and   Oxfa m partners:    Justice  and Wome n,  Women on Farm s Project  a n d S ex Worker Educati on and Advocacy   Tas k forc e as  pa rt   o f thei r ong oi ng support   t o wome n  worker memb ers  of th e Mthonjaneni   H ome B ased   Care   Net wo r k ,   Seasonal   Far m W or ker Structures  an d   Sis onke sex  w or ke rs  m ovement . Production: Editor: Shamim MeerTranslation from isiZulu: Grace Ngema, Celiwe MkhabelaTranslation from Afrikaans: Carmen LouwDesign and Layout: Zen MarieImages: JAW, WFP, SWEAT - Robert Hamblin, Shamim MeerPrint edition published by Oxfam Australia May 2014Online edition published by Oxfam Australia September publication is copyright Oxfam Australia 2015. The individual items are copyright the contributors. Oxfam Australia gives permission for excerpts from this book to be photocopied or reproduced provided that the source is clearly and properly acknowledged.  Di sclaimer: The views in th i s publication are th o se of the respective au t h or s and participants and do not necessarily represent those of Oxfam. Contact Details: Oxfam House Suite 1 Strathway BuildingStrathmore Park 305 Musgrave Road BereaDurban 4001 South AfricaTel: +27 (0)31 201 0865Email: 978-0-620-60837-4   3  ************************Foreword 6The writers 8Introduction 10***************************************************************** Writing about our lives  15  Duduzile Dlamini 17Makeleni 19Muchaneta 21Angelina De Bruin 24Charmaine Fortuin 26Bettie Fortuin (English and Afrikaans) 28Andiswa Ndevana 35Nonhlanhla Shandu (English and isiZulu) 37Phumzile Mbatha (English and isiZulu) 39Dudu Majola 41***************************************************************** How we organise as seasonal farm workers 43Writing about our actions 55Bettie Fortuin (English and Afrikaans) 57Charmaine Fortuin 64 Jenetta Louw (English and Afrikaans) 66 CONTENTS  4 ******************************************************************* How we organise as sex workers  71   Writing about our actions 81 Duduzile Dlamini 82Pamela Chakuvinga 85Ayanda Denge 88***************************************************************** How we organise as home based care workers  92Writing about our actions   103 Zandile Mnguni (English and isiZulu) 104Ntombi Sibiya (English and isiZulu) 107 ***************************************************************** Learning from each other  109   Writing on learning from each other 115 Charmaine Fortuin 117 Jenetta Louw 117Bettie Fortuin 118Andiswa Ndevana 118Angelina De Bruin 119Sphiwe Ndlovu (English and isiZulu) 119Mabongi Khanyile (English and isiZulu) 120Phumzile Mbatha (English and isiZulu) 121Thandi Zulu 123
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