Nursing Home Expansion

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Albany County Legislature's Democratic Majority Office
  FRANK J. COMMISSOMajority Leader OFFICE OF THE MAJORITY ALBANY COUNTY LEGISLATURE HAROLD L. JOYCE OFFICE BUILDING! STATE STREET ROOM #$$ALBANY NE% YORK !!$# &'() **#+## FA, &'() **#+'-' F. /ATRICK JEFFERSMajority Co012e3 Legislature eyes $60 million renovation of Albany County Nursing Home  ALBANY (March 1, 2017) – The Albany County Legislature is expected to vote March 13 on a $60 million renovation and expansion of the Albany County Nursing Home that would upgrade and modernize the facility for 250 residents. The project calls for building a single-floor addition to the nursing home and relocating 125 beds in the new space, which will result in a significant increase in the number of private – or single-bed - rooms for residents, and higher bed-occupancy rates.The facility is licensed for 250 beds. Plans also include making the nursing home on Albany-Shaker Road wheelchair accessible, remodeling existing resident rooms, upgrading bathrooms and common areas, installing a new fire-alarm system and buying new furnishings. The Social Services and Audit & Finance committees voted this week to support the project and designate the Albany County Legislature as lead agency for determining the potential environmental impact of the plans. The project requires approval from the full Albany County Legislature, which will likely take the vote on March 13, and the New York State Department of Health. The state would reimburse the county for most of the cost. “The nursing home project invests in the people of Albany County,” Democratic Majority Leader Frank Commisso  said. “A couple of years ago, we in the Legislature committed to keeping the nursing home open and improving care,” said Commisso, who is chairman of the Legislature’s Elder Care Committee. “We hired an experienced director, decreased operating costs by millions of dollars a year and raised more revenues through better billing. This renovation project is the next step for the nursing home, which we are proud to say will remain completely under the jurisdiction of Albany County.” Dennis Yusko  Dennis.Yusko@albanycounty.comPhone: 518-447-5527; Cell: 518-330-7544; Twitter: @DemMajority -2-
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