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ORKHAN ABDULLAYEV RUA DA ALEGRIA, N.85 4000-033 PORTO, PORTUGAL orkhan.abdullayev90@gmail.com | (+351) 936950768 PERSONAL INFORMATION Citizenship: Azerbaijani (Eligible for Portuguese Work Authorization) DOB: 10 June 1990 Gender: Male EDUCATION MSc in Geographic Information Systems and Spatial Planning, Faculty of Arts, University of Porto Porto, Portugal, Sep 2015 –
  ORKHAN ABDULLAYEV RUA DA ALEGRIA, N.854000-033 PORTO, PORTUGALorkhan.abdulla! #0$%&a'l.(o& ) *+35 #3#50/8 PERSONAL INFORMATION Citizenship:  A!rba'1an' *El'%'bl! 2or Poru%u!! ork Auhor'a'on DOB: 0 6un! ##0 Gender: 7al! EDUCATION 7( 'n G!o%ra9h'( In2or&a'on !& and 9a'al Plann'n%, :a(ul o2 Ar, Un' !r' o2 Poro Poro, Poru%al, !9 ;05 < 6ul ;0/ :'nal A !ra%!= ND >our!= R!la'onal Daaba!, 7!hod 'n A99l'!d a''(, Inrodu('on o Pro%ra&&'n%'n GI, G!o%ra9h'(al Daa >oll!('on and Pro(!'n%, >aro%ra9h and G!o%ra9h'(al In2or&a'on !&, ur?('al 7a99'n%, 9a'al Plann'n% and 7ana%!&!n R!our(!, 9a'al Anal', Ad an(!d 9a'al Anal', Pro1!( !&'narD'!ra'on= Real Estate development and investment with GIS 7@A 'n :'nan(!, A!rba'1an a! Un' !r' o2 E(ono&'( @aku, A!rba'1an, !9 ;03 < 6ul ;05 :'nal A !ra%!= /400 >our!=   @u'n! a''(, Aud' *%lobal aud' &!hodolo%, In !&!n, 7ark!'n% &ana%!&!n, @u'n! (o&&un'(a'on, Or%an'a'onal b!ha 'our, ra!%'( &ana%!&!n and 'n!rna'onal ra!%, O9!ra'on &ana%!&!n, :'nan(! (or9ora'on, :'nan('al r!9or'n% and (onrol, Por2ol'o &ana%!&!n, A((oun &ana%!&!n, @ond, l'ab'l''! and (r!d' &ark!, :'nan('al r'k &ana%!&!n.@( E(ono& o2 Tour'& and o('o (ulural !r '(!, A!rba'1an a! Un' !r' o2 E(ono&'(@aku, A!rba'1an, !9 ;008 < 6ul ;0;:'nal A !ra%!= /0.;00 B'%h!r (hool >!r'?(a!, @aku Turk'h L(!u&@aku, A!rba'1an, Au% ;00 < 7a ;008:'nal A !ra%!= 4.5/5.0 HONOURS & AWARDS Era&u 7undu E7INEN>E II (holarh'9Euro9!an >o&&''onUn' !r' o2 Poro, Poru%al, !9 ;05 - 6ul ;0/ PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE L!ad'n% 9!('al', In!rna'onal @ank o2 A!rba'1an @aku, A!rba'1an, !9 ;03 < 6ul ;05 ã Pro 'd'n% da'l &on'or'n% o2 o9!ra'on a(' ''! and a((ounab'l'. ã O !r '!C da'l o9!ra'onal a(' ''! ã R!al !a! rana('on *bu-al! o9!ra'on ã :l!(ub!F - bank'n% o9!ra'on !& ã >onrol o2 &on! ran2!r !& ã >onrol o2 a ran2!r!a2ood and :r!!!r Pro(!or, Tr'd!n !a2ood >o&9anAlaka, Un'!d a!, 6un! ;00 < !9 ;00  6un! ;0 < O( ;0 ã !a2ood 'nak!, or'n% and 2orCard'n% o h! r!l! an !('on ã Produ( ual' !'n% and 9a(ka%'n% ã  Tran9ora'on (onrolPr'&! old'!r, A!rba'1an A'r D!2!n(! :or(!A!rba'1an, 6ul ;0; < 6ul ;03 ã  To d!!r&'n! h! (oord'na! o2 ob1!(, !n(r9 and 2orCard ha o h! (!nral ad&'n'ra'on ã En!r% u99l (onrol ã  Th! '&!l and a((ura! !!(u'on o2 ak ã  Th! ra'n'n% o2 h! n!C old'!r 2or h! du'!  SKILLS  T!(hn'(al k'll@ank (uo&!r-!r '(! o9!ra'onH ur?('al 7a99'n%H Ad an(!d 9a'al Anal'H R!al !a! In !&!n Anal'H Daaba! 7od!ll'n%H Pro1!( 7ana%!&!nH >l'!n R!la'onh'9 7ana%!&!nLan%ua%!A!r' *Na' ! :lu!n(H Ru'an *Na' ! :lu!n(H Turk'h *Na' ! :lu!n(H En%l'h *:lu!n < r''n%, 9!ak'n%, R!ad'n%H Poru%u!! *@a'( < r''n%, 9!ak'n%, R!ad'n%o2Car! k'llAr(GIH Po%r!LH PhonH GIH PH 7'(roo2 E(!l, ord, PoC!rPo'n *Pro?('!n VOLUNTARY, LEADERSHIP ACTIVITIES and INTERNSHIP >o&&un'(a'on 7ana%!&!n, Euro ''on on% >on! ;0;@aku, A!rba'1an, 7a ;0;J!&9'nk' Bo!l @ada&dar @aku, al! 7ana%!r@aku, A!rba'1an, 6un! ;0; Spor! and !o #a$ a #%# @'k'n%:ooball Koll!ballPoro Era&u ud!n a(' ''!
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