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OrgSync Program Evaluation Step-by-Step 1.) Login into OrgSync Account and select your Vandy 90 Membership 2.) Click on the Forms link 3.) Select the Post Event/Program Form Evaluation. You will see an overview of your submissions thus far. Click on begin form button. 4.) Critical step: Make sure you select Vanderslice & 90 St. Thomas More 5.) Fill out the rest of the form & submit within 48 hours of completing the program.
  OrgSync Program Evaluation Step-by-Step1.)Login into OrgSync Account and select your Vandy 9 !embers ip#.)$lic% on t e &orms lin% '.)Select t e Post Event(Program &orm Evaluation. ou *ill see an overvie* o+ your submissions t us +ar. $lic% on begin +orm button.  ,.)$ritical step !a%e sure you select Vanderslice  9 St. / omas !ore0.)&ill out t e rest o+ t e +orm  submit *it in 48 hours  o+ completing t eprogram.
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